What does fully fashioned mean in knitwear?

What does fully fashioned mean in knitwear?

Fully fashioned knitted fabrics are shaped with increases and/or decreases during knitting, as opposed to fabric knit as a straight piece then cut into shape.

What does the term fully fashioned mean?

fully fashioned in British English

British or full-fashioned (ˈfʊlˌfæʃənd ) US. adjective. (of stockings, knitwear, etc) shaped and seamed so as to fit closely.

What is cut and sew knit?

You can either combine the different garment pieces by treating the knit almost like a fabric, where by you have a large square of knit that you lay the pattern pieces on and then cut out your pattern pieces and sew them together. This process is called ‘cut and sew’.

What is knitwear?

Knitwear is clothing that has been knitted.

What is a cut and sew bra?

Cut and sew is a manufacturing term for fabric cut according to a pattern and sewn together. These bras can be quickly dismissed because they have seams in the cup which wearers fear will show through clothes. But it is these very seams which can enhance your shape, even more than a foam cup. View fullsize.

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