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Water Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them – Baby Water Bugs Repellent (2020)

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As a swimmer myself, I have always been concerned with the hygiene of pools I and my loved ones use. So when I see water bugs floating about in public pools, I feel the need to inform pool owners to maintain their pool’s sanitary levels, to get rid of water bugs.

How to get rid of water bugs? So, I and my friends started WaterMan, to help local pool owners.

Common Types of Water Bugs That Contaminate Swimming Pools

Here are some helpful tips you can use to get rid of bugs in your pool:

There are at least two types of pests that may commonly contaminate your swimming pool. The problem is one feed on another, so if one makes its way into your pool, chances are so will the other. The following are the two bugs you should be concerned about:

Water Boatmen

Water Boatmen

Water boatmen are small bugs that eat algae, microorganisms and mosquito larvae you can’t necessarily see by the naked eye. They tend to lay egg sacks in pool algae, so if you have algae in your pool, chances are the water boatmen will soon follow. They do not bite and pose no real threat to humans, but can harbor other microbes that could be potentially harmful. It’s also worth mentioning that they are fairly gross and slimy so for those reasons alone, you don’t want them in your pool. They also breathe air so they can be drowned easily but you will have to remove the corpses.

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Backswimmers are another common variety of pool bugs. They eat other bugs like water boatmen. So if you have algae, you will have water boatmen and if you have water boatmen, there are chances you will find backswimmers in your pool too. They can typically be found on the surface of the water as they breathe air. They can also fly and lay eggs in pool algae the way water boatmen do. They do have a nasty bite though, so you should be careful when trying to exterminate them!

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs

As is evident from above, there’s a whole food chain at work here, at the bottom of which is algae. If you get rid of the algae in your pool, you are cutting the source of food for water boatmen and as a result, for backswimmers too.

Shock Your Pool & waterbugs

To remove algae, not only do you need to maintain the chemical levels of your pool but also ‘shock’ your pool regularly. This involves pouring at least three times the amount of pool sanitizer and chlorine you usually put in your pool. This ensures your pool gets a thorough clean. Try to do this at least once a month to maintain your pool’s hygiene and prevent algae from blooming. Another technique I find helpful is to use an algae brush after shocking my pool. I then brush all the algae off the walls so they loosen and release into the water. The chlorine then has a better chance of killing it.

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Oil and a Bucket

To actually kill the bugs, pour some of your pool water into a bucket that also has a lid. Add any oil into the water. Scoop the bugs out of the pool with a skimmer and put them in the oil bucket. Put the lid on and wait for them to perish. The film of oil on top of the water will not allow the bugs to come on top of the air.

Final Thoughts about How to Get Rid of Water Bugs

Additional Resources: Killing water bugs can be a nasty, painful job for any pool owner but it is an important one nevertheless. If you want to swim in clean, hygienic waters, you need to prevent algae from coming in and thereby, also prevent other pests. Have a happy and clean swim!

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