Singer Kid Sewing Machine – Best Toy Reviews (2021)

Sewing is one of the oldest practices in history.

Since its discovery, it has been one of the most important skills for mankind.

This has allowed mankind to produce clothes and do many more tasks.

However, sewing has changed by a huge margin due to technology.

In the present era, hand stitching has been replaced by machines.

Moreover, sewing has turned into a great skill.

Have your children showed interest in sewing?


Do you want to help them improve this skill?

Kids must have a sewing machine to learn.

However, you cannot give them a full-size sewing machine.

A sewing machine is a piece of complex machinery and is dangerous for children.

They may also hurt themselves.

Is there an alternative?

Yes, there is an alternative.

It is the special Singer kids sewing machines.

These are not toy sewing machine toys.

These machines from Singer Sewing are specifically designed for children so that they can learn sewing.

It also helps them understand the working of a real sewing machine.

At present, there are hundreds of kids sewing machines on the market.

Therefore, choosing one of them can be challenging.

That is why we have gathered the top kids’ sewing machines on the market.

Our Picks:

#1. Singer Prelude 8280 (Editor’s Choice)

Singer Kid Sewing Machine-Singer Prelude 8280 (Editor's Choice)

Features of the product

  • Buttonhole function
  • Automatic tension

The product is one of the most competent for kids on the market.

It has a compact design that makes it lightweight and portable.

It even offers seven in-built stitches with three different positions for the needles.

Why does the position matter?

Well, it improves the work efficiency by a huge margin.

Let us say that you are working on a project, and you want to change the area on which you are working.

With the positioning feature, you just have to change the position of the needle instead of moving the whole cloth.

Moreover, the product offers automatic thread tension adjustment.

This will prevent the breaking of the thread.

The product even offers a huge storage compartment for accessories.

It even consists of accessories like oil, bobbin, and many more.

Overall, the product offers a great experience at a reasonable cost and product availability is good across the United States.


  • 3 Needle positions
  • Accessories like bobbin
  • Lightweight


  • Number of stitches could be more
  • No chain stitch option

#2. Singer 1304 Sewing Machine (Honorable mention)

Singer Kid Sewing Machine-Singer 1304 Sewing Machine (Honorable mention)

Features of the product

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic tension

Are you looking for a durable Singer sewing machine?

Well, this might be the perfect product for you.

The product has a sturdy frame that makes it the most durable on the market.

This also reduces the frequency of maintenance.

The product consists of six in-built stitches, which can be interchanged by the dial selector.

You can easily set-up the product by the pictures on the right side of the unit.

Thus, the machine is great for beginners.

Have you wondered why the thread breaks in a sewing machine?

Well, it is because of the tension on the thread.

Most machines on the market do not offer tension adjustment.

Due to this, the thread frequently breaks, which is annoying.

However, this product has an in-built automatic thread tension adjustment.

Therefore, the machine will automatically adjust the tension of the thread.

This will prevent the breaking of the thread and will increase efficiency.

It even has an automatic bobbin winder.

Thus, the bobbin will always be maintained properly.

The kit offers accessories like needles and bobbins.

Overall, the product is durable and offers a great sewing experience.

Product availability across the United States is good.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic bobbin winder
  • 6 in-built stitches


  • Does not offer a change of position of the needle
  • No chain stitch option
  • No foot pedal

#3. Singer Fashion Mate Sewing Machine

Singer kid sewing machine-Singer Fashion Mate Sewing Machine

Features of the product

  • LED lighting
  • Buttonhole function
  • Easy to use

This machine offers the highest number of features on our list.

First of all, it offers you LED lighting.

This increases the overall efficiency of the work.

The product even offers a quick bobbin set-up, which makes it easy to maintain.

The product has 23 in-built stitches.

This even includes decorative stitches.

Thus, if you are looking for something other than a toy sewing machine, for a higher level, then this might be the perfect product for you.

Besides, the quality of the stitches is top-notch.

There are no chances of overlapping the stitches with the machine.

Personally, putting the thread in the needle is the most challenging task while sewing.

Sometimes it consumes most of your mental energy.

Do not worry.

The product consists of an advanced solution to this problem.

It has a built-in automatic needle threader.

This will save a lot of time and effort.

It even has a four-step buttonhole function that is easy to use.

It is a fact that you will want the machine to last for at least a few years.

Therefore, durability is an important factor.

The frame of the machine is sturdy and offers high durability.

Working on a project is great, but you will have to store accessories.

For that, the product offers a huge storage space within the machine.

For people who are beginners, a guide for the machine is essential.

The company offers an application that gives you an in-depth guide to the machine.

It even teaches you the procedure to sew with the machine.

Overall, the product is great for beginners and kids.

Product availability across the United States is good.


  • Guide for beginners
  • Durable
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Comes with accessories
  • LED lighting for better efficiency
  • Adjustable stitch length


  • Not the most affordable machine
  • No foot pedal

#4. Singer 1512 Promise Sewing Machine

Singer 1512 Promise Sewing Machine

Features of the product

  • Easy to set-up
  • Reverse stitching

The product offers you 13 in-built stitches including the buttonhole stitch.

All the stitches by the machine are of high quality and clear.

It is a great product for beginners as you can easily set-up the machine with the diagrams on the right.

The machine does not offer any advanced features such as a foot pedal.

However, it has overcome that by offering quality basic features.

It has an automatic reserve stitching setting that is unique on the market.

The product is durable, and the foot is easy to use and adjust.

Moreover, the product offers you a thread cutter that increases the efficiency of sewing work.

It even offers 2 in-built positions for needles.

The sewing speed of the machine is 750 stitches per minute, which is a moderate speed.

You can always understand the components of the machine through the instruction manual with the kit.

The product availability is good, and it also comes with accessories like buttonhole foot, screwdriver, and many more which many people love.


  • Thread cutter
  • Offers a moderate stitching speed
  • Reverse stitching mode


  • It does not offer advanced features
  • No LED lighting

Buying Guide

Weight of the machine

The first thing that most people look at in a kids’ sewing machine is the weight.

The weight should be as low as possible.

The main objective of this point is to allow kids to carry their sewing machine.


The second thing people look for is the stitches by the machine.

You want your child to understand the working of a real machine.

So, you should make sure that the kids’ machine has similar features.

One way to do that is to assess the number of stitches it can do.

There are numerous types of stitches.

However, you must make sure that the machine offers the basic stitches.

A real sewing machine offers more than 200 stitches.

Therefore, the kids’ version should at least offer 10 to 20 stitches.


There are various instances when the machine will have to be serviced.

Therefore, you must make sure that the machine is easy to maintain.

You can check that by assessing the effort required to change the bobbin.

Advanced features

The last thing that you must look into is its additional features.

In the present era, companies compete with each other to offer a better product.

Thus, you will surely find some machines on the market that offer unique features.

Some of them even offer the latest features used in real sewing machines.

Therefore, feel free to choose a machine with better features.

Overall, this will give you a better experience as compared to other products on the market.

These are some basic things that people look at in a Singer kids’ sewing machine.

However, you also need to make sure that the machine fits your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can a kid use a sewing machine?

The ideal age is above 7 years.


Well, it is because of the complex machinery in the sewing machine.

It has been observed that these machines require precaution and maintenance.

This cannot be consistently done by a child below 7 years.

However, it does not mean that there are not any exceptions.

Maybe your child has been inspired by your sewing skills and is ready to put in the effort.

In that case, you can buy them a machine irrespective of their age.

We would recommend you buy a machine only if the child is serious about sewing as a skill.

This will also prevent mishaps during stitching.

How much does a kids’ sewing machine cost?

Let us assume that you are choosing a machine from our list.

In that case, the machine will cost you between 200 to 300 dollars.

However, there are even chances that you choose a machine by following the buying guide.

It may cost you between 400 and 500 dollars.

Yes, here we are talking about the basic versions of the kids’ sewing machine.

There are even advanced machines on the market that cost up to 1000 dollars.

However, we would recommend you to buy those machines.

If your kid is ready for the next level after a kid’s sewing machine, then buy a real sewing machine.

They will cost you less in the long run.

Are old sewing machines worth buying?

The answer depends a lot on the condition and model of the machine, and product availability.

In general, only 10 % of the old machines on the market in the United States are worth buying.

The rest are in bad condition and will not last long.

Let us say that you see an old machine in good condition.

Should you buy it?

Yes, since, the purpose of the machine is to teach your child sewing, you can buy it.

However, they are not recommended for a real project, as they do not offer high-quality stitching.

Can I buy a real sewing machine for kids?

You can, but it is not recommended.

There are instances where kids hurt themselves while using a real machine.

Buy a kids sewing machine for better safety for your kids.


Many people think that sewing machines for kids are a great way to introduce a child to the world of sewing.

They are safe to use and easy to maintain compared to a real sewing machine.

Moreover, they are more affordable.

In this blog, we have discussed the top kids’ sewing machines on the market.

Without a doubt, there are other competent machines on the market.

However, these machines have a little edge over them.

We have also discussed the things you must look into when choosing a machine.

This will make it easy for you to choose the right machine.

To simply your search further, we have mentioned the top 3 products of our list.

The first machine is the ‘Singer Prelude 8280 Sewing Machine.’

This machine offers great safety for kids.

It even offers advanced features like automatic thread tension and 3 positioning options for needles.

The second product on our list is the ‘Singer 1304 Sewing Machine.’

This machine offers you high durability and is easy to use.

It has an in-built automatic thread tension and bobbin winder.

The third best product on our list is ‘Singer Fashion Mate Sewing Machine.’

One of the best products for beginners on the market.

It comes with a mobile application with an in-depth tutorial.

It even offers LED lighting for better efficiency.