A Comprehensive Singer 4432 Review [Updated for 2020]

Sewing has grown from a pastime activity to an income-generating skill that many people want to learn. All kinds of fabrics can be sewn from quilts to clothes and crafts, you can sew any material you lay your hands on. If you are contemplating generating an extra income or you just want a hobby to indulge in at your leisure. To learn the sewing skill fast and get the most out of it you should consider choosing the appropriate sewing machine.

Singer 4432 is a heavy duty sewing machine that many people have come to love for several reasons those will be explained in the following reviews. Singer 4432 is budget-friendly and it supports beginner, intermediary and professional users. A lot of features and add-ons have been included to handle your sewing projects with ease.

Our Singer 4432 review description and detailed features will give you in-depth knowledge of the specifications and uniqueness of the machine. The size, weight, ease of usage and general performance of Singer 4432 heavy duty sewing machine will be fully explored in such reviews to educate potential future users. With this review of full descriptions and features, you will eventually decide whether the Singer 4432 is the ideal machine for your needs.


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While writing the detailed review description, and features of Singer 4432 sewing machine the all-round quality and durability of the Singer 4432 heavy duty were the first things we noticed. Manufactured by the leading sewing machine heavy duty brands in the world, singer 4432 heavy duty machines have been endorsed by industry experts, aside from sewing at incredible speeds; Singer 4432 heavy duty sewing machine will help you unlock your creativity and decision-making capabilities as you work on different materials. Singer 4432 comes with a classy mechanical structure that is quite simple to handle and that is why it is easier to learn than many of its rivals.

Singer 4432 comes with a wide range of in-built stitches as any heavy duty sewing machine with varying options of stitch length to consider, depending on your needs. There is a free arm for the convenient handling of additional sewing jobs in Singer 4432. Singer 4432 is a lightweight machine that can be conveniently lifted or stored anywhere within the home. With a very long warranty from the manufacturer, you can rest assured of using a top-quality sewing machine that works just right for everyone. We will take a look and present review the specifications and general features that make Singer 4432 machine worthy of a mention.

Singer 4432 Review – Specifications

  • Type Mechanical
  • Speed 1100 stitches/minute
  • In-built stitches 23
  • Buttonhole styles One-step automatic
  • Stitch length Adjustable
  • Stitch width 6mm
  • Noise level 70dB Free arm Yes
  • USB connectivity No
  • LED work area Yes
  • Dimensions 15.2 x 6.2 x 12 inches in length, width and height
  • Weight 15 lbs.
  • Needle style Automatic needle threader
  • Warranty 25 years

Singer 4432 reviews

A Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine: There are basic 23 in-built stitches in Singer 4432 sewing machine and they include the basic, stretch, and decorative. While 12 of them are decorative stitches, the buttonhole stitches are great additions that help you sew varieties of jobs such as quilts, home décor, crafts, and unique fashion styles.

The heavy-duty metal frame adds some bulk but the Singer 4432 remains a lightweight option. With the heavy-duty interior metal frame, alongside a stainless-steel bed frame, heavy duty Singer 4432  will sew through light and heavy-weight fabrics quickly. The heavy-duty metal design provides the Singer 4432 sewing machine with more stability and features strength.

The heavy-duty metal construction is resistant against chemical, moisture, and other weather conditions that may cause corrosion. The metal body is coated with anti-rust painting for further protection. This means that the sewing machine can be well-maintained and used for decades without the exterior fading.

Singer 4432 sewing machine review – NEEDLE THREADING

This includes features you can’t ignore this Singer 4432. It is an inbuilt feature you might need to use in threading the eye of the needle without straining your eyes. The 23 stitches included operate through the one-step button and this feature helps you maintain sewing consistency you can boast of. With the drop-in bobbin feature, you will never run out of bobbin thread in the middle of a seam.

SEWING RATE Singer 4432 machine provides a maximum speed of 1100 stitches per minute. This will help you sew your projects very fast and it is particularly good when you operate a commercial sewing business and you need to work under some pressure to meet deadlines. The sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute works with the new motor which is 60% stronger that provides even greater piercing power for the thicker seams.

The speed 1100 stitches per minute is sufficient for Singer heavy duty 4432 to sew fabrics at maximum speed. In Singer 4432 you can adjust the speed to the thickness of the fabric and can also fix needle size. needle positions according to threading size.

Singer heavy duty 4432 reviews – The Sewing Assistant App

The Singer as a top range sewing machine comes with a sewing assistant app that can be downloaded. This feature of Singer might help you to set up the machine for different fabrics and how to deploy different sewing techniques.

The sewing assistant app in Singer might help get answers to the frequently asked questions. The program designed to provide an app contains tutorials and information at your disposal. This app is available for download at the Google Play Store and iTunes.

You need to keep in mind the requirements for the download of this app for Singer, most especially the memory size and operating system requirements. You may have to update the operating system of your smartphone or spare extra memory to give sufficient room to download and install it.

Singer 4432 sewing machine reviews – Highly Accessorized

Singer 4432 comes with a wide range of accessories that make the machine even more useful. The all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, screwdriver, bobbins, lint brush auxiliary spool pin, needles, quilting guide, and spool pin felt, are just some of the accessories included in the package.

These accessories like buttonhole foot are located inside the accessory tray which helps you locate them easily when needed.  There is a soft-side dust cover that might be useful in preventing foreign items from entering and spoiling the machine.

The Adjustable Presser foot and Stainless-Steel Bedplate in Singer 4432

Two features of the machine that are indispensable in the Singer 4432 machine are the Presser foot and the Bedplate. The Adjustable presser foot in singer heavy duty sewing machines can be applied at different pressures and might help you sew the lightweight sheers more easily.  The stainless-steel bed plate is a great feature that simply allows all fabrics to glide easily. The presser foot improves ergonomics which all sewers need for prolonged sewing needs with different needle positions.

Singer heavy duty 4432 review – Get Sewing Faster with Different Foots

Lots of convenient advantages of singer heavy-duty sewing machine and program designed to provide the four presser feet; all-purpose and Button sewing foot. The all-purpose foot is ideal for handling-offers the slots for the ribbon and for adding buttonholes.

The zipper foot is made for adding zippers. It might also be the ideal feature for piping and cording. The button sewing foot is the feature that supports the addition of buttons.

Singer sewing machine 4432 reviews – Tutorials, On-board storage, and Media Supports

This machine package comes with several helpful video tutorials. These tutorials might help teach you steps and tricks of threading, presser feet training, and the installation of a bobbin. The package in Singer comes with social medial support whereby you can connect with sewers from around the world to learn new sewing tips and tricks.

The on-board storage features of Singer media support offer a haven for accessories in the removable sewing bed, which means the accessories are always handy in Singer.

With all the tutorials you need for Singer, you can set up the machine in no time. The Singer itself has some components pre-assembled, which makes set up even a lot easier.

Singer 4432 review – Stronger Motor and a Top Bobbin

The importance of a new and stronger motor in Singer 4432 cannot be overemphasized. The stronger motor of the Singer supports the 1100 stitching speeds per minute and helps you complete your projects on time. The drop-in bobbin is quite convenient and easy to remove. There is a clear view over feature that helps you monitor the bobbin thread supply.

Very Low Noise Level: Most sewing machine owners don’t worry about the noise levels of their sewing machines as long as it delivers quick sewing.  You should worry about the noise levels of your machine; it can give you a signal when there is something wrong.

Noise levels in sewing machines are measured in decibel and it varies from one machine to another. At 70 dB, Singer 4423, unfortunately, has a moderate noise level that can be higher than smaller machines. For reference purposes, a 70dB noise level can be compared to a car traveling at a speed of 65 mph or a small vacuum cleaner operating inside the house.

Despite moderate noise level, heavy duty 4432 is still significantly quieter than many of its competitors. The noise can be distracting for beginners in the beginning but you will eventually get used to it. Unfortunately, you may have little or no control over the noise level which increases often when your stitching speed increases.

Singer 4432 reviews – The Free Arm

Most modern sewing machines have free arms and heavy duty 4432 is not exempted. The free arm in Singer 4432 is a feature that is almost a free-standing part of the machine and it might be useful in sewing special jobs like sleeves.

To use the free arm on heavy duty 4432 machines, you need to remove the surrounding parts of the shell. You can simply remove the accessory tray on the side to reveal the free arm. With the revelation of the free arm, you can wrap your sleeves or other fabrics around them and sew them with ease.

The free arm of heavy duty 4432 serves as a secondary working surface, but must be tucked in when not use, to avoid any accidental damage.

Singer 4432 sewing machine review – LED Light for Lighting

This is a desirable feature of heavy duty 4432 you will find on Singer and it is helpful in low-light conditions. Sewing with Singer is always an intricate procedure where the sewer must be able to see clearly what they are doing, any slight mistake as a result of poor visibility can ruin a good sewing job. The built-in LED lights in Singer is attached for heavy duty 4432 is capable of illuminating the entire work area and beyond instantly.

The LED lights will particularly illuminate the sewing area and this might help see everything without the shadows. Perhaps this should be the feature you should consider when comparing Singer 4432 with similar products.

The LED in-built light is located beside the needle of the machine, and it doesn’t cast the shadows, thus making visibility clearer. The LED lighting should be used only in low-light conditions only, to conserve energy. You should avoid using the machine in completely dark areas, except you have a secondary source of lighting.

Singer heavy duty 4432 reviews – The Ease of Use

The ease of use of Singer 4432 perhaps is the feature you will appreciate here. While many people can’t handle some advanced sewing machines with ease, this machine is so flexible that beginners wouldn’t find it difficult.

It is ergonomically designed and it feels comfortable to handle. Switching from first foot to the other or from the first component to the next is quite effortless too. The Singer comes with a simple dial feature that allows you to choose between in-built stitches.

There is an accessory tray in Singer that can be easily removed to reveal the free arm. The machine has an automatic needle threading stretch stitches feature that might save you lots of time and prevent frustration when working under pressure to sew the fabrics with stretch stitches. The automatic thread feature guarantees precise threading.

The ease of use of the Singer is supported by its lightweight design. This means you can carry it from the first point to the other without stress. The Singer stores very well and requires little storage space.

Singer 4432 sewing machine reviews – The Automatic Reverse Feature            

All modern machines should have the automatic reverse feature, unfortunately, this is not the case. Fortunately, Singer 4432 has the automatic reverse feature that sews in reverse ad reinforced stitches. This feature is particularly important if you have to stitch in different directions. It can save time, and help avoid strains and frustrations.

The reverse stitching is useful at the beginning and end of stitching. Depending on the stitch you choose, you need to keep the automatic reverse stitch pressed down, to ensure that the feature sews in reverse motion. There is a reinforcement stitch button that stitches between 3 and 5 stitches along the same area.

To use the automatic reverse stitch feature, simply select your stitch and press the reverse stitching button before you set the fabric in the “Start” position. The machine will automatically sew in reverse position and stop.

Singer heavy duty 4432 review – The Soft-sided Dust Cover

Most sewing machine owners do under-estimate the damaging effects of specks of dust and some other micro-particles that can enter and cause problems. The soft-sided dust cover is a great addition to Singer4432, and it adequately protects the sensitive side of the machine that can be easily damaged.

 The dust cover can be easily maintained as it doesn’t require washing or any other kind of cleaning, simply dust and place it appropriately to protect the machine. Just like the soft-sided dust cover, the lint brush provides some protective function in the sewing machine. It can work with your needle insertion tool to insert or remove a needle. You can use the lint brush to remove any form of lint from the machine making it perform at its optimal level always.

Singer sewing machine 4432 reviews: Long-term Warranty

In demonstrating the level of quality, it is made of, Singer 4432 comes with an incredible 25 years of manufacturer warranty. In addition to the long-term warranty, you get a money-back return within 100 days of purchase.


• An automatic needle threader helps prevent stress and eye strain.

• 60% stronger motor to support stronger piercing power for the thicker seams.

• Highly accessorized, hence a great value for money.

• Easy to use and highly versatile.

• It comes with a sewing assistant app.

• Different foots included for different speeds and applications. (32 built-in stitches)

• Easy to maintain.

• Budget-friendly cost.


• You need to turn the hand-wheel in a counter-clockwise motion to avoid damage.

• Slightly higher noise levels.

Singer 4432 review – Conclusion

Overall, there are lots of positives to draw from the Singer 4432 machine with very few drawbacks. On the downsides, the noise level is slightly above moderate, though it is the feature that machine users get used to quickly. The numerous in-built features like 32 built-in stitches seem to compensate adequately for the few drawbacks, making the Singer highly desirable. Singer seems to be a big winner when it comes to durability, solidity, and ease of usage, which are very critical factors to consider when making a final choice.

Singer has a smart design might be responsible for its super-speed. The automatic threader in Singer will even make you smarter because it takes the stress off you occasionally, hence you can avoid strains. Lots of useful extras on the package means you will save money from purchasing such items somewhere else.

The conclusion you can draw on this machine is that it considers the budget-conscious users. There might be several other competitive machines out there but there are few of them that are highly accessorized as Singer 4432.