Singer 2277-Tradition Essential Sewing Machine With Automatic Needle Threader Review (2020)

Beginners sewists are confronted with questions such as what is a metal frame, what is a zipper foot, what is afoot buttonhole or a reverse lever, what is an automatic bobbin winding, why is a 25 years warranty important, how to make sure they deal right with multiple layers of threads, how to deal with a thread spool cap holders, how to interpret stitch length and width, what is an adjustable stitch length, and how to make sure they still get what they want. Singer 2277 is the answer.

All of the above questions are indeed relevant. However, more important than clearing what a metal frame or a reverse lever is, is finding the answer to the question: which sewing machine one should buy.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned sewist, the Tradition 2277 sewing machine comes with basic and advanced features that suit several kinds of projects.


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It’s a full-sized sewing machine and offers more space while sewing. It comes with seven stretch stitches, six essential stitches, one buttonhole, and nine stitches. With its adjustable length for applique, you can customize your stitches with ease. You can also use its adjustable stitch width to customize your stitches further.

The Tradition 2277 sewing machine has fantastic accessories, including a darning plate, screwdriver, needles, foot control, among others. Several sewers love it due to its durable design that can handle both thick and several layers of thin materials. However, you’re prone to find it daunting hemming jeans and some clothes made of sturdy materials.

This equipment weighs approximately 16.3 lbs, and the manufacturers state it’s easy to transport. The Tradition 2277 sewing machine does not move while sewing, and whether you’re planning to place it at a spare corner or desk, it will fit with ease.

Seasoned sewers recommend it to anyone who is tight on budget but needs a durable model that can last for ages. In this guide, we will review the outstanding features of the Singer Tradition 2277 sewing machine, such as the automatic needle threader, and built-in stitches, among others. We will also look at the pros and cons.

Singer 2277 Reviews

Singer 2277 is an affordable machine that is compact yet powerful. Our review showed this model works perfectly with the Singer 2026 needles. The manufacturer advises users to check if their needles are compatible with their machines to avoid tension issues.

Depending on the weight of your fabric, you can use size 16 or 18 needles. Ensure you stick to its maintenance routine, e.g., cleaning your bobbin case after sewing.

Our review also showed that It’s an excellent machine for sewing or hemming a variety of fabrics, provided you occasionally change your needles and use the ones blending with your material. Several users don’t recommend it for working on thick seams or heavy denim. You can, however, use it to make dresses, tops, and pants.

Its lifespan will depend on how well you handle and maintain it. You can service it weekly or biweekly to remove the lint and ensure its interior parts are in good shape.

The box of Singer 2277 comes with a screwdriver, three bobbins, a quilt guide, cloth cover, and other accessories that make sewing a breeze. Invest in a hard case if you prefer to place your machine outside.

We will now review the key features of this machine, including the free arm, foot pedal, automatic bobbin winding.

Singer2277 Free Arm

The Singer 2277 comes with a free arm for handling curved pieces amongst which cuffs, collars, and other tiny parts. Some sewers prefer to use their arm to take sleeve bottoms or pants.

It allows you to fit smaller pieces onto your machine and sew them rather than using large pieces and patching them together. You will have to snap off the area below your needle to use the arm. You can snap it back on later and work on other fabrics.

The arm comes with onboard storage for easy access to the accessories. It is excellent for users with no dedicated sewing rooms.

Considering our review, experts advised users to consider storing their machine with a cover, or their run the risk of accumulating dust or grit in its sensitive parts.

Overall, the free arm feature favors users who prefer working on curved pieces such as collars. A machine with a free arm like Singer 2277 is portable, and you can use it to do fast repairs.

However, free arms have cons. It’s useless when sewing long or straight pieces of fabric. Most quilters tend to hate the free arm because they need surfaces for straight seams.

Singer 2277 tradition essential sewing machine – Foot Pedal

Similar to any standard sewing machine, the Singer Tradition 2277 sewing machine has a foot pedal. It acts as the on and off button for this machine. Using it to start or stop the sewing process enables you to free your hand and use it to maximize other sewing operations.

Our review shows that you will have much more control over the speed of your machine compared to electric models. Your tool will stop as soon as you halt pumping your treadle.

The foot pedal is man-powered, meaning you won’t incur costs that come with electricity usage. It’s also great for engaging in rhythmic hum through the spin cycle to relax and relieve stress.

The foot pedal of the Singer tradition 2277 sewing machine requires low maintenance, and you won’t have to stress about computer chips, electrical malfunctions, or wiring.

You will have to master body coordination that requires a lot of patience and practice when using this machine. You can use it for zigzag techniques, and your stitch will appear straight. It is also suitable for quilting. Make sure you learn how to sew a patch quilt block together first before using it for quilting activities.

Singer tradition 2277 sewing machine – Presser Feet

Singer 2277 has a foot buttonhole, all-purpose, and button sewing foot presser to meet different sewing needs. The All-Purpose foot is compatible with several sewing options. Its buttonhole foot is excellent for adding slots for ribbon or buttonholes, and the zipper foot suits adding piping, cording, zippers, and more.

The all-purpose presser foot suits sewing several stitches, including decorative, stretch, straight, zigzag, or heirloom stitches. The buttonhole presser foot creates automatic buttonholes fast.

The buttonhole foot has two grooves under its sole to allow free movement of the fabric as the thread builds up—the guide between the grooves aids in keeping your sidebars parallel and slightly apart.

Our review highlighted that the set of feet is great for a regular sewing project though you can invest in an extra presser foot for an advanced project. Check whether the darning foot, quarter-inch foot, or blind hem foot you intend to purchase is compatible with your machine before making any purchase. You can also use any presser foot for another machine as long as it’s consistent, low shank, and snap-on type.

Singer 2277 reviews – Adjustable length and Width of Stitches

Adjusting the length of stitches is essentials for most sewing projects. Some patterns require a specific stitch length and width. The maximum distance you can use with the Singer 2277 is 4mm, and the minimum width is 5mm.

Experts recommend longer stitch length for users working on heavy fabrics. Smaller stitch length, on the other hand, work best with light fabrics, needles, and threads. You will find a manual control for adjusting the length and width of your stitches.

The theory behind stitch length is simple. The shorter your stitch length, the higher the number of stitches that will be packed in every inch of the stitch, resulting in tighter seams. The longer the stitches you use, the looser your seams. Remember, your needle won’t change every time you adjust the length or width of your stitch.

If you shorten your stitch, you will reduce the amount of fabric fed under the presser foot before the needle comes down and vice versa. Longer stitches tend to hold fabrics together well and with less tension. They’re great for machine basting and gathering.

Singer tradition 2277 review – Automatic 1-step buttonhole

The automatic 1-step buttonhole feature enables you to set positions of your buttonholes, place your fabric, and leave your machine to do the rest. The bobbin winder runs on AC power, and it has a button for starting or shutting it off.

It’s an awesome feature because the foot measures the size of your buttons every time it sews a buttonhole. This feature suggests that every buttonhole you stitch will look like the previous one.

You can offer good support to your stitches and ensure they don’t pucker by placing a temporary fabric stabilizer under your fabric. Automatic buttonholes can be finicky sometimes.

Singer tradition 2277 reviews – Manual buttonholes

It’s vital you check how your Singer 2277 does manual buttonholes first before relying on this feature. Machines with 1-step automatic buttonholes like Singer 2277 are currently playing a key role in crafting and home décor.

You will use this feature creatively in several sewing areas once you master how to use it. Experts claim it’s nerve-wracking to add buttonholes, but this feature is designed to smoothen the process.

Singer tradition 2277 sewing machine – Automatic Bobbin Winding

The automatic bobbin winder will save you the hassle of winding threads into your bobbins. It is time-saving, and you will only have to place your bobbin in the slot and let your machine wind the thread into the bobbin.

You will simultaneously wind your bobbins in one operation only. Some of the benefits of automatic bobbin winders include fast handling with minimal cycle time, zero manual handlings of the bobbin. The bobbin winders are also compact and save space. You will also enjoy installing bobbins uniformly hence similar thread tension.

You can have your bobbin winders replaced if your machine has an ineffective one or the kind that malfunctions occasionally. This modification will save you the hassle of stopping in the middle of sewing sessions.

Depending on your needs, you can use automatic winders that are powered by batteries or the kinds you can plugin. The automatic bobbin winder can also save you from damaging key parts of your sewing machine, especially when your needle bends. The sellers recommend this feature to users who often handle big projects that need to be completed fast.

Singer 2277 tradition sewing machine with automatic needle threader Threader

A standard sewing machine comes with automatic needle threaders, and the Singer 2277 is no exception. It suits users who want to stitch faster. This feature helps users to guide the sewing thread through the eye of the sewing needle. You will have to thread your needles using the automatic needle threader every time you start or change your projects.

However, you can thread your needles manually if you prefer to do so. Ensure you confirm that the thread isn’t twisted, and it’s entering from front to back through your needle. The automatic needle threader is super-easy to use with three simple steps.

You will have to pull down the little lever as far as it can go, wrap your thread to the left side and under the hook. Next, pull it to the right side in front of your needle to hook it into the wire.

The wire will pull a loop of thread through the needle of your eye. The inbuilt device near your needle will always aid you in putting the thread in place, especially if your eyes don’t see well.

Singer 2277 tradition sewing machine reviews – Built Quality and Warranty

Singer 2277 sewing machine – Quality

It’s worth looking into the materials that a sewing machine is made of before purchase. The Singer 2277 comes with a plastic casing and a core designed from a heavy-duty metal frame. The metals hold your machine in a great alignment to ensure it serves your household for decades.

Heavy machines, like Singer 2277 don’t break easily compared to the models made of plastic. Their durable nature benefits families who love to make their clothing. Machines made of metals are easy to maintain, and you can sew several options from dresses, tablecloths to quilts. You will also play a significant role in saving the environment since you will be discarding fewer amounts of plastic.

Singer of tradition – Warranty

The warranty reflects how confident the manufacturers are regarding their products. This machine comes with 25 years limited warranty for the machine head. You will enjoy a 2-year limited warranty for wiring, switches, electronic components, speed control, and motor light assembly.

There is a 90-day limited warranty for the attachments, rings, belts, and bulbs. The warranty mainly ensures your interests are protected, and the manufacturer will do prompt replacements if your machine comes with defects provided it’s highlighted in the terms and conditions.

Singer 2277 – Darning Plate

A darning plate is a metal accessory that goes over the feed dogs in sewing machines. Feed dogs are the thin metal bars with diagonal teeth that move on the plate.

The Singer 2277 has a darning plate for darning tears and plates. It covers the fabric feeder and prevents your fabric from being tugged while you’re sewing.

Experts recommend using the plate for sewing buttons and doing repairs. The darning teeth are great for clipping the teeth and allowing free movement. The movement is always smooth compared to dropping the teeth.

With a darning plate, you will perform free motion machine embroidery to move your fabric freely. It comes in handy when doing monograms, stipple quilting, and sewing buttons.

The darning plate will also raise the position where your cloth will sit. This small change makes it very easy to sew buttons. The plate will be more powerful if you combine it with a darning foot.

However, you will have to remove the presser foot before attaching the darning plate. Overall, it’s super-easy to install it. Turn off your feed dogs and remove the regular sewing plate using a screwdriver. Inspect your darning plate and look for the side up.

Align your plate correctly and insert the 3 or 4 pins correctly. Your needle should be in a position to go through the hole at the center of the plate. Test it first before you work on other fabrics.

Singer2277 – 23 Built-in Stitches

The singer 2277 comes with six essential stitches, five stretch stitches, 11 decorative stitches, and one fully automated 1-step buttonhole. The built-in stitches favor sewers seeking to do a variety of sewing projects regardless of whether they are a beginner or professional.

The stitches include picot and zigzag. You can modify the built-in stitches by adjusting the stitch width or length according to your preferences.

The stitches include both the decorative and functional options that you can use after a few adjustments. Functional stitches feature a zigzag stitch, blind hemmer, or the buttonhole maker. Like the functional stitch, the decorative stitch can be accessed easily. You can locate them on the front sections of your machine.

You will have to use a special foot for some of the stitch options. The special foot should have a more extended surface area, wider opening, or unique features that can’t be found on the standard foot.

Singer 2277 tradition essential sewing machine – Wide Assortment of Features

The wide assortments of features that a good machine like Singer 2277 comes with are meant to aid both beginners and seasoned sewers to get started fast. Some of the accessories you will get include a thread spool cap holder, darning plate, feet pressers, edge/quilting guide, instruction manual, lint brush, power cord, and an instruction guide.

Singer tradition 2277 sewing machine -Thread spool cap

The thread spool cap holder will hold the cone or the spool on the pin. Experts state it will not only keep your spool from dislodging from your pin but hold the thread away from the spool.

It prevents the thread from jerking if it is being pulled on the spool while being unwound. Quilting can be overwhelming for beginners, but the guide will walk you through the process quickly.

Singer 2277 reviews – Lint brush

The lint brush comes in handy for users who need to clean their machines frequently. Several users prefer it over using canned air that pushes lint into deep parts of sewing machines. You will also be able to select one among the four presser feet when using this machine.

Singer tradition 2277 review – Ease of Use

Singer 2277 comes with a variety of features we’ve mentioned above. Unlike computerized sewing machines, it does not require in-depth technical know-how to operate.

Rather than digitally switching through several options, you will push down on one reverse lever to activate the functions.

The 23 built-in stitch designs will provide you with a variety of options while sewing. Experts state it has an excellent build quality, and its features like automatic threading are tailored towards favoring all users, including those with poor eyesight.

You can also perform reverse stitches with this equipment. Ensure you secure your fabric both at the beginning and at the end of your stitching line first.

Overall, the Singer 2277 has been crafted with user-friendliness in mind. Like several sewing machines in the market, it also has some cons. You can experience difficulties using its workspace for quilting due to a lack of space.

Singer tradition 2277 reviews – Limitations

The Singer 2277 has a side-loading type that most users find to be old fashioned. The automatic needle threaders aren’t effective either. Most users complain that the tension seems to be off, more so when they are switching from sewing light to heavy fabrics. You will get awesome stitches after you master how to get your tension right.

Singer tradition 2277 sewing machine – PROS:

• Several programming options

• Easy to thread

• Accurate feed

• Lightweight

• Suits beginners and seasoned sewers

• Well-built

• User-friendly

• Portable

Singer 2277 sewing machine – CONS:

• Breaks down frequently

• Bobbin casing falls out

• The machine jams and breaks needles

• Reverse stitches are weird

Singer 2277 Conclusion

The Singer 2277 has the essential tools for beginners and expert sewers alike to explore different sewing designs. Most buyers claim it can handle a variety of fabrics, though you may have to be extra keen when hemming materials like jeans.

Unlike cheap programmable sewing models, the Singer 2277 is made of well-built metals to lengthen its lifespan. Sewing experts recommend it to beginners since the needles are super-easy to the thread, and the machine sews smoothly.

The guide in the packaging will walk you through setting, using different sewing techniques, and most of the tools. You can opt to watch YouTube videos to get started fast if you find the guides to be overwhelming.

With the Singer 2277, you will adjust the length and width of your stitches and get great results when working on both heavy and light fabrics. Whether you’re planning to do functional or decorative stitches, the Singer 2277 has got you covered.

Its 23 built-in stitches are perfect for performing styles such as zigzags or picot. Its automatic bobbin winders cater to users with eyesight problems or anyone who doesn’t prefer to go through the struggle of searching for the needle hole.

It winds smoothly, and it’s worth purchasing, especially if you often deal with several big projects. Overall, it’s a portable machine that is powerful yet affordable, and most of the buyers claim that it’s worth equipping in households.