Singer 1304 Review – Best Start Sewing Machines (2020)

Sewing can be a very intimidating hobby. Have you ever wanted to stitch your own coasters, place-mats, or even clothes, but could not seem to figure out where to start or what machine to buy? We might all have felt that at some point. Though intimidating, sewing is one of the most useful skills you can learn. Not only could it be very useful but also fun and exciting.

We understand that the wide range of materials and machines available in the market might make it confusing for those who want to begin their sewing hobby. If you are a beginner who wants a no-brainier, straightforward machine to help you through your baby sewing steps, the Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine might just be the sewing machine for you.



As a product of one of the leading machine manufacturers in the sewing industry, Singer Start 1304 is a dependable, easy-to-use, budget-friendly sewing machine that will give you the right amount of functions you need to start your sewing hobby. It is best for its remarkable built-in-stitches, presser feet, dual spool, dual spool pins, free arm, blind hem, length and width, darning plate, and spool pin. The singer 1304 is the best sewing machine because it is easy to use, easy to stitch, speed of stitches per minute as compared to singer 1306 start.

Complete Review of Singer 1304

We have prepared a complete review of the Singer Start 1304, so read on this review fully to find out if it is the beginner-friendly machine for you. You can also compare Singer 1304 review with Singer start 1306 sewing machine review to find out the differences.

Specifications Of Singer 1304 sewing machine

  • Type: Mechanical
  • Speed: 750 stitches per minute
  • Built-in Stitches: 6
  • Button-hole Styles: 1
  • Stitch width: 5mm
  • Free arm: Yes
  • Bobbin Loading: Front
  • LED lighting: Yes
  • Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 11.5
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 90 day/ 2 yr/ 25yr


  • Suitable for beginners but can also be used by seasoned sewers for quick fixes
  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact, easy to store
  • Has a built-in LED light
  • Has a free arm


  • Short foot pedal cord
  • Prone to thread jamming
  • Limited speed control

Overview of Performance of Singer 1304 sewing machine

In a world saturated by the sewing machine market, it is hard to find it easy to use the machine that could work very well for beginners. This machine is good for beginners because it has a free arm, built-in led light, three presser feet.

Singer 1304 reviews – Built-in stitches

The Singer Start has 6- Built-in stitches: the straight, satin, zigzag, blind hem, scallop, and the 4-step buttonhole. Singer 1304 is a mechanical sewing machine, so the stitches are showcased on a stitch selector that looks like a big, round dial attached on the forepart of the machine where you will not miss it.

The six basic built-in stitches of the Singer may seem limited to long-time hobbyists, but it can already let you do small house projects you intend to sew. The straight stitch is for normal basic stitches, the zigzag stitch for reinforcing stitches on stretchable fabrics or finishing seam edges stitches, blind hem stitches for fixing hems, satin stitches for embroidery or sewing simple appliques, scallop stitches for embellishing your projects, and the 4-step buttonhole for easier hole-making.

Singer start 1304 reviews – 25 Years limited warranty

Some users encountered problems with the bobbin winder. Seasoned sewers and beginners alike have had issues with threading the bobbin. The bobbin casing seems to get the thread tangled which ultimately results in jamming. Frustration can lead to discontinued use of the machine altogether but getting yourself familiarized with the step-by-step guide of threading the bobbin might solve the jamming problem. If it really is defective, Singer 1304 offers a 25-year limited warranty for manufacturer’s defects.

Practicality and Ease of Use of Singer 1304

Whether you have been sewing for quite a while already or you are a beginner learning to sew, it is important to know if the machine you are considering will be easy to work with. Novices, especially, should know if they could easily practice with it.

The best thing about the Singer 1304 beginner-friendly machine is that most controls can be maneuvered easily, a proof that it is really intended for beginners. With just a slight turn of the stitch selector, you can switch from one stitch to another stitch. Moreover, its stitch length and width are already preset. How convenient is that? Having a preset stitch length and width will save beginners time because they do not have to worry about length and width setting.

Accessories of Singer 1304 sewing machine

Buying the sewing machine also entitles you to some sewing accessories that you can use as you experiment. The box of the machine comes with the following:

  • –      Pack of needles
  • –      Class 15 bobbins
  • –      Spool pin felts
  • –      Seam ripper and lint brush
  • –      Dual spool pins
  • –      Three presser feet
  • –      Darning plate
  • –      Needle plate screwdriver

If you are a sucker for getting good deals, with these accessories, it feels like you snatched a good one. Do not be disappointed if you do not see them right away once you have opened the box. They might just be tucked away in the accessory tray compartment. Yes, this sewing machine has a small built-in box where you can store your little sewing accessories like spool pins, dual spool pins, presser feet. This compartment is part of the sewing machine’s base. It is the part to be removed to access the bobbin case.

Sewing Speed of Singer 1304 sewing machine

When choosing a sewing machine, the sewing speed is also taken into consideration. Oftentimes, experienced users are the ones who want a high-speed machine. For a beginner’s sewing machine, the working speed of 750 stitches per minute is good enough. Some want it fast while some want it slow—to each his own. Since it is marketed for beginners, Singer 1304 speed is already pretty decent. How the sewing speed is controlled is usually the more important factor to look into because some beginners may get overwhelmed when the machine starts stitching at a fast pace.

Users will usually want to adjust the speed depending on the precision of the work they are doing or on their expertise. The Singer Start 1304, just like a lot of other sewing machines in the market, comes with a foot pedal. If you review some of the more high-end sewing machines models, you will know that unlike other sewing machines Singer 1304 sewing machine does not come with a speed-regulating button that allows the users to maintain the speed of a machine. To increase the sewing speed, more pressure should be applied to the foot pedal.

Some users find the cord of the foot pedal too short, making it a little uncomfortable to maneuver. Finding a table with a good height and minimal distance from the power source might help. Meanwhile, some beginners might find it hard to catch up on the sewing machine’s speed. They may need to take some time to practice and get the hang of stepping on the foot pedal.

Exterior Design of the Singer 1304

The Singer Start 1304 has an almost all-white exterior with a touch of red coming from the brand name and logo on the sewing machine. It also has a touch of blue coming from the wavy lines printed on its base to keep it from looking too plain. Appearance may not matter much because users usually care more about functionality, but some people might still consider the color of the machine they want to own. Everyone has their own taste of having sewing machines.

There are also diagrams on top of the machine that shows how to run the thread from the spool to the bobbin winder to guide the user. Since this sewing machine’s market are usually beginners, the diagram can be very helpful while still getting yourself familiarized with setting up the thread.

Embedded on its base is a stainless-steel bed plate that allows you to feed the fabric under the presser foot flawlessly and helps in making your stitches even. Above this bedplate and just below the needle, the presser foot is found. This presses the fabric down to keep the fabric in place so that it is easy for you to stitch. This machine’s presser foot can be lifted extra high when not in use. The advantage in that is it gives users more room for movement under the sewing machine’s upper body.

The durability of the Singer 1304

Aside from its design being functional, it is also designed to be very durable. Durability is one of the factors that users find essential in a machine. Even if this machine is more suitable for beginners, users of any level will want to buy a machine that is worth their money. They would most likely want a sewing machine that could last them for years.

The Singer Start 1304 may look very basic, but do not let it fool you. Underneath its white exterior is a metal frame that keeps the whole machine from toppling down. It is also known as a heavy-duty beginner machine that can sew some heavyweight fabrics like denim, but keep in mind to use the right needle and thread for the fabric you are trying to stitch.

Singer start sewing machine reviews – User friendly and easy to handle

Being a mechanical machine also makes the Singer Start 1304 easy to maintain compared to computerized machines. Unlike computerized ones, it does not have intricate motherboards and electric parts that could create more complicated problems that need an intricate solution. It is user friendly and easy to handle and stitch.

Singer 1304 review – Portability

One of the things to keep in mind in the modern-day world is the amount of space that your stuff takes up. People nowadays also value mobility that they want almost everything to be portable. That is one of the advantages of this sewing machine.

The Singer Start 1304 has a compact design that makes it easy to carry. It is also equipped with a smooth, rectangular, fold-down handle on top that can be erected when it needs to be hand-held and transported. Weighing less than 12 pounds, it feels just like carrying a big bag full of groceries. Because of all these features, it can also be easily tucked away when not in use.

Singer 1304 reviews – Threading mechanism

With just a few simple steps that are shown on the diagrams on the machine, this sewing machine will automatically wind the bobbin for you This feature makes it different from other sewing machines. It also stops when the bobbin is already full. Like what we have mentioned previously, some users may have issues with the bobbin winder and bobbin case. These precedents could be a learning curve for some users. Meanwhile, some users did not have issues at all. In this event, we encourage duly following the diagram and making use of the manual.

Singer start 1304 reviews – Dual Spool Pins

If getting creative is your thing, one of the key features of Singer Start 1304 that you will like is its dual spool pins. These will allow you to create parallel rows of stitches in two different colors.

Threading the needle can be a tedious task. Even though a lot of high-end and modern machines already offer a built-in needle threader, that is not the case for this machine. Although the Singer Start 1304 lacks this feature that a lot of people find useful in other sewing machines, threading a needle is not an impossible task without it.

There are manual, hand-held needle threaders that can be bought in local sewing shops. If you do not want to spend for that anymore, just remember to keep the tip of the thread neatly put together before trying to insert it in the hole of the needle.

Singer start sewing machine reviews – Lighting

Sewing involves a lot of details so some might end up working on a project until the wee hours of the night when the light in the room does not suffice anymore. Good thing the Singer Start 1304 has a built-in LED lamp that lights up the sewing machine’s work area. Although it really helps especially when the overarching body of the sewing machine casts a shadow on your work area, we think it is too small to rely on if you are in a really dark place. We suggest that you still turn on your lights at home when sewing in low-light conditions.

 You have to take note that Singer used an LED light because it lasts for a long time. It also does not heat up like ordinary light bulbs, which makes you safe from injury.

Singer 1304 review – Affordability

 If you are a beginner, you probably would not want to spend a lot of money on your first machine. This makes the Singer Start 1304 a viable choice for you. With only around $100, depending on where you source it, you already have a dependable sewing machine that will not only help you learn the basics of sewing but also let you accomplish your home projects.

Singer 1304 review – Conclusion

The Singer Start 1304 is a decent sewing machine. It is easy in sewing and user-friendly, which is why it has its fair share of positives and negatives. If you are a beginner who wants a no-brainier, straightforward machine to help you through your baby sewing steps, the Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine might just be the sewing machine for you. For hobbyists who have been in this hobby for quite a while already, its limited stitches and functionality can be somewhat disappointing.

On the other hand, its straightforward characteristics make it perfect for beginners who do not want the added glitz that could be overwhelming in the early learning stages. The machine’s helpful features like the free arm and LED lighting are some of its great selling points because the free arm and led light features are mostly not found together in a single machine. Although we found the automatic bobbin winding feature helpful, it can be tricky and cause thread jam when not done properly. This sewing machine has a small built-in box where you can store your little sewing accessories like spool pins, dual spool pins, presser feet.

It is durable build despite being very lightweight is one of the things that make this model stand out. The compact build of the whole machine accompanied by a fold-down handle is a nice touch as it makes transporting and packing away very easy. Singer 1304 offers a 25-year limited warranty for manufacturer’s defects. If we sum up all the features, it is evident that this sewing machine can be recommended for beginners. The Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine might just be the sewing machine for you.