Shoe Sewing Machine – Best Making, Repairing and Stitching Reviews (2020)

Whether you are sewing shoes at home for personal use or manufacturing shoes for commercial purposes, a good sewing machine is essential for your work.

Your working tools, such as shoe sewing machines, will determine the quality of your products.

The best shoe sewing machines have evolved from the old hand machine versions, taking cognizance of varying user preferences and the ability to achieve efficiency in such work.

Different heavy duty sewing machines call for varying levels of expertise to produce the best shoe products for personal and commercial consumption.

Do you hate buying a sewing or repair machine for shoes and then having to replace it after a short duration because it was not the ideal choice for you?

That is the scenario many people find themselves in as they venture into the market to buy sewing machines for stitching their shoes.

With inferior quality machines flooding the market, it is now more complicated than before to find the right machine for your work on shoes and to get the best sewing results.

This article brings you the top seven best brands of machine you will find on the market and will save you the agony of testing many brands to find the best shoe sewing machine.

However, we do not include reviews of heavy duty hand machine versions for sewing shoes.

At the end of it, you will save your valuable time and appreciate the top brands of heavy duty sewing machines for shoes before parting with your cash for a purchase.

What is the best shoe making sewing machine?

#1. Editor’s Choice: Techsew 860-2 2 Needle Post Bed Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table and Motor





  • Has lever for reverse feed
  • Stitch length can be adjusted
  • Bobbin system: Easy drop-in
  • Weight: 225 lbs

The machine is best suited for handling medium and light materials like synthetics, vinyl, leather, and laminated products.

Essentially, the machine is used by companies producing wallets, leather shoes, belts, upholstery, and purses, as well as for shoe repair purposes.

Multiple leather layers can now be seen easily using this machine thanks to the feeding mechanism that uses a compound walking foot.

With the triple feed, bulky materials can also be sewn while delivering high-quality work on shoes, for home and commercial use.

When you buy this machine, it comes complete with a table, LED lamp, Smart-Servo motor, a bobbin winder, thread stand, instruction manual, walking foot, and tools for adjustment.

If you are working on materials with multiple layers and it is bulky at the same time, this machine has enough space to accommodate such below the presser foot.

Be at ease when you have projects that require both single and double needles; the machine is that versatile.

Together with the position monitor for the needle, the machine comes ready for use, having been inspected, adjusted, and oiled.


  • Technical support free of charge
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Lubrication is semi-automatic
  • Has an impressive sewing speed of 2000 RPM


  • Lubrication can be enhanced to fully automatic
  • Heavy and not portable

#2. Honorary mention: Techsew Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table and Motor



  • Bobbin system: yes
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Lifetime warranty: yes, limited
  • Lubrication Type: semi-automatic

Enjoy working with this machine that has a feeding mechanism with a compound walking foot.

If you have projects that alternate between a single and double-needle, this machine is for you since it has that capability together with a position monitor for the needle.

The machine efficiently works on multiple layers of garments that may be bulky at the same time, courtesy of enough space below the presser foot.

This machine comes with an instruction manual, an LED lamp, a bobbin winder, and a Smart-Servo motor for a pleasurable sewing experience.

You get to enjoy technical support during the lifetime of your machine at no cost, together with a lifetime warranty that is limited.

The bobbin system has extra capacity, it’s easy to use, and the machine allows you to adjust the stitch length.

With a maximum sewing speed of 2000 RPM coupled with a reverse feed lever, it allows you to achieve efficiency in your work and sew in any direction.

No technical skills are required to assemble this heavy duty machine after purchase as it comes already assembled, oiled, and inspected ready for your sewing or shoe repair projects.

You will not strain your back from too much bending when using the machine as the height of the post-bed is 7 inches, which ideal for your comfort.


  • Sewing speeds ideal for most type of sewing work
  • LED display for reading with ease
  • Needle position is automatic
  • Lifetime warranty and free technical support


  • Lubrication system could be better
  • It is heavy at 225 lbs

#3. Techsew 815 Post Bed ZigZag and Straight Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine



  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Reverse: yes
  • Sewing capacity: 3/8 inches

Enjoy working with this machine that comes with a feeding mechanism that is powerful while allowing you to work on medium and lightweight materials.

With this machine, you can do your stitches in a zigzag or straight manner, or sew in any direction, depending on your sewing needs.

It is also one of the top sewing machines for working on materials with multiple layers that are thick as the machine comes with a popular rotary hook of high quality from Japan.

You no longer need to worry if the machine will stall due to insufficient lubrication; it employs a fully automatic lubrication system allowing you to focus more on your work.

You are entirely in control of the sewing speed of this machine as its Servo motor has a variable speed at your disposal.

When you purchase the machine, it comes with a table, repair tools, bobbins, thread stand, instruction manual, bobbin winder, LED lamp, and motor.

Technical support for the machine is no longer costly as you will enjoy it free of charge, coupled with a limited lifetime warranty.

For convenience, the machine comes pre-assembled, necessary adjustments done, oiled, and inspected ready for use.

The height of the post bed is also convenient for long hours of work without straining your body.


  • Fully automatic lubrication system
  • Straight and zigzag stitches enabled
  • Free technical support and lifetime warranty
  • Variable speed control


  • Heavy and not easily portable

#4. Techsew 810 Post Bed Roller Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Wig Attachment, Assembled Table and Motor



  • Attached with a wig dome
  • Weight: 215 lbs
  • Adjustment of stitch length: yes

Does your work involve shoe repair, wallets, belts, denim, vinyl, and canvas?

If yes, this is the right machine for you as it facilitates working on both medium and lightweight materials including leather.

You can now easily sew edges of materials with multiple layers thanks to the roller foot mechanism.

Like the other sewing machines, you can enjoy working on bulky materials like leather as you have plenty of space below the roller foot as it has a high clearance.

Adjust the length of your stitches with ease while reinforcing them for the best results using the reverse feed mechanism that comes with the sewing machine.

The sewing machine allows you to control its sewing speed as it comes installed with a servo motor ideal for different sewing speeds.

The machine comes as a complete package, including a table, bobbin winder, lamp, motor, instruction manual, thread stand, and other accessories.

Technical support for this shoe repair machine is free during the duration of its useful life and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.


  • Conveniently assembled for your use
  • Free technical support and lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable sewing speed with servo motor
  • Plenty of working space
  • Sew in any direction
  • Comfortable working height


  • LED display and lubrication could be enhanced

#5. Techsew 810 Post Bed Roller Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table and Motor



  • Lifetime warranty: yes
  • Free technical support: yes
  • Weight: 215 lbs

Work on a variety of materials like leather, canvas, vinyl, denim, both light and medium weight using this sewing machine with quality results.

Incorporating a servo motor with adjustable speed, the machine allows you to take control of your sewing speed as you determine your pace of work.

Under the roller foot, you can work with materials that have several layers and are bulky, even leather, as the high clearance creates plenty of space for use.

With a sewing capacity of 5/16 inches, the sewing machine also allows you to adjust the length of your stitches with ease.

It is also easy to reinforce stitches courtesy of the reverse feed mechanism.

The manufacturer of the machine makes it easy for you as it comes already assembled, adjusted, oiled, inspected, and ready for you to work on leather products or other projects.

The sewing machine comes with a lifetime warranty and free technical support for the period of its use, which gives you a stress-free sewing experience.

It is an excellent machine for sewing several layers of materials, especially along the edges.


  • Servo motor allows for speed adjustment
  • Works on a variety of materials
  • Free technical support
  • Comfortable post bed working height


  • Lubrication mechanism could be enhanced
  • An additional LED display would make it better

#6. Techsew 830-2-R 2 Needle Post Bed Top and Bottom Roller Feed Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table and Motor



  • Reverse feed: yes
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Lifetime warranty: yes, limited
  • Synchronized feeding mechanism

Enjoy your shoe repair work on medium and light materials with this machine.

The machine employs a roller feed mechanism that is synchronized for both the lower and upper parts.

The synchronization makes it easy to work on the edges of your material, a feature that is not common in other machines.

Your work is made more comfortable as the machine has a lot of space under the roller foot, ideal for materials with several layers, or leather products, or canvas shoes.

You can now determine the pace of your work courtesy of the servo motor that allows you to adjust the sewing speed.

The machine comes in a ready-to-use form as the manufacturer has assembled, adjusted, oiled, and inspected it for you.

What’s more?

You enjoy free technical support and a lifetime warranty while you use the machine.

With a sewing capacity of 3/8 inches, the stitch lines are highly visible, translating to fine quality products.


  • Capable of single and double stitches
  • Already assembled
  • Lifetime warranty and free technical support
  • Allows for adjustment of stitch length
  • Works with different types of materials


  • No LED display
  • Heavy and not convenient for moving around

#7. YUEWO DIY Shoe Repair Machine

71mZ8u4sL4L. AC SL1500



  • Works on a variety of materials
  • Enhanced lifespan
  • Product warranty: 1 year

You can now work on shoe repair tasks involving different materials with ease due to the versatility of the machine.

With a sturdy build made of iron, the machine does not produce any noise when in use.

The machine helps you to achieve high efficiency in your work as it is easy to use and doesn’t need advanced cobbler or shoe repair skills.


  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Maintenance costs are lower
  • 100 % refund guarantee
  • Works for different types of shoe repair tasks


  • Lubrication mechanism is manual

Shoe sewing machine – Buying Guide

The best shoe sewing machines are vital for personal and commercial shoe sewing work.

When shopping for a shoe repair machine, it is good to understand the type of shoe work you will be engaging in before committing to any of the sewing machines available.

With a plethora of repair machines on offer, you need to familiarize yourself with the best brands, as discussed in this article.

Shoes sewing machine – Benefits of a top-notch quality sewing machine

The best shoe sewing model will give you an easy time when working on your shoes and give you the best sewing results.

You will be able to produce quality leather products that will help you to wow the market and increase your customer base.

Sewing shoes – Features to consider when choosing a sewing machine

Best cobbler sewing machine – Sewing speed

Go for a shoe sewing machine with an impressive swing speed but also one that allows you to control the speed based on your pace of work with the shoes.

Machines with good sewing speeds will bring efficiency in your sewing work on shoes. Click this link and find how to find the best heavy duty sewing machine.

Leather shoe stitching machine – Warranty and support

It is advisable to choose a shoe repair machine that comes with a lifetime warranty and free technical support while you still use the product for working on shoes.

Shoe making sewing machine – Durability and other features

A good heavy duty shoe sewing repair machine should have a sturdy build that will last for a while.

Besides, the repair machine should have a proper feed mechanism that allows you to work closer to the edges of your material when working on shoes.

It should have adequate space for working, especially when handling bulky material with several layers.

The machine should be able to do single and double stitches with an automatic lubrication mechanism.

Shoe repairing machine – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most reliable sewing machine? 

The most reliable heavy duty sewing machine is Techsew 860-2 2 Needle Post Bed Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table and Motor. It gives the best results of all the machines tested.

What kind of sewing machine do I need to sew leather?

Most Techsew sewing machines will comfortably work on leather material. They are suitable for working on leather shoes and other heavy duty materials.

How much does a good sewing machine cost?

A good sewing machine like the Techsew 860-2 2 will cost around $ 3,499.00.

However, there are other machines of the same brand that cost either more or less than the price indicated above.

Shoe sewing machines – Conclusion

Let’s recap.

Good shoe sewing machines are vital in producing quality shoes for commercial and domestic purposes.

As a potential buyer of a machine, you need to understand the top brands on the market that will help you to produce quality shoes.

The infiltration of low-quality shoe sewing machines on the market further complicates your choice as a buyer.

Your worry has been laid to rest as the top seven brands of machines have been extensively reviewed for you here.

I would buy the Techsew 860-2 2 Needle Post Bed Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Assembled Table and Motor.

The machine is simply way ahead of the rest of the machines in its class.

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