Sewing Machine Light Strip – Best Led Light Reviews (2021)

Sewing, either by hand or using a machine, demands a lot of skill and precision to create beautiful seams. This makes sewing machine lights extremely important, especially when working with darker materials and threads or working on a complex design. Getting the right amount of light when sewing by hand is simple, but things change when using a machine. These devices are large and heavy, so moving them is not always an option.

Some sewing machines have sewing lights integrated into their design to help the user see the work area, but none are created equal. Certain models may have LED lights that are too dim or don’t have any at all. Furthermore, many of the integrated lamps into your machine are difficult and expensive to replace or repair, making it important always to have an alternative on hand.

We have looked at the most popular sewing machine lights currently available on the market to determine which light deserves a closer analysis and have selected the most durable and easy to use. Having said that, keep in mind that it is important to understand what kind of features you need from a product like this to make an informed decision for your next sewing projects at home. The buying guide below will help.

Top Picks:

1. Wenice Sewing Machine LightA cold sewing machine light LED strip that comes with a touch dimmer

Wenice Sewing Machine Light – A cold sewing machine light LED strip that comes with a touch dimmer

OVERALL RATING: 10 out of 10

A good choice for anyone who does not have a lot of room on the worktable for an additional electronic device, this sewing machine LED light from Wenice can be easily attached to the inside of any sewing machine using an integrated double-sided adhesive tape. The device also comes with several self-adhesive cord clips placed on the back of the machine and used to keep the power cable out of the way.

One thing that we loved is how responsive the touch dimmer switch is. The touch controls are straightforward to use, and the switch is not placed too far from the strip itself, making it easy to reach at all times. Furthermore, the strip comes with a 6.6ft. power cord, which is more than enough to reach a nearby power outlet. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the strip can be cut down to size and continue to work.


  • Easy to install – The double-sided adhesive tape is strong, and the ability to cut the strip makes it great for any sewing machine;
  • Can work with batteries – The USB connector can be plugged into a power bank and used without having to have a power outlet nearby;


  • Limited customizability – The strip can only be cut every three lights;

 2. Madam Sew LED Lighting StripA powerful self-adhesive LED light strip is easy to install

Sewing Machine Light-Madam Sew LED Lighting Strip – A powerful self-adhesive LED light strip is easy to install

OVERALL RATING: 9.9 out of 10

The Madam Sew Strip comes with 24 lights on the strip, which is more than enough for larger sewing machines. Measuring 12-inches, the strip can be cut down to fit smaller models and comes with double-sided tape and 5 adhesive cable clips and 4 hook-and-look cord organizers.

We found that the touch dimmer function is easier to use than on other devices since the buttons are separate from the on/off switch and are marked. Furthermore, the sewing light can be powered using a wall plug, a USB power adaptor, a laptop, or a computer.

Unlike other similar models, the strip can be cut at any length and is not limited by a certain number of LED lights, offering a lot of customizability.


  • Can be cut at any length – The strip can be cut one LED at a time until it reaches the desired length;
  • Easy to use remote – All the buttons are marked, making it easy to use if it is dark in the room;
  • Easy cable management – The included cable clips and hook-and-loop organizers make it easy to get the power cord out of the way while you work;


  • Difficult to remove – Removing the strip from the sewing machine can be difficult and may leave a sticky residue behind;

 3. Rezon Sewing Machine LightA white light LED light strip that can be connected to a USB port

Rezon Sewing Machine Light – A white light LED light strip that can be connected to a USB port

OVERALL RATING: 9.8 out of 10

The large 11.8-inch LED strip from Rezon comes with a long 6.6ft. cord and 5 adhesive cable clips. Attaching it to the sewing machine is done like with other similar devices, and the strip can be shortened using scissors until it reaches the desired length.

Overall, the strip offers a color temperature of 6500k, and its sewing machine light can reflect off the surface of the sewing machine and prevent shadows from forming. The color temperature is relatively cold when compared to other models and can increase your ability to concentrate.

This having been said, the device also comes with a dimmer function, which is useful if the normal intensity of the light is too much or if you are working with fabrics that reflect light. It is important also to mention that the sewing machine lights will not distort the fabric’s color, regardless of how bright it is.


  • No shadows– The LED lights will not cast any shadows if properly installed;
  • Works with any device – The strip can be powered by any device that has a USB port, including laptops and power banks;
  • Cutting markers – The device comes with indicators that show you where to make the cuts if you need to shorten the strip;


  • Adhesive residue – both the strip as well as the clips leave an adhesive residue behind if removed, which can be problematic if you are not happy with how you place the latter ones;

 4. Takeoff Sewing Machine LightA flexible LED strip that relieves eye fatigue

Takeoff Sewing Machine Light – A flexible LED strip that relieves eye fatigue

OVERALL RATING: 9.7 out of 10

As far as self-adhesive LED strips are concerned, the one from Takeoff offers a large amount of customizability since it can be cut anywhere to change its length. So no adhesive tape necessary. The device also comes with a small control panel attached to the power cord, which allows the user to turn the strip on or off and change the light’s intensity.

We loved about this product because the lights emit continuous sewing machine light and do not pulsate,e, which makes it easier to work for prolonged periods without worrying about eye fatigue.


  • Does not cause eye-fatigue – The LEDs do not work pulsate, which makes their sewing machine light easier to tolerate for prolonged periods;
  • Very flexible – It is easy to fold the strip to take the details of the sewing machine;
  • USB plug – The device can be powered by any device that has a USB device port and can also be attached to other electronics such as laptops;


  • Flimsy control box – The control box is made from thin plastic and will make cracking sounds when pressing the buttons;

 5. LED Insights Direct Sewing Machine Light StripA durable LED light strip that comes with cut markers

LED Insights Direct Sewing Machine Light Strip – A durable LED light strip that comes with cut markers

OVERALL RATING: 9.6 out of 10

Most self-adhesive LED strips tend to detach themselves after a few months, as the glue that holds them in place dries up. This having been said, the LED Insights Direct Light Strip is guaranteed to remain in place for up to 1 year, provided that you clean the surface before attaching it.

The LEDs themselves emit a clean, white sewing machine light that does not strain the eyes and is not reflected by shiny fabrics and relatively cold color. Furthermore, the strip can be resized with scissors, making it easy to ensure that it will fit in any sewing machine.

As with other models, this one uses a USB plug and can be connected to various devices, including portable USB power adaptor and laptops. The strip also comes with 5 self-adhesive power cord clamps that can help attach the power cord to the sewing machine’s back.


  • Great adhesive – The manufacturer offers a 1-year guarantee for the adhesive on the back of the strip;
  • Adhesive clips – The clips won’t come off accidentally once attached to the back of the machine and don’t leave any kind of residue when you remove them;


  • Few LEDs – The strip has fewer lights than other similar products and will produce less sewing machine light;

 6. Inspired LED Sewing Machine Lighting Kit – A complete lighting kit that’s compatible with all sewing machines

Inspired LED Sewing Machine Lighting Kit – A complete lighting kit that’s compatible with all sewing machines

OVERALL RATING: 9.5 out of 10

The kit from Inspired LED is a professional lighting kit that will work with any machine for all intents and purposes. Unlike other similar products, the included LED strip does not come with a USB plug and must be connected to the power supply.

We loved the fact that the strip is larger than others, measuring 24.5 inches. It is important to mention that the strip can still be cut with scissors to fit your machine, but the larger length offers more lighting possibilities. Another design choice that we found interesting is that the lamp is entirely modular, making it easier to store than other models.

Overall, this sewing machine light requires assembly, but it is made using professional-grade components built to last. The LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours, making them some of the most durable currently available on the market.


  • Larger strip – The 24.5-inch strip is larger than that of other lamps;
  • Professional-grade LEDs – The LED lights have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours of continuous use;
  • Expansion kit – The manufacturer also offers an expansion kit that is compatible with this product;


  • No USB device compatibility – The strip only works with the included 12V power supply;

7.  Dritz 910 Sewing Machine Incandescent Light BulbA powerful incandescent light that’s compatible with most sewing machines

Dritz 910 Sewing Machine Incandescent Light Bulb – A powerful incandescent light that’s compatible with most sewing machines

OVERALL RATING: 9.4 out of 10

The 910 Incandescent Light Bulb is compatible with any sewing machine light socket that supports push-in bulbs. It can be used as a replacement or as an upgrade if the one that came with your machine is not bright enough. Installing it is simple and can be done without any technical skills or tools.

It is also important to mention that the light bulb measures 2×1/8×3/4 inches. You will have to make sure that your sewing machine has enough space for you to install it. Generally speaking, the sewing machine bulbs size makes it primarily useful for an older sewing machine.

This having been said, please keep in mind that the 910 Light Bulb is incandescent, not LED, which means that its sewing machine light will have a yellowish tint because of colder color temperature, making it more comfortable to use for extended periods.


  • Easy to install – The bulb is installed by simply pushing it into the sewing machine’s socket;
  • Incandescent light – The light emitted by the bulb is slightly yellow and will be more comfortable to use than a cold-light LED;


  • Not great for newer machines – The bulb may not fit newer models;

8. Akozon Sewing Machine LightA powerful, 50-LED light that works with any sewing machine

Akozon Sewing Machine Light – A powerful, 50-LED light that works with any sewing machine

OVERALL RATING: 9.3 out of 10

The Akozon Light has one of the most powerful sewing machine light bulbs there is. It features a vice-base that enables the owner to attach it to any desk easily. It is important to note that the lamp does not mount on the sewing machine, so it is compatible with any model. Furthermore, the device can be used for a wide variety of scenarios, although it comes with a big price tag;

In terms of usability, we loved that it features a gooseneck lamp and can be pointed directly at the area around the needle and the sewing machine’s foot. This will put less stress on your eyes and protect your sight when you work for more than a couple of hours at a time. The expected lifespan of the lamp is 50,000 hours.


  • Very powerful – the 50 LEDs are more than enough to illuminate the workspace fully;
  • Gooseneck – The gooseneck lamp allows the owner to point the light at fabric and protect the eyes;
  • Attaches to the table – The fact that the gooseneck lamp attaches to the table makes it compatible with any model on the market, including industrial ones;


  • Big price tag – The gooseneck lamp is one of the more expensive devices of this type;

9. Cutex Sewing Industrial LampA basic yet durable table lamp designed for sewing machines

Cutex Sewing Industrial Lamp – A basic yet durable table lamp designed for sewing machines

OVERALL RATING: 9.2 out of 10

This Cutex Sewing model is as durable as they come.The lamp’s body is entirely made out of metal and attached to any table using a mounting C-clamp. Unlike the other products on this list, this one can use any standard lights that you prefer. Furthermore, it comes with a regular AC wall plug.

We loved the fact that the lamp gives the user the freedom to choose any light bulb that he wishes and that it emits uniform sewing machine light that floods the workspace and is not concentrated on a single spot.

The industrial lamp is larger than most other products of this type. However, it should fit any worktable. The device measures 17.6×6.6×4.6 inches, and the mounting clamp will work with tables that are up to 2.5 inches thick.


  • Works with regular lights – The owner is free to choose the type of light bulb that works best for him;
  • Universal fit – The C-clamp can be attached to any table;
  • Steel construction – The body of the lamp is made entirely out of steel, making it perfect for professional setups;


  • Not much flexibility – The hinged design of the lamp offers a bit of flexibility, but not nearly enough as a gooseneck, which will severely limit the way you can position the lamp;

10.  Cutex Sewing Gooseneck Work LampA reliable and flexible sewing machine lamp designed for industrial settings

Cutex Sewing Gooseneck Work Lamp – A reliable and flexible sewing machine lamp designed for industrial settings

OVERALL RATING: 9.1 out of 10

The Gooseneck Work Lamp from Cutex Sewing offers a gooseneck lamps flexibility paired with an industrial-grade design’s amazing durability. This is not a particularly pretty sewing machine light, but it is built to last for many years.

It is important to mention that the gooseneck lamp does not come with a base or clamp and must be installed directly through the table. Furthermore, it does not come with an AC plug, and the owner is free to decide whether to connect the power cord to an outlet, the motor of the sewing machine, or another power supply.

The main feature that we loved about this one is the fact that the gooseneck lamp measures 22 inches, which is more than enough for any type of industrial or professional sewing machine light.


  • Durable – The materials used are perfect for an industrial setting;
  • Long neck – The gooseneck of the device measures 22 inches, which is more than enough for a device of this type;


  • No plug – The biggest downside with this one is that it requires a bit of assembly and technical knowledge as it does not come with an AC plug attached to its power cord;

Sewing machine light – Buying guide

Sewing machine lights are important components, and not having one that works well could result in accidents or poor stitching. There are several ways to improve the lighting conditions at home while you are sewing, but the most reliable one is using a sewing machine LED light. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are strips that can be attached to the machine while others look like lamps.

Generally speaking, LED lights are some of the most durable sewing machine light solutions around, and most devices that use them are rated to work for over 10,000 hours, which is good value for their price. They are more powerful than regular sewing machine lights and generate close to no heat. If set up properly, some sewing machine lights can illuminate both the fabric under the needle and the entire worktable.

Sewing machine lights may seem simple, but there are many things to consider when buying one, and many of these features can make your sewing jobs easier or more tiresome. Here are the main things to keep in mind when getting a new lamp for your machine:

Use a healthy type of sewing machine led light

There are several light-sources that you can use to improve your sewing experience, but not all of them are healthy for your eyes:

  • Sunlight – Natural light is always the most comfortable on your eyes. However, you can only benefit from it until the Sunsets, after which you’ll be left to work in the dark. In any case, always try to position your sewing machine near a large window and only use the sewing machine lights when the light from the Sun is to dim to see what you are doing;
  • LED light – Most modern sewing machine lights use LED lights to light up the work area. They can emit various colors, but the most common ones are either white or yellow, depending on the color temperature. The main advantage of these is the fact that they are very durable. A sewing machine LED light has a lifespan of around 10,000 hours. It will continue to work if you accidentally hit them or drop them to the ground;
  • Tungsten-filament lights –These are regular filament sewing machine lights. They are cheap and can be found in most households, so your eyes are probably already used to the soft, yellowish light that they generate. The main downside with these is that they use a lot of electricity and they aren’t particularly durable. Furthermore, they are big and emit a lot of heat which can become an issue if you position them close to your face or hands;

Please keep in mind that incandescent lights usually take a bigger toll on your eyes, and working in the lights that they emit can be harmful to your eyTheobase’s shapee other hand, are generally more comfortable to work with and are betterThTheThepbase’s shapeeheobase’s shapetable lightTheobase’s shapeto LED lamps, most products emit either completely white liwithyellow one, depending on the colthoserature. Both of these colors have advantages and disadvanwiwithouwithen into consideration thostwithrchase:

  • White light – This lightthoseas a colder color temperature that is generally great if you need to focus and to see everything. It is very useful if you are working with darker materials and black thread as it will make it easier to distinguish between the two. The downside is that your eyes will get tired faster so you will need to take frequent breaks;
  • Yellow light – Lamps that emit yellow light are softer on the eyes, hae a wer color temperature and can be used for extended periods without any ill effects. This having been said, ther ligan tort the colors of the fabric and my alsake it difficult to see some smaller elements and details;

Measure your worktable and find the best sewing machine light with a proper cord length

It is important to ensure that the power cord of the lamp is long enough to let you position it wherever you need, but also short enough so that it won’t get sun’s in the way whirking. The best way to ensure that you find the perfect power cord length is to measure the distsance from the legs and finallyches to give you a bit of wiggle room in terms of position placement.

Keep in mind that most products may have somewhat short power cords. This is not necessarily a problem since you can always use an extension cord. In most cases, it is better to get a lamp that has a shorter power cord that you will then be able to extend than to buy a product that will constantly get in the way.

Pay attention to the neck type

Most sewing machine lightseck lamp, which m colorseans that they are flexible and can be directed towards anything you like. This kind of articulation is extra since it allows you to point it only at your hands, and away from your eyes. Regardless of the type of sewing light that you choose, you should always avoid pointing it at your face or eyes.

If you are interested in a model that has another type of neck, take into consideration that you in the short-term may not be able to position it exactly the way you need. This also applies to LED strips. These products are very bright, but they are not directional so the sewing light will flood the area and may give you a headache after a few hours of continuous use.

Get a model with a power supply that fits your needs

Depending on where you get the sewing machine light from, it may have different power requirements than your other electronics, which means that you will have to use an adapter or a power supply. It is usually better to go for a model that will work out-of-the-box and can be used without making any modifications to it.

Furthermore, decide if you want a lamp that can also be powered using batteries. These devices are more tedious to use because you will have to constantly worry about replacing the batteries, but you will be able to use them even when you have no power or if you simply do not want to have to move your sewing machine near a power outlet.

Look at the stability, the shape and the size of the base

On the case of LED s all sewing machine lights will have a neck and a base. Pay attention to the base of the device and ensure that it is heavy enough to prevent the lamp from tipping over and falling.

The shape of the base is equally important since it will be another object that will take up space in your work area. Look at multiple designs and pick the one that you know won’t make your job more difficult. Usually, lamps that have a heavier base are better than the ones that have a wider one because all the weight will be concentrated in a smaller area.

Portability factor and repairability

A sewing machine light should be easy to pack so that it doesn’t get in the way during the day or when you are not working. Look for LED strips that can be attached to the machine, or for models that are small enough to store in a drawer when not using them.

Furthermore, although LED lights are extremely durable, accidents can happen. Look at how your chosen products can be repaired if you accidentally break them, and at how affordable the spare parts would be. These lamps are not too expensive, but having one break down when you need it the most can cause a lot of trouble.

Thousand Islands’ closest of light is best for a sewing room?

The best way to illuminate your sewing room is by using sunlight. This type of light is not only the healthiest for your eyes, but it will also not distort the colors of the fabric. The downside is that the UV radiation that is part of the natural light from the sun can harm certain types of dyed fabrics, causing discoloration.

Generally speaking, try to set up your sewing workspace in a room that gets a lot of sunlight, but do not place the sewing machine or the fabrics in front of the windows to avoid direct exposure.

This having been said, if you do want to work at night, the best illumination solution is an LED lamp. Preferably one that attaches itself to the sewing machine so that it will not get in your way.

What issues are faced due to improper lighting when sewing clothes?

There are two main ways in which using the wrong type of amount of light can cause problems. First, using the wrong type of light may distort the colors of the fabric and thread, making it difficult to distinguish between the two while sewing.

This having been said, not having enough light, or having too many lights can cause much more severe problems. Improper illumination can cause your eyesight to deteriorate over time and, in the short-term, can put a lot of strain on your sight, giving you blurred vision, light sensitivity, headaches pain around the eye sockets.

Lastly, there is the issue of position. If the lights are not in a position that you are comfortable with it can cause back pain, neck pain, and even lead to work accidents.

Are sewing machine LED strips better than sewing lamps?

Both of them are equally useful and it all depends on details like how you work. LED strips are easy to attach to the machine and can flood the whole area with bright light. The main downsideisth these ithat they emit cannot be directed to specific points so acoverse amount will fall on your facdestinations which may cause a lot of issues in the long run. Make sure that you take regular breaks if you use LED strips to avoid sight-related complications.

On the other hand, lamps that have a regular design can be pointed at whatever you need, making it easy to aim them at your hands and shield your eyes. Unfortunately, these usually need to be placed around the sewing machine and may get in your way if you have a small worktable at home or if there is a lot of fabric on it. Besides, they usually have a bigger price tag.


Whether you are looking for a small sewing machine light to fit your home sewing setup or you need industrial-grade sewing lamps that can handle the workloads of a factory, it is important to keep in mind that using these devices should increase your comfort, not only your precision. Look for a type of sewing machine light that doesn’t hurt your eyes and take regular breaks to maximize your productivity.

The models that we have chosen offer a good balance between quality and price, however, choosing the one that suits you best will depend on details like how you work. We loved the Gooseneck Work Lamp from Cutex Sewing as far as durability is concerned, though it will require a bit of assembly.

As far as home-use sewing machine lamps go, the Akozon Light can light up the whole table while also enabling you to point the LED lights away from your eyes to protect them. This having been said, for casual users that only use the sewing machine on occasion, the LED strip from Wenice may be a better choice since it can be easily attached, it comes with responsive controls and it provides a lot of light without cluttering the table.