Best Sewing Kit For Travel Reviews (2021)

We are usually on the move. For some of us, more often than others. It could be business trips, family holidays, adventure weekends, or whatever kind of trip we embark on, we travel. Sometimes, we end up having a little or serious wardrobe issues that need our attention and the best travel sewing kit on these trips. It could be our clothes, a missing button on a favorite top, or an unexpected tear in a skirt or pants.

At times like these, it could be lifesaving to have something as essential as a sewing kit to carry along while we travel. A travel sewing kit could serve as a first-aid of sorts for our wardrobe. Whatever the reason for travel might be, you want to ensure you look your best and not have to compromise because of a little mishap with your wardrobe.

You’ll achieve a lot with a basic sewing kit, depending on your needs, target, and also what you put together in your travel sewing kit. Most sewing kits come with sets of colored threads, needles, pairs of scissors, and lots more. Having a convenient mini sewing kit for your trips could be just as essential as your phone chargers on a trip! Doing almost everything that you could do with a sewing machine isn’t easy.

You can’t rely on them to do the most complex sewing projects. You would feel at home. A travel sewing kit is more handy, compact, and durable than your conventional sewing machine and more organized than when we pack (if at all we do) a thread or two and a needle during a trip.

Kits are packaged to ensure that whatever emergency may arise, there is something to help in the meantime. To find the best sewing kit that suits your needs, consider how you intend to use the kit, the emergencies you think might arise, the size of your luggage, what is in the mini sewing kit, quality, and budget.

Our Picks

Often, we find ourselves with countless options to choose from, and we take much of our time considering what we think could be the best option for what we need. That could be the case when you want to get a sewing kit for traveling. We think about all the supplies. A mini kit could offer great quality worth the price, free of irrelevant complexities, but with the necessary tools that we might need.

To help make that choice, this article will highlight all of the qualities of various kits, accessories, and everything else that would make it easier to make a purchase. Now, let us look at the eight best travel sewing kit options for all our travel emergencies.

#1. Sew Simply Kit by ARTIKA


Best Travel Sewing Kit-Kit by ARTIKA

First off, we have a compact and lightweight mini sewing kit set by ARTIKA. This sewing kit comes in a trendy, durable on-the-go leather case. You get 38 spools of thread that include 20 of the most useful colors and 18 multicolors. These spools have a pair of each color to ensure that you don’t run out of thread unexpectedly. In the same pack, you get 40 multi-colored pearl sewing pins of the best quality that could be used to hold materials in place while you cut or sew them together.

The pins are carefully packed in a round stand to prevent accidents, such as getting pricked by the needles or misplacing them. There are also 30 goldeneye sewing needles in assorted sizes for varying sorts of repairs you might need to carry out, 3 wonder clips, and sharp, durable stainless steel scissors that fit whatever gender. It also has a metal thimble, instead of a plastic one, unlike some other kits. You don’t need a machine to use this compact sewing kit.

It is easy to access quick, on-the-go repairs such as missing buttons, ripped seams or quickly making a hem when you need it. Another really great thing is this premium sewing kit can be carried anywhere at all! These kits are small, lightweight, portable, and have secure-lock elastic straps to keep everything organized at all times. The kits are an ideal size, which makes it easy to fit into a purse, suitcase, briefcase, car, gym locker, or desk drawer.

The kit has everything that might come in handy for any hand sewing emergencies. With this kit, you get a whole lot of value for money. You can pack it as a gift for friends and family members. It’s a great choice to look for a compact but really efficient sewing kit travel enthusiasts would love! You will save them time and money!


  • Has a variety of multicolor threads, so you don’t miss a color to match your need.
  • Durable components
  • Compact size and efficient packaging


  • Some of the items won’t be useful in cases of a hurry
  • Light duty components such as scissors can’t handle strong material like denim easily

#2. VelloStar Sewing Kit Premium Repair Set


Premium Repair Set - VelloStar

This sewing kit set is one of the best to have for repairs at home, work, or during a trip. Although it is not as small as other kits, you get many components you need in case of emergency and basic sewing needs. It comes with almost everything you could need – over 100 items! It offers 24 color thread options, 30 needles, thimble, and stainless steel scissors.

This fully equipped, compact, and practical sewing kit helps save time and money when dealing with repairs for accessories, clothing, shoes, etc. It is practical and easy to use even if you are trying to bring an old favorite stuffed toy back to life or make fashionable alterations. This go-to portable stitch kit has everything for mending and repairs.

It comes all neatly wrapped in a zippered canvas case, so everything is easy to see. Surely you must agree it is better than hauling a huge sewing machine everywhere. Rest assured that this top-rated kit is one of the best sewing kits that your money can buy without denting your pocket!


  • Easy to carry and travel-ready packaging
  • Sufficient number of needles in case you misplace some
  • The large size of thread spools


  • Fewer components

#3. Inscraft 200 Premium Sewing Kit


Inscraft 200 Premium Sewing Kit

This sewing kit has nearly all of the needed components with 200 premium sewing items! Although not a big kit, it is comparable with the conventional big kit. It contains 41 XL high-quality thread spools, with 5 of them being multicolor threads. The vibrant, beautiful colors are thick threads that are reliable and do not break easily. This kit is suitable for travelers, adults, kids, beginners, emergency, DIY, and home use.

It also comes with 40 color pins, 30 sewing needles, stainless steel scissors, a metal thimble, a plastic needle threader, a fabric pencil, sewing clips, a seam ripper, tweezers, and a whole lot more. All these sewing tools fit in a compact 10.2 X 7.6 X 1.5in case, making it a lot easier to see things and store everything. This ideal size also makes it an easy fit in our suitcases, briefcases, car, etc. keeping you always prepared for sewing emergencies any time.

This sewing kit makes for a really thoughtful and amazing gift for holidays like Mother’s Day or Thanksgiving. The kit is convenient for frequent travelers, backpackers, adventure seekers, mothers, young girls, and grandmothers! This sewing kit is definitely an essential item that people love to use, no matter the season.


  • More thread spools than most travel sewing kits
  • Best for adults


  • Too many small parts that could easily be misplaced

#4.MYFOXI Sewing Kit for Adults, Kids, Home, Travel, Sew repair


MYFOXI Kit for Adults, Kids, Home, Travel, Sew repair

This new 101-item sewing kit is not just suitable and recommended for sewing beginners. Still, it is also a dependable set for sewers, clothing designers, and tailoring professionals to perform quick alterations and repairs on the go any time. It comes with all of the necessary things for stitching, tucking, making embroidery, hemstitching textiles to make your own fashionable clothing, crocheted jewelry, and lots more!

The kit includes 24 thread spools, 30 needles in a box, 10 multicolored pins, 7 handy needles, 5 safety pins, 6 buttons, a pencil, measuring tape, metal thimbles, plastic threaders, a nail clipper, and other useful items. This kit is of the best professional quality, a great choice for those that make house calls for worse case scenarios.

It is convenient for emergencies at any time. MYFOXI packages this kit in a neatly organized soft case equipped for easy carrying and handling. It is easier to store than a sewing box. This efficient kit could also be packaged into a thoughtful gift for literally everyone!


  • Easy to use for amateur and professionals
  • It could be used to handle slightly complicated tailoring emergencies.


  • Small bladed scissors

#5. VelloStar Sewing Kit- New & Upgraded Version 

VelloStar - New & Upgraded Version 

This is a new, improved, and enhanced kit with sewing items of a bigger variety of higher quality threads, bigger size, needles, better tools, and more! It is important to be prepared for anything that could happen at any time, and it is also essential to have a wide array of options. Similar to most kits, you will find everything from thimbles, needles, and scissors to multiple colors of thread spools at your disposal to get the job done while saving time and money in the process.

Sewing beginner, fashion enthusiast, student, or supermom? This awesome sew kit is essential! It is easy to use and also makes for a practical present.

VelloStar boasts the best materials, strict quality control, as well as products made in a state-of-the-art process. The compact size makes it an easy fit for purses, travel bags, your car, your desk, etc. and a reliable and easy to carry travel companion. One of the best kits available!


  • New and improved quality of pieces


  • Slightly larger package size

#6. OKOM Kit



The OKOM sewing kit could be described as a compact and portable problem-solver, which prevents us from having moments that seem out of control, such as losing a button at work or during a trip. Besides being a little effective and efficient helper, it is also useful for DIY projects, fixing or making new rag dolls, making our shoes or shirts a tad more fashionable, or adding more finesse and style to our lives.

The sewing kit includes the highest quality stainless steel scissors, measuring tape, seam ripper, 30 needles, nickel-plated steel thimble, premium threaders, safety pins, white shirt buttons, 14 spools of thread of the most popular colors, and color pins. The kit has elastic holders that keep everything in place, tidy and organized.

The kit has a tiny, exquisite shape that makes it easy to carry and store in our cars, bags, purses, or even our pocket! We can repair quickly without using a sewing machine. It is one of those perfect kits for everyone, at any point in our daily activities or travels.


  • Compact and durable packaging


  • Pins could easily go missing or cause an accident

#7. Marcoon Kit (74pcs)


Marcoon Kit (74pcs)

If you choose the Marcoon sewing kit, you will be free from worry about your clothes ripping, buttons popping, or burst seams at the oddest and inconvenient times. It is a suitable companion at home, office, camping, or traveling. Without needing a machine to use, this kit contains all of the necessary tools, easy access for quick repairs, and other sewing projects.

The portable compact kit has an array of high-quality sewing necessities that you might need, such as a needle and thread storage package, thread reels, assorted hand sewing needles, color pins, metal thimble, knitting needles, measuring tape, plastic needle threader, stainless steel scissors, and buttons. Although it doesn’t have a wide array of assorted pieces in the kit, it is more than capable of meeting daily needs and one of the best gift choices for family and friends.


  • Suitable for travel
  • A great kit for gifting during the holidays


  • Plastic parts could break under heavy weight
  • Does not come with a blade

#8. Marcoon Sewing Kit (126) Premium


Premium Kit Sewing (126) Premium

Even though this kit is similar to the same manufacturer’s 74-pcs kit, this sewing kit includes 126 sewing supplies! With 22 different colors thread of considerable length, needles, buttons, pins, hook, thimbles, pencil, threader, sewing pins, scissors, measuring tape, etc. these accessories could be used to match whatever it is we’re sewing.

All of these pieces are of top quality, with upgraded threads too. This kit comes in a tiny zipper case that you can carry along with you everywhere for your sewing and crafts projects. Its compact size also makes it easy to be stored. This kit weighs only 0.8lb!


  • One of the lightest kits
  • Easily packaged to be carried
  • Long-lasting threads


  • Lack of blade for tearing fabric


If you would like to embark on a personal project of making your own personal travel skit by hand, it’s a great idea because it allows you to select all of the essential things you feel you would need more than others, keep it light, and still efficient. First, you need a metal or tin box, like an old cookies container, or a small handy purse that allows you to put all your tools and things inside safely.

The pack should be such that it can fit into bags, luggage, and other places where you might need it, like an officer drawer. For selecting the tools or pieces, it is up to you to decide what you feel would come in handy during emergencies, such as needles, thread, scissors, pins, extra buttons, etc. selecting the essentials and avoiding clutter. The packaging of the kit could be redesigned or decorated to fit one’s taste.


What are the benefits of a travel sewing kit?

The kit comes with various necessary items and tools found in other sewing kits. It offers convenience that the conventional sewing machine cannot offer, such as compactness, durability, easy-to-use, easy to carry, and store. A sewing kit could be used to fix or make things like pet supplies such as soft play toys, mend clothing, and other items.

What are the essentials of a travel sewing kit?

Given the daily unexpected incidents such as losing a button or our favorite outfit getting ripped by accident, in my opinion, some of the essential tools in a travel sewing kit are extra buttons, needles of various sizes, multicolored thread, a thimble, safety pins and clips, a pair of scissors, and anything else necessary for providing quick quality repairs in case of emergencies.

What features should I consider before buying a travel kit?

Cliché as it might seem, a lot of people first consider free shipping. In making a choice of the right kit for yourself or someone else, consider the size you’re looking for, quality of the pieces, variety of tools, in fact, everything! When you see a travel kit, consider your needs and how everything in the sewing kit can help fulfill those needs. Also, you want to get value for your money, so this is another thing to be considered.

Can I do more than just repairs with the tools from a kit?

Yes, you can! A travel sewing kit is great for more than just repairs. It is also good if you have an interest in sewing, or trying out crafts, DIY projects at home, or you’re looking to improve your sewing skills by trying something new. Your options are almost limitless, depending on what you can imagine and try!

Do I need professional experience to use the tools?

Nope. No professional skills are needed.

Are the pieces from the kit child-friendly?

Some of the travel sewing kits contain parts or tools that could be a choking hazard or could injure children if mishandled, but the kits come in zip packs that could be safely stored away from the reach of children.

What if I don’t like the kit after purchase?

One of the great things about purchasing a kit from stores like Amazon is some of the manufacturers of sewing kits assure a refund in cases of discontent with the kit.

How often would I need to buy a travel sewing kit?

You won’t have to buy a travel sewing kit as often as you might have to buy a thread and needle. The packaging of sewing kits protects from the loss of tools contained in the kit. Some of the kits also come with quality pieces that last for a long time.

What if I misplace some of the tools that come in the kit?

Everything in the mini sewing kit that gets misplaced can be easily replaced with a quick trip to a supply store.


We have all had our share of unexpected wardrobe malfunctions, cases of fashion emergencies, or possibly just wanted to improve our sewing skills or try out something we saw in a DIY video. Whatever category we fall into, we’ve been in situations where we don’t need the bulk and inconvenience of a sewing machine but would prefer the speed and efficiency of a simpler but productive alternative, such as handy sewing kits.

Choosing the right travel sewing kit is no easy task because many of these kits have similar (if not the same) pieces, or there’s so many to pick from. The type and quality of kit you decide to add to your cart might depend on the money you may be willing to spend, the packaging, if shipping is free for kits, or if you need a gift for the holidays and feel like you should get the best.

Of all the sewing kits we reviewed, if you want to get the maximum value for money, the Inscraft 200 Premium Kit is a great choice! It offers 200 high-quality sewing supplies in a compact package. It is an all-rounder no matter what your reason for purchase might be, which in my opinion is great! If you are looking for a much lighter but still efficient travel sewing kit, with almost just as many accessories as the Inscraft, the Marcoon  (126) Premium Kit is another really great choice.

Not only is it a new product, but it also has upgraded top quality tools that fit in a tiny zipper case and overall weighs only 0.8lb. Small but mighty if you ask me. If you’re looking to give gifts to everyone around you, including professionals, the MYFOXI Kit is a thoughtful and reasonable option. All in all, travel sewing kits are a great comfort, as well as a necessary item to have around the home, office, on-the-go in our cars, purses, luggage, suitcases, or backpacks during any trip.