Best Sewing Quilting Gloves Reviews in 2021

Quilting gloves are necessary tools for both beginners and experts.

Owning a pair protects hands and gives those working on machine quilting enough precision with the fabric for excellent work.

If you have never used them before on a quilt project, you may be wondering why you need gloves at all.

The first reason you should purchase a pair of quilting gloves is to help minimize hand fatigue while working on a quilt.

They provide a good grip on the quilt fabric; hence the user does not tire while pulling and tugging.

Another reason is that they keep your fingers and the quilt clean.

Besides, they are beneficial to those using the rotary cutter while quilting, as they reduce the risk of harming your fingers.

For these reasons, we have compiled the top three quilt glove options for your consideration.

Top Picks

#1. Editor’s Choice: Machingers Quilting Gloves


Quilting Gloves-Editor's Choice: Machingers Quilting Gloves



  • Has four sizes: extra small, small/medium, medium/large and extra-large
  • Nylon threads don’t stick.
  • Form-fitting for a seamless design
  • No coating on the palm to allow hand breathing

Machingers quilting gloves are a great companion for professional crafters.

These gloves are a top pick by us because they have soft and flexible fingertips that allow the user to better grip the fabric and avoid hand fatigue while quilting for a long time.

They have a nylon kit that allows it to provide proper support to the hands while machine quilting.

There is also enhanced hand and wrist support, thus, reducing the tension in the hands, arms, and shoulders.

The form-fitting seamless design helps the user remove threads, adjust fabric, or remove pins with the full free motion of the fingers and hands.


  • It can be used for machine piecing and free motion quilting
  • Nylon threads don’t stick on the gloves
  • Made of breathable material to retain the skin’s moisture
  • Enhanced hand and wrist support to reduce tension and fatigue


  • May contain latex on the cuffs, hence not suitable for people with extreme latex allergies

#2. Machingers Quilting Gloves for Free-Motion Sewing


Quilting Gloves-Machingers Quilting Gloves for Free-Motion Sewing



  • Made of nylon knit
  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • Fully coated fingertips for increased fingertip grip
  • Enhanced wrist support for free-motion sewing

This Machingers product for free-motion sewing is the ultimate item you need for professional and home projects.

First, the gloves are made of breathable fabric that allows the skin to breathe the whole time; hence, maintaining the skin’s moisture.

You should note that they come in four sizes. Hence you can find a perfect fit.

The fingertips are soft and provide a better grip on the fabric to reduce resistance when using a sewing machine.

They also have enhanced wrist support to reduce fatigue and stress on the hands.

The good thing is that they can be washed once they get dirty.


  • Has soft and flexible fingertips for full-control during free-motion sewing
  • Breathable fabric
  • Enhanced wrist supports to reduce tension.
  • It can be used for quilting, thread painting, free-form embroidery, and applique.


  • May contain latex on wrist cuffs
  • Cannot be ironed or tumble cleaned

#3. Grabaroo’s Glove


Quilting Gloves-Grabaroo's Glove



  • Made of 95%nylon and 5% spandex
  • Very lightweight

If you are in the market for quilting, sewing scrapbooking, or crafting products, then Grabaroo’s gloves are an excellent option for you.

The first reason why this product made its way onto our list is that it is made of 95% nylon, which provides an excellent grip on the fabric.

It also provides enough dexterity while picking pins, removing them, using scissors, and holding fabric together.

Moreover, they protect your fingers from cuts and pricks while working with different tools.


  • The 95% nylon provides an excellent grip on the fabric.
  • Enough dexterity for quilts and other sewing related activities
  • Finger friendly for more comfort during use


  • Works well to prevent scratches more than direct piercings

Quilters glove – Buying Guide

Purchasing machines for gloves to use while working on quilts must not be a tiring exercise.

However, you need to understand the various factors and features to look out for when buying one.

Therefore, we took our time to highlight some of the factors you must look for in your research.

Note that the factors apply to both beginners and experts in working with quilt projects.


Comfort is the first thing that should ring in your head when looking at these products.

First, you need to ensure that the gloves fit your hands correctly.

To do this, measure your hand starting from the base of your palm to the end of your middle finger.

The good thing is that these glove products usually come in several sizes. Hence finding a perfect fit should not be difficult.

Ensure that the wrists fit perfectly to provide proper support.

A quick tip is to pick one made of breathable fabric to provide you comfort for long hours.


Making a quilt is only fun when you use hand protection made of the right material.

First, check if the product is made of nylon, as this ensures that threads do not stick to them.

The material must also be lightweight enough to allow you to drag the fabric easily without resistance.

Note that if you are using a rotary cutter, pick thicker ones or those made using specialized material as they are more protective.


Ensure that the quilting gloves are flexible enough to allow you to continue working on your sewing machine activities or quilt work without taking them off.

For instance, ensure you can thread the machine without removing the gloves.


While it is essential to work or purchase within your budget, it is essential to buy gloves’ right quality.

You may be forced to part with a bit more cash, but for the right amount of money, you will get a good quality of gloves that will give you value for your money as well as perfection in your work.


Quilting can be easy and a challenging task, depending on the tools you are using or not using.

Owning a pair of good quilting gloves is the smart choice you can make both for your hands as well as your creations.

While there are many recommendations on the internet, we took our time to highlight three of the best glove choices, which have proven to be efficient.

Machingers Gloves and Machingers Gloves for free-motion sewing top our list with useful features like flexibility, comfort, and support for the user.

Grabaroo’s gloves are the last on our list, and they provide the best support and value for your money.

Whichever pair you choose, prioritize your comfort, the gloves’ material, and their flexibility during use.