Best Serger Tread For Overlocker Reviews (2020)

Serger Thread

Thread makes a very big difference when it comes to sewing your fabrics. Serger thread, like Maxi Lock thread, makes all the difference in fabrics designed for professional wear and blends the seams of the fabric with the thread. More importantly, serger thread loops several times in the loop of a serger sewing machine and hence its nature … Read more

Monogram Machine – Best Embroidery For Sewing Letters (2020)

Monogramming Machines

Clothes designing is a huge industry where numerous types of machines are used. Each machine has a different function and importance in the industry. Some machines work on bigger designs, while others on smaller ones. One of these machines is a monogramming machine. The functioning of a machine for monogramming is similar to an embroidery … Read more

Brother XL 2600 Reviews – Buy YOUR LX Sewing Machine (2020)

Brother Xl 2600

One of the most satisfying things in life is selecting the best product for specific needs, and whether you want to sew garments, make stitches, create embroideries or repair your clothes, selecting a great machine will help you not only enjoy what you choose to do with it but also make you satisfied with deciding … Read more

Brother HC1850 Review: Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother Hc1850

Knowing how to sew is an amazing pastime. Let’s begin with the Brother HC1850 review which is our top pick. Not only are you doing something you enjoy, but you are also creating something for someone to cherish. Perhaps it is a baby blanket for your newborn niece, a blouse for your granddaughter, or a quilt … Read more

Brother XR9550PRW Machine Test (2020)


Sewing is a hobby that many crafting enthusiasts love. It is a useful talent to have, as you never know when you will need to mend a hole, sew a seam, or hem a dress. All of these tasks can be done by hand, but with a sewing machine, it makes things so much easier. There are … Read more