How do you sew a waistband on a skirt with an invisible zipper?

How do you sew a waistband on a skirt with an invisible zipper?

Lay the waistband facing on top of the waistband with right sides together. The short edge of the waistband facing should be in line with the side of the waistband and zipper tape. Pin or clip them together along the top long edge and short sides. Sew the short side of the facing to the waistband and zipper tape.

How do you sew an invisible zipper in pants?

What is a contour waistband?

While the straight waistband is a rectangle and sits above the skirt block shape, the contoured waistband is part of the skirt. If you make a skirt with a lowered waist, you must use a contoured waistband as a rectangular one will not fit the body.

How do you face a waistband?

Lay your facing down on top of the waistband, right sides together, lining up the top edge and matching the right side seams. Pin all along the top edge. You’ll notice that the facing is just a tiny bit shorter than the waist – which is what you want.

What is the appropriate stitching for waistband to finish?

  1. Permanently stitch the waistband to garment by stitching over the basting. If the fabric ravels easily, stitch again slightly inside the first row of stitching to finish the seam.

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