How do I keep my weave from Detangled?

How do I keep my weave from Detangled?

Condition. Spray the water from a bottle and a conditioner onto the sections of your weave. Then, brush the hair from ends to the roots using a wide tooth comb. Keep detangling smaller sections of the hair one by one until all the hair is detangled.

Why are my extensions knotting?

Dry hair is a common culprit of tangling hair extensions. Commit to using a deep conditioner once a week or a daily leave-in conditioner. Make sure to only apply the conditioner to the ends to avoid greasy roots, which may cause your extensions to slip.

Why is my hair so knotty all of a sudden?

Hair tangling happens when the tresses do not have enough moisture locked in, and are excessively dry. You need to wash and condition your hair more frequently, and also oil it from time to time to get rid of the problem. Use cold water only. * The other basic reason could be sleeping with your hair let loose.

Why are my extensions getting matted?

There are 3 main causes for hair extensions matting at the roots: failure to separate the bonds at the root, sleeping with wet hair extensions, or poor application.

Is it best to detangle hair wet or dry?

The best way to detangle natural hair is while it is wet. The wetter your hair, the better your conditioning product can absorb into your hair shaft, making it easier to slip your fingers or comb through any knot in its way.

Does conditioner get rid of knots?

Leave-in conditioner:

It is your best friend. If you’re dealing with knotted or tangled hair, then there is nothing that will work as smoothly and as effectively as a good leave-in conditioner. Apply it liberally all over your hair, let it sit for a few minutes and comb your hair as usual.

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