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Best Grill Lights 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Grill Lights are those accessories you must buy for summer evenings. The market is ripe with countless options to spruce up your next bbq. Right from different gadgets, accessories to seating options. Which ones you end up buying will ultimately depend upon your budget and requirements. But some accessories are not just discretionary purchases but go a long way in making every outdoor bbq a success.

All of us who love grilling have experienced both the delight and hassles of grilling at night. The biggest challenge is ensuring the meat cooks just right and has the desired finish; the grill marks, the crispy skin and, the smokey flavor. Try getting these while struggling with low light and getting your makeshift light to focus on the foods being grilled.

The answer to your nighttime grilling woes is a grill light. These are built especially for outdoor grills and are a must-add tool to your grilling gear. They come in two variants, one that is attached to the grill handle or the one which has a flexible gooseneck and can be placed anywhere and positioned as needed. All grill lights are battery operated and have LED lights. We have reviewed the best grill lights available in the market so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Top Grill Lights

1. LED Concepts BBQ Grill Lights Magnetic Base Super-Bright LED Lights

These grill lights come in a silver finish with aluminum construction. The lights can be attached to any grill with its magnetic base or the clamp. It is a battery-powered light with 12 LED lights and a gooseneck design. The 22-inch gooseneck moves 360 degrees. The lights work well in illuminating a large area and are great to travel.

While aluminum construction is weatherproof, the battery compartment does not look durable enough. A lot of customers have complained about it getting flooded and rusting easily. We liked this light but advised you to bring them inside when not in use.

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2. Weber 7516 Grill Out Handle Light

Weber not only makes good grills but great accessories too. The Weber 7516 is designed for Weber grills though you can use them on any circular grill. The light has a clamp to install it on the grill. It needs three separate AAA batteries that can illuminate for up to 10000 hours. Once you put in the batteries, ensure to close the enclosure tightly to keep it water and rustproof.

The light has a sensor that dims the light when the cover is brought down, saving battery. The grill is made of glass-reinforced nylon, which makes is moisture resistant. The battery enclosure for this one too tends to be prone to water retention.

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3. Sirius 1.0 Barbecue Grill Light

This light comes with ten bright LED lights and has a clamp-on design. It is built of nylon-glass material to keep it free from moisture and related damage. The lights can be placed on any sturdy part of the grill, the cover or the handle. The battery compartment is tough to open with its miniature screw.

The on-off switch is susceptible to minimize battery consumption. But it becomes a nuisance as the light switches back on at the slightest of touch. It claims to be weatherproof but did not survive rains during our review. Another major issue is that it tends to get warped due to heat.

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4. MAN LAW BBQ Grill light

A 12- LED grill light this is an Aluminium built light. It comes with two options to attach it to the grill with either clamping it on or with its magnetic base. Though there are 12-LED lights they aren’t too bright, even with new batteries they’ll not light up well. Another issue we faced was with the battery housing getting filled up with water during rains.

It has a flexible gooseneck design, but the illuminated area is too small. Another drawback is that the gooseneck is not strong enough and bends down because of the weight of the light. This grill light though very well designed, lacks a quality build.

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5. Cuisinart CGL-330 Grilluminate Expanding LED Grill Light

This bbq light has nine bright LED lights and extending sides. The extending lights can be expanded on both sides and help widen or select the area you want to illuminate. It comes with a clamp design for installation and can be put on most grill handles. The material is reinforced nylon and appears sturdy.

Do keep in mind the light is not meant to be left outdoors on the grill when you are not cooking. Since the light isn’t waterproof, be careful when cleaning it. The battery compartment is not well made, and it was hard putting the batteries and cover.

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6. Bright Eyes Magnetic Barbecue BBQ Light Set

This a pair of super bright LED lights that comes with six AAA alkaline batteries and has a magnetic base for attaching it to the grill. The light is made of stainless steel. It comes with a flexible neck and lets you light up in any direction you want.

This light will only work with grills that have magnetic properties. There have also been complaints of the magnet giving away due to heat. We love it for the brightness but not so much for the build quality. The light tends to heat up considerably during cooking, and the plastic cover on the lights seems susceptible to heat damage.

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7. IMAGE Magnetic Ultra-Bright Barbecue Grill Light

Another pair of really bright LED lights with a flexible neck/swivel head design. These are made of aluminum alloy and are resistant to high temperatures. You can focus the light at different focal lengths and gives you options to light at different ranges. As with all lights that come with a magnetic base, ensure your grill is not made of non-magnetic alloys or stainless steel.

We did love this grill light with a couple of minor gripes. One is the durability of the swivel neck and how well the battery compartment fare under bad weather. Or even accidental exposure to rains. The magnetic base is strong and sturdy.

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8. KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light

A great product, this grill light addresses the major concerns we have had with the other lights we reviewed. The light comes with nine high-density LEDs and a gooseneck. The LEDs cover a wide area and are super bright. It is made of an aluminum alloy.

The light can be attached to the grill with its strong magnetic base. One of the best thing for us about the grill light was how well-made these are. The lights come with a plastic case/enclosure. Which is weatherproof and makes for easy storage. This bbq light is a winner and will last you long.

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How to choose the best bbq light for your outdoor grill

  1. Enough light – You need to check how many LEDs does the light have. More LEDs mean higher brightness. Go for a light that has at least three LEDs.
  2. Portability – An outdoor bbq light should be portable and battery operated. There are some hardwired ones also on the market, but we do not recommend them. Portability also ensures that you can carry them along to any location.
  3. Fits on your grill – The light you go for should fit on your grill. With lamps with a magnetic base, you need to check if your grill has magnetic properties or not. For best grill lights that fit on the handle, you need to ensure that the light is made to work at high temperatures. While a gooseneck light which has a broader reach and illuminates a more significant area. These need not be placed on the grill handle or cover and have better portability.
  4. Durability – The lights need to be both sturdy and weatherproof. They should be sturdy enough to withstand high temperatures. Especially the ones that are installed on the grill covers or handles. Some lights get warped due to high heat, and this could be dangerous with the batteries inside. Check out our reviews to find out which grill light is weatherproof or at least comes with a weatherproof cover.

Some people go ahead and use flashlights, porch lights, or makeshift lights hardwired back to the house during bbq nights instead of the best bbq light. These might work for some, but we don’t recommend these solutions as they may pose health hazards. Grilling requires you to work with sharp tools, food items at high temperatures, and handling equipment that gets hot. Any compromise on visibility poses a risk and injury.

Grill lights are the right tool to use when grilling outside in the dark. They are not blinding like porch lights, don’t require you to maneuver with one hand like torchlight and let you select the area you want to be illuminated.

An outside barbecue at night with your friends coming over can be great fun. All you need to do is get your grill ready, check out the best recipes for night time bbq, prep your meats and, sauces, prep your tools, add grill lights, and you are all set.

Happy and safe grilling!

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