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Best Fabric Cutting Table For Commercial Sewing and Quilting (2020)

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Having a quality fabric cutting table is essential if you intend to take your sewing skills to the next level. While it may not appear like it, cutting fabric can be a difficult task, especially when you’re working with thicker materials.

These tables are specially designed to make cutting any type of fabric faster and safer. They are meant to not only help you make straight cuts but also to protect you from back pain caused by working for an extended period. Amateurs, as well as professional clothes designers and tailors, can benefit from using one of these devices, regardless of the type of work that they do. Generally speaking, if you cut and sew fabrics regularly, using a cutting table can make your life a lot easier.

This having been said, each manufacturer has a different design when it comes to cutting tables for fabric, and choosing the right one for you can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for or haven’t had one before. Everything from the overall design to the materials and dimensions of the table can have a big impact on how you work. Get a model that is too small for the type of work that you do and you will quickly find yourself constantly picking up pieces of fabric that fall off the table while cutting.

Alternatively, you might get a product that is too large and not have room for it in your home or one that doesn’t fold the way you would need it to store it efficiently. Below you will find everything that you need to know to buy a product that will truly be useful to you. We have also included reviews of the most popular models currently available on the market. They are durable, they offer a lot of storage space, a large work area, and can fit most workrooms.

Which is the most popular fabric cutting table on the market?

#1. Sew Ready Studio Designs Folding Cutting Table – An ultralight craft table that’s easy to store and offers easily accessible storage spaces

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OVERALL RATING: 10 out of 10

The Studio Designs model from Sew Ready offers the best of both worlds in terms of design. It can be folded to take up less space when not used, and also comes with a manual height adjustment system that will give you a bit of customizability. Furthermore, the cutting table comes with two mesh drawers that can be used to store sewing accessories. These can slide on a rail to move them to a comfortable position. a bottom shelf has also been added to store the sewing machine when not in use.

This Studio Designs table is great for anyone who doesn’t have room for a larger model. It offers two 24″ W x 36″ D side panels that can be pulled up to expose the mesh baskets and to increase the work surface. Overall, it is an interesting choice for anyone looking to get an adjustable height table that is also foldable.


  • Adjustable height design – The model comes with knobs that allow the user to adjust the height of the legs;
  • Durable frame – The powder coated metallic from will not rust over time;
  • Multi-use – The Sew Ready Hobby folding table can be used for any type of DIY activity that requires a large surface;


  • Manual height adjustment – it can be difficult to adjust the height of the model if it is already loaded with heavy supplies and equipment;

#2. Sew Ready Eclipse Hobby Sewing Center – A large sewing table that offers a lot of storage space for sewing and quilting supplies

715x8WtQG L. SL1500

OVERALL RATING: 9.9 out of 10

The Eclipse craft table can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It offers a 50.75″ W x 23.75″ D cutting surface that can be expanded using a foldable 9.5″ W x 23.75″ D side panel. Furthermore, the table comes with a dropdown platform that measures 23″ W x 10.75″ D and will fit both sewing machines as well as keyboards.

As far as storage is concerned, the model features 3 large drawers to store sewing accessories and a small bottom shelf. The Eclipse’s usefulness extends far beyond that of a regular fabric cutting table. This is mostly because it is organized more like a computer desk, rather than a craft table. It can be used for sewing, cutting fabric, quilting, and other DIY activities.

The Eclipse’s usefulness extends far beyond that of a regular fabric cutting table. This is mostly because it is organized more like a computer desk, rather than a craft table. It can be used for sewing, cutting fabric, quilting, and other DIY activities.


  • Great for fabric cutting – The dropdown platform and the side panel make it easy to cut fabric without having to move the sewing machine out of the way;
  • Dedicated place for sewing machines – The dropdown platform allows sewing machines to sit in a position that’s comfortable to use;


  • Not easy to store – The Eclipse must be completely disassembled to store it away. The metal frame is fixed and the only two moving parts are the lateral panel and the dropdown platform;

#3. Giantex Folding Sewing Craft Cart – A small sewing cart that’s perfect for small apartments

61Rkz8mrmUL. SL1200

OVERALL RATING: 9.8 out of 10

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As the name implies, this table is designed as a cart, not a sewing table. It has a height of 31″, and comes with 3 trays that are attached to the door and a shelf that is positioned underneath the main cutting and quilting surface. Technically, it can be used to hold sewing machines as you use them, but it does not offer enough space for you to work comfortably for extended periods.

The main advantage of this Giantex model is the fact that it is a folding table that can be extended out to offer a cutting surface of 46″, which should be enough for smaller projects. This having been said, it is far from a traditional fabric cutting table in terms of features.

The Giantex model only measures 23.0″ x 16.0″ x 31.0″ while folded down, and all the trays and storage spaces are hidden. This makes it a great choice for individuals who do not have a lot of space in their homes for a fully-fledged sewing table.


  • Compact – The model can fold down to fit behind a door or be used as a nightstand when not sewing;
  • Useful as additional storage – The fact that its trays and shelves are hidden away makes the Giantex Craft Cart useful as a secondary storage solution for your sewing accessories;


  • Too small to work on – The craft table only has a height of 31 inches, which is not nearly enough to be able to sew on;

#4. Sullivans 38431 Adjustable Height Folding Table – A compact foldable table that’s great for pattern layout

51q8A83KdaL. SL1000

OVERALL RATING: 9.7 out of 10

The 38431 from Sullivans offers both extensive height adjustment as well as a folding design. This amount of flexibility makes it useful as a fabric cutting table , however, it could also be used as a general-purpose piece of furniture for when you have guests. You can adjust the model between 29 and 38 inches and offers a surface of 36 by 60 inches, which is more than enough for fabric cutting.

This model is great if for those who are looking for a large craft table that they can also use in their sewing room. It does not have a lot of storage space and the fact that it has shelves not drawers means that what you place on them may fall off while moving the cutting table. The main advantage of this product is the fact that it offers a lot of customizability.


  • Easy to assemble – The whole fabric cutting table can be put together in under 10 minutes;
  • It offers a lot of space – The surface area of the cutting table is perfect for larger projects and pattern layout;
  • Easy to access shelves – The shelves of the folding table are easy to access even when the side panels are down;


  • Wobbly – The 38431 is great for pattern layouts, but its metal frame is not sturdy enough and will wobble while sewing;

#5. Sullivans Quilter’s Design Table – A large fabric cutting table that offers a lot of storage space

51ikpUMMlHL. SL1000

OVERALL RATING: 9.7 out of 10

The Quilter’s Design Table is a high-quality product that features a folded panel at the back and a 1-inch gridded surface. When open, the entire model measures 47L x 35. 5W x 29. 75H and exposes an inner shelf that can hold a wide variety of sewing machines. When closed, the cutting table looks just like an ordinary dresser but opening it also reveals a side panel that can be used to sewing, cutting, and quilting tools.

This model is perfect for those who need a sturdy table that they can use for all their fabric cutting and sewing needs. You can also use it as a general craft table since it offers storage spaces that will fit pretty much any type of handheld DIY equipment and material. Furthermore, the gridded table top can make fabric cutting less stressful.


  • Gridded design – The table top is gridded and you won’t need to use a cutting mat with it;
  • Doesn’t wobble – The model frame is sturdy enough to prevent wobbling when sewing;
  • Offers great storage possibilities – The fabric cutting table contains shelves, a storage cabinet, and a drawer;


  • Fixed height – The cutting table measures 29. 75 inches in height, which may not be enough if you like to work upright;

#6. SewingRite SewStation – A highly portable fabric cutting table that is light and easy to store

61GO74S2CDL. SL1500

OVERALL RATING: 9.6 out of 10

The SewStation is not a fully-fledged cutting table in the sense that it does not have any storage compartments or gridded top. This having been said, the model features a lowered panel that fits most sewing machines and offers enough room to use a cutting mat with it.

The model is great for sewing, quilting and cutting fabric if you do not have enough room in your home for a regular foldable cutting table. It is light enough to carry without any help and it even comes with two wheels attached to the side that makes it easy to slide the table under your bed.

#7. Craft & Hobby Essentials 62006 Cutting Table – A light fabric cutting table that is easy to assemble

717kwDM2rfL. SL1500

OVERALL RATING: 9.5 out of 10

As far as foldable tables go, the 62006 is easy to assemble and to pack back up when you’re done. The model comes with 6 coasters, 4 of which are locking, and two large sliding baskets. In terms of durability, the frame of the table is powder coated and will not rust over time, and the wood is sturdy enough to hold the weight of any of the currently available sewing machines.

The 62006 fabric cutting table is a lightweight model that’s ideal for those who do need to constantly move it in and out of storage. Overall, it can be used for cutting fabric, quilting, or as a general craft table. The downside is that the metal frame will wobble if you try to sew on it.


  • Affordable – The 62006 fabric sewing, cutting and quilting table one of the cheaper models out there;
  • Easy to move around and to unpack – The wheels make it easy to move the table from room to room and unpacking it only takes 2 minutes;
  • Great for DIY projects – The overall design of the model makes it perfect to use as a craft table;


  • Limited use – The model is great for fabric cutting, but not for sewing using a machine;

#8. Sullivans Home Hobby Table – A cheap foldable table that can be used for fabric cutting

51AdE SG30L. SL1000

OVERALL RATING: 9.4 out of 10

This model is not necessarily designed as a fabric cutting table, but it can serve this purpose. You will need a cutting mat to make straight cuts as there are no guides on the wood, and the frame of the table will wobble if you use a machine to sew on it. Furthermore, the model doesn’t offer any storage compartments to hold tools like rotary cutters or scissors, but it is incredibly cheap.

There is not much to say about this model except that it is an affordable solution for those who need a work desk for their sewing, cutting, and quilting.


  • Easy to move around – The wheels roll easily on any type of floor;
  • Large – The table measures  36″ x 36 x 59-1/2″;


  • Height not adjustable – The height of the fabric cutting table cannot be modified at all;
  • No storage compartments – There are no storage compartments for fabric cutting supplies such as a rotary cutter;

#9. Sullivans 12575 Portable Fabric Cutting Table – A small model that folds down to the size of a nightstand

71FSArvv AL. SL1500

OVERALL RATING: 9.3 out of 10

Designed specifically for small apartments, the 12575 model offers all the storage space and usefulness of a fabric cutting table while remaining highly portable. The model comes with four large storage drawers to store sewing, cutting, and quilting supplies, and a foldable side panel that you can work on.


  • Compact – The side panel can be folded down and will sit flush against the side of the model;
  • Ample storage spaces – The drawers are great for storing materials and fabric cutting tools


  • Fixed height – The height of the model cannot be changed, which may make it impractical if you work while standing;

#10. Offex Folding Height Adjustable Table – A model that offers great storage options and is fully customizable

51zfpjsEJ7L. SL1000

OVERALL RATING: 9.2 out of 10

This Offex table combines the portability of a foldable model with the comfort offered by a height-adjustable product. It comes with two hanging baskets and a shelf that can hold sewing machines or fabric cutting supplies. The product measures 58.75″ W x 36″ D x 30.25″ – 39.25″ H but can be folded to a little over 10.75″ W x 36″ D.

Overall, the Offex model is useful for any type of crafts. It may not be sturdy enough to hold sewing machines, but it is useful for fabric cutting.


  • Easy to store and adjust – Folding, raising or lowering the table only takes a moment;


  • Wobbly – The metal structure wobbles while sewing;

What to look for in a quality fabric cutting table

Sew tables aren’t too expensive, but getting one that doesn’t fit your needs may make your job a lot harder. There aren’t many things that you should keep in mind when looking to buy one of these, but some features are more important than others and will need to be chosen according to what kind of projects you work on. Here are is what you should do before making a purchase:

Quilting cutting table – Measure your workroom

These tables come in all shapes and sizes, making it important to make sure that you have enough free space for it. Furthermore, keep in mind that not having a lot of free room in your home is not a deal-breaker. There are plenty of foldable models to choose from that are just as durable and useful as regular ones.

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Cutting tables for sewing – Choose the right height for you

Height is a very important factor when it comes to these products and choosing one that does not let you maintain good posture while working can quickly lead to back pain. If you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, you can get a model that comes with an adjustable height feature. These

The downside with these is that they are usually not foldable, which means that you will have to decide if you value comfort more than flexibility in terms of storage solutions or the other way around.

Think about what kind of sewing cutting table model suits you best

There are two main models to choose from: electric ones that have an adjustable height system and foldable cutting tables. Each of these has particular advantages and disadvantages that you must take into consideration when making a purchase.

Adjustable height models have a steel frame and are usually heavier than foldable ones. They come with powerful hydraulic systems that can raise or lower the table depending on your preferences. This type of fabric cutting table is great if you like to work both while sitting up as well as from a chair. Furthermore, these models are great for more than sewing, cutting and making clothes, in general. They can be used as a work surface for any type of DIY project.

Folding table models have a fixed height, but some of their segments can be folded down, making them easier to store. Most of these cutting tables offer a large surface to work on that can be reduced, depending on the size of the project. Unlike the adjustable height models, folding tables are made from wood and are light enough to move without any help.

Both types of tables will work great in any sewing room and may feature extensive storage options such as mesh drawers, a bottom shelf to store larger objects, and numerous baskets and containers. This having been said, any model will work with any sewing machine, so compatibility will never be an issue.

Get a cutting tables for sewing rooms model that is easy to put together

Always look for a cutting table that is easy to assemble, especially if you do not have anyone that could help you with it. As with all furniture, these will come in pieces and you will have to put them together. You should try to find tables that are either partially assembled or ones that have as few pieces as possible. Please keep in mind that the adjustable height models often require more work and technical skills than folding ones.

Folding sewing cutting table – Think about storage options

Any fabric cutting table will have at least one storage drawer pr shelf for sewing accessories but more expensive models may have enough room for every tool and machine that you will need for cutting, sewing, and quilting.

Overall, try to take into consideration that it is usually better to spend a bit more and get a quality product that will make your job easier and last for longer than to get the cheapest model that you can find and go through a world of trouble when you conclude that it is not big enough or that its surface is easily scratched and the fabrics start to get caught in it.

Cutting table for sewing – FAQs

What is a good height for a fabric cutting table?

The height of your chosen model should be between 36 and 40 inches, however, this largely depends on how tall you are.

What is the cutting table?

Cutting tables are specialized pieces of furniture that are built to make pattern layout and fabric cutting as easy as possible. There are various models available on the market, but most have a common feature: their top is cut and scratch-resistant. This allows you to use a rotary cutter.

How big should a sewing cutting table be?

It depends on what kind of products you tackle. Generally speaking, it should provide enough room to hold all your sewing and quilting equipment and materials without things seeming cluttered.

Quilters cutting tables – Conclusion

Set a budget before you go shopping and make sure that you look for a model that offers enough space to make fabric cutting easier, not harder. Measure the room that you work in, before purchasing to ensure that it will fit, and consider getting a model that you can use a rotary cutter on without having to get a mat.

Any of the products that we have included in our list can be used without having to protect them and are durable enough to last for several years. If you’re not prepared to make a purchase yet, consider going to the manufacturer’s websites and leaving your email address so that you’ll get updates when new products come out.

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