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Best Fabric Cutting Machine For Quilting – Cutter Reviews (2020)

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It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that we’ve got a machine covering almost every primary and not-so-basic and totally-not-basic human need. From DNA-altering technology to an instrument that feeds you tomatoes (yep, tomatoes, just tomatoes), there is a machine for everything, except maybe an obscure tool that smokes for you—oh wait! They’ve got that covered too. Of course, whether you need a machine that fulfills these needs or not is an entirely different story altogether! Fabric Cutting Machines are the Top Selected Products. This review talks about the nine best fabric cutting machines of 2020, with its features and abilities as well.

One machine that you need if you’re a seamstress or a sewing enthusiast, though, is a great fabric cutter. Rotary cutters result in more injuries than cutting and scissors, though efficient in their own right, only have you covered in small projects and when dealing with relatively thin fabrics. A fabric cutting machine, on the other hand, gives you quick, easy, and precise cuts in a range of different materials, no matter how thick or thin or how many layers! Leather, silk, wool, cotton, knit fabric—a cutter can slice through them like a hot knife through butter!

Of course, picking out a good fabric cutting machine can be a bit of an uphill task, considering the variety of instruments available in the market. How do you pick out the one that’s best for you from this vast offering? After all, there’s all that about a craftsman’s efficiency being directly correlated to his or her tools, so it’s essential to pick out a fabric cutting machine that’s comfortable to use, enhances the quality of your work regardless of what project it is, and fits your budget. Simply put, the fabric cutting machine has every potential to make your life a whole lot easier!

To make life even more comfortable, we’ve put together a list of our top fabric cutting machines as well as a list of the criteria we used for evaluation, in case you ever want to attempt shopping for a fabric cutting machine on your own! There’s also a list of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to fabric cutters; in case you run into a commonly-occurring problem with your instrument, you may just find an answer to fixing it in our FAQs.

What are the best fabric cutters for quilting?

So without further ado, shall we?

#1. Cricut Explore Air 2

41T5pOwhPVL. AC SL1000

For faster, precise cutting that lets you easily add personal flourishes to your projects, the Cricut Explore Air 2 is a must consider! The machine enables you to upload images (created or ready) from other devices and effortlessly create projects using over 100 different fabrics! You can design, cut, and write, and all at the speed you desire with the machine’s adjustable-speed function. It also has an array of other impressive features that make it a worthy contender in the market!

Cut and Write Easily:

The Cricut Air 2 lets you cut out intricate details with mind-blowing precision, regardless of the type of fabric you’re using. This makes it an excellent option for more beautiful designs such as lace stationery designs and holiday decors like snowflakes and spider webs! Additionally, it comes equipped with specialized pens that enable users to make ‘handwritten’ projects and cards—you have over 370 fonts at your disposal, or you could pick a font on your computer and use it on the machine for free!

Additionally, the machine is Bluetooth enabled, which means that you can cut and write anytime, anywhere.


Equipped with a scoring stylus, the Explore Air 2 gives you perfect fold lines that make projects such as pinwheels, 3D paper crafts, envelopes, cards, and boxes neat, precise, and of better quality.

The scoring is also Bluetooth enabled so that you can score from anywhere.

Fast Mode:

The Cricut Explore Air 2 comes with a Fast Mode, which means cutting and writing that’s two times faster for materials such as vinyl, cardstock, and iron on. This is possible thanks to a dual clamp that holds a blade and one other accessory, enabling effective multitask, which, in turn, results in faster writing and cutting. You’ll be completing projects in no time!

Cut Over 100 Materials:

The instrument, as mentioned, can cut over 100 materials. This is thanks to a Smart Set dial and custom material selection in the Design Space—this places custom settings for different elements at your fingertips for smooth and effortless cutting, no matter what the fabric!


  • Gives you some pretty excellent, precise cutting
  • Two times faster cutting for certain fabrics
  • Capable of quality cutting in over 100 different types of fabric
  • Well constructed; great design with high-quality parts
  • Users have access to a ton of online resources on using the machine
  • Extremely affordable
  • An excellent option for small businesses
  • Can be used offline and designs created no matter where you are; using the Design Space app, you can create designs on your phone, tablet or computer or choose from thousands of images
  • Makes precision cuts every time Can cut up to six layers of fabric.


  • Incapable of cutting material that is wider than 12 inches
  • Doesn’t have the capacity to cut as many fabric types as some of the other models in the market
  • Slow software
  • You have to subscribe to Cricut Access for the images in the company’s library

#2 Cricut Maker, Champagne

41s8LhmXUfL. AC SL1000

An instrument that’s extremely enjoyable to work with, especially with its fancy blades and rotary, the Cricut Maker is an upgrade on the Air 2. It features a range of tools for better versatility, the capacity to cut through more materials than its predecessor and more sewing patterns you can choose from. You have the freedom to create and cut designs on vinyl decals, paper, iron-on, leather and balsa, to name a few; the excellent blade makes quick work of all fabrics. With this instrument, you’re assured of professional-grade results, making it one of the most popular options in the market!

Powerful Blade:

The Maker features a new powerful rotary blade; the blade’s rolling action enables it to cut through fabric fast and precisely, without the need for any backing material. You can also easily cut through materials like felt and crepe paper with this paper.

The blade works like an X-ACTO knife, leading to effortless cutting of even heavy materials like 2.4mm balsa and matboard.

An Array of Tools and the Adaptive Tool System:

The Cricut Maker features an impressive array of tools that enhance the versatility in project making; it comes equipped with powerful pens, blades and scoring tools. The scoring wheel and double scoring wheel give you flawless, sharp score lines that are just the right depth, no matter what material you choose, whereas the many digital sewing parts make quick work of even large projects like quilts.

The machine’s Adaptive Tool System is another great feature; this lets the machine match the direction and pressure of the blade, automatically, with the material that’s being cut. This results in more power, speed and preciseness.

Convenient Features:

The instrument comes with a design app that enables the creation of designs on your computer or phone. You can upload your own images and fonts. It even has a docking slot for phones and you can charge the device via a convenient USB port.

It also features a washable fabric pen.


  • A high-quality machine that runs smoothly
  • Is extremely quiet
  • User friendly; it’s straightforward to use
  • The company offers superb technical support
  • A wide range of materials that can cut quickly and precisely
  • Features mighty blades for smooth cutting
  • Well designed, with a futuristic aesthetic appeal
  • Can automatically detect when the wrong edge is being used
  • Bluetooth connectivity enabled


  • Is on the expensive side; not a great option if you’re going to use it only occasionally
  • Limited space for cutting
  • The knife blade has to be bought separately
  • The design software can be a little slow; additionally, since it’s web-based, it can’t be used offline
  • Though not impossible, it can be a bit tough to work on projects wider than 12 inches

#3 Silhouette Portrait 2 Electronic Cutting Tool

61l3yiRPLFL. AC SL1500

The digital wireless Portrait 2 is one of the most popular options when it comes to a DIY project, the need for a large space for cutting and versatility. From cardstock to heat transfer materials to cardstock to transparencies to adhesive vinyl to magnet paper to vellum to plain paper, the machine has an impressive repository of cutting skills! Add to that 50 exclusive designs and you have a pretty great machine on your hands!

PixScan Compatibility:

The instrument features an extremely precise blade; it has the ability to register and cut printed materials and is also compatible with PixScan. Images are laid out on a special mat and clicking a picture with your smartphone or camera uploads it to the Studio Designer software for cutting.

Compatible with a Range of Blades:

The Silhouette Portrait 2 is compatible with a range of blades—the AutoBlade, deep cut, standard and fabric blades. The AutoBlade automatically adjusts its pressure to suit the material being cut, negating any need for manual adjustment. Additionally, this is the standard blade included with the product. The deep cut blade cuts through materials 2 mm thick whereas the standard and fabric blades support normal, generic cutting.

Easy Print and Cut:

For precise and detailed images cut out quickly and accurately, the print and cut feature is a great addition! You can cut printed images with this feature. The images to be cut out are printed out using home printers and then loaded back into the instrument, where they’re automatically detected and cut out. The result? Professional-quality results and a ton of your time saved!


  • Compact yet extremely powerful
  • The cutting machine is Easy to store, transport and handle due to its small frame
  • The cutting machine Software is extremely user friendly and works offline
  • The cutting machine has Automatic blade-adjusting feature
  • The cutting machine has Large cutting space for easier working
  • The cutting machine is Bluetooth enabled for wireless cutting
  • Runs extremely quietly
  • Mac and PC-compatible software
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easily and precisely cuts through a variety of materials
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  • Doesn’t feature any storage space/compartment for accessories
  • The cutting machine has The cutting width is limited
  • The force of cutting is limited to only 210 grams and the width to 8 inches, due to the small size
  • The cutting machine Doesn’t come with free advanced design software features
  • The cutting machine Sometimes, heavier materials aren’t cut properly and cleanly

#4 AccuQuiltGO! Me Easy Fabric Project Maker with GO! Me Fabric Cutter

51ok4KckGjL. AC SL1000

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced sewist/quilter, the AccuQuilt Go! Me Easy Fabric Project Maker has a little something to cater to every skill level! A great on-the-go option thanks to its 8-pound lightweight frame, this little beast can cut through fabrics 90% faster and more accurately than scissors or manual rotary cutters. The convenient, comfortable handle grip also protects your hands and keeps them away when cutting with the machine. Additionally, the fabric maker is backed by a year-long warranty.

Safety Features:

One of the biggest advantages of using the Go! Me Easy Fabric Maker is the features built for the user’s convenience and safety. It features a comfortable handle grip to keep your fingers away from the blades and keep them safe, ensuring safe, pain-free cutting each time.

Additionally, it’s extremely simple to use, without the need to run on power or batteries. The machine can be efficiently run with a simple manual roller, giving you consistently quick, precise cuts.

Smart Design:

Owing to its lightweight nature (8 pounds and 5.5 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches), this fabric cutter is extremely portable and easy to store. It’ can fold up after every use; a magnetic latch ensures that the cutter is closed on folding. Additionally, it features a super-convenient easy-lift handle that lets you carry the machine; work at any time and from anywhere without any hassles!

When it comes to cutting, the Go! Me Easy Fabric Maker is fast; there’s a quarter inch seam allowance in geometric shapes. This design, coupled with the overall design, makes it super simple to cut out shapes and also results in minimal wastage of fabric.

Go! Dies Compatibility

Though this fabric cutter doesn’t come with its own mat or die, it’s compatible with 60% of the available Go! Dies. In fact, the only dies it is not compatible with are those that are 10 x 24 inches or 10 x 10 inches. You don’t have to sacrifice on your cutting and project making due to the lack of an efficient cutting mat.


  • Extremely user friendly; great for all levels of proficiency
  • Gives precise, high-quality cutting consistently
  • Small, lightweight and easily portable, with a handle for convenient carrying
  • Convenient design; foldable, making it travel friendly
  • Compatible with most Go! Dies
  • Uses a crank handle for cutting; negates the need for electricity or batteries, so you can use it anywhere and any time


  • Doesn’t come with a cutting mat or dies included; you’ll have to buy one separately
  • Doesn’t cut through multiple layers of fabric very efficiently

#5 Hercules AS100-K Electric Rotary Fabric Mini Cutter

81BD0zL 5AL. AC SL1500

Contrary to the connotations of its name, the Hercules AS-100K makes fabric cutting seem like a piece of cake! Affordable, well designed and surprisingly powerful, you can effortlessly work on your projects; the design also allows for easy navigation. A great option for lighter projects, the removable base plate is a unique feature that is generally not found in cutters—you can get it off or on the table according to your convenience.

Overall, a great machine for light projects that packs a punch into its compact frame!

Powerful Motor:

The AS-100K features an extremely powerful AC motor that lets you cut through materials that are quarter-inch thick. This powerful rotary shear also lets you cut through a range of fabrics effortlessly, from knitted to synthetics to leather to fiberglass and vinyl. Additionally, thanks to a small frame, you can easily maneuver around sharp corners and tricky curves.

Another important feature of the motor is that it is double insulated; this means that you can use the machine for long periods without worrying about it overheating.

Safety Features:

The AS100-K features an adjustable front-knife-guard that can be simply slid up or down to match the thickness of the fabric that’s being cut. This keeps your fingers safe at all times. Additionally, the EZ-Glide cutting foot allows for easy and safe maneuverability on any working/cutting surface.

Built-In Sharpening Stone:

The AS100-K features a pretty sharp carbide-tipped blade that gives you quick, precise cuts as it is, but add to that a built-in sharpening stone, and you’ll never face the issue of a blunt blade or the need to continuously sharpen your blade. All you have to do is start the cutter and press the button a few times (or as many times as it takes to sharpen the blade) and you have an extremely sharp knife for precise cutting again!

Smart Design:

Apart from the built-in sharpening stone and overheating-proof design, the AS100-K also boasts smart features such as a removable base plate that lets you work on or off the table, according to your convenience, as well as shielded ball bearings that keep the machine whisper quiet when in use. To top it off, they don’t require any lubrication or servicing! The machine also has a “pull-in prevention” design, ensuring that materials don’t get pulled in.


  • A smart design that features a built-in sharpening stone to always keeps your blade sharp
  • Features an overheating-proof (double-insulated motor) that lets you use the machine for long hours without hassles
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable to hold and use yet very powerful
  • The small frame allows easy maneuvering and cutting around corners and curves
  • Runs very quietly, thanks to shielded ball bearings, with minimal disturbance to its surroundings
  • Ball bearings don’t require lubrication or servicing and are, therefore, easy to maintain
  • An adjustable guard for the front knife ensures additional safety
  • A removable base plate to allow more working space when required.


  • Some users have stated durability issues with the machine
  • The cord is a bit short for convenience
  • Not as efficient with heavy-duty fabrics or projects

#6 Hercules HRC-100 Octagonal Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

Versatile and easy to use, the Hercules HRC-100 can make quick work of delicate and sturdy fabrics alike, thanks to a powerful motor that enables a cutting capacity up to an inch. The octagonal blade makes it easy to control the cutter while the base plate, with the brass wheels, makes the machine fast and simple. Curves and straight lines alike can be conquered with this neat cutter!

A Jam-Free Build:

The combination of the carbide-tipped octagonal blade and the spring-loaded lower blade ensures that fabric doesn’t get jammed while using the machine. The thin aluminum base plate and die-cast design aid in the machine’s overall simplicity of use.

Inbuilt Sharpening Stone:

Like its sibling, the AS100-K, the HRC 100 also features a built-in sharpening stone; not only does this keep the blade sharp at all times but also increases its shelf life. All you have to do is activate the cutter and press the button a few times to sharpen the knife and get flawless cuts!

A Powerful Motor:

The HRC 100 features a powerful 110-volt A/C motor; this lets you easily cut through fabrics that are even an inch thick. The powerful-yet-compact electric rotary cutting machine can make quick work of fabrics ranging from thick leather and carpets to delicate lace and silks!


  • Extremely durable, thanks to a carbide-tipped blade that also ensures precise, easy cutting, as well as an aluminum plate
  • Easy to use and quick, thanks to the base plate with wheels
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Features a powerful motor and a jam-free design
  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy to guide while cutting fabric, thanks to an octagonal blade
  • Features a built-in stone sharpener to always keep the blade sharp


  • Has a tendency to get stuck on fabrics
  • The blade guard is not firmly attached; the blade tends to move up and down, affecting the quality of cutting
  • The oil plug on the machine keeps coming out during usage

#7 AccuQuilt GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set

First things first—the AccuQuilt Go! Big Electric Cutter can cut through a whopping 14 inches of fabric (or 2 x 6-inch dies side by side) like a blazing hot knife through butter! Little wonder, then, that this machine is a go to for quilters around the world. Additionally, the cutter is electronic, which means that your cutting time comes down drastically. Precise cuts, heavy-duty performance and a ton of safety features to ensure your hands don’t get in the way of that formidable blade, it’s hard not to like this cutter!

Two-Tone Foam:

The machine features Two-Tone Foam; this allows users to easily and quickly align fabrics over different shapes, regardless of which shape it is. This results in minimal wastage of fabric, which can turn out to be quite a saver!

Smart Design:

This cutter has a number of smart features, such as a quarter-inch seam allowance included in geometric shapes and the negation of the need to manually clip any corners that are dog eared. Additionally, it features hands-free safety guards to alleviate any strain on the arms and hands. Though it may be on the non-portable side of things, you can still fold it up and store it easily. It is also compatible with all AccuQuilt dies.

Electronic System:

The AccuQuilt Go! Big Electric Fabric Cutter is a fully automated system, which means there’s no need for cartridges. This makes the machine quite powerful and gives it the capacity to cut through 6 layers of fabric. Additionally, it’s super simple to use—you just place the fabric and press the button to get fabulously-cut cloth!


  • Can cut through a range of fabrics easily
  • One of the best cutting capabilities in the market—can cut through 6 layers of cloth/14-inch-wide dies
  • Is designed for user convenience with features that reduce arm soreness and facilitate longer periods of comfortable usage such as the hands-free safety guard
  • The safety and convenience features make it a great option for users of all ages
  • Is enabled with network connectivity
  • Easy to use
  • Gives you smooth and accurate cuts
  • No need for dies and cartridges as it is electronic
  • Inbuilt worktable and carry handle
  • Compatible with all other AccuQuilt products
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  • Is expensive
  • Is heavy and hence, can’t be easily transported
  • Hard to clean as some parts of the machine can’t be reached
  • Not ideal for smaller working spaces due to its size as well as the noise it makes
  • Is only compatible with AccuQuilt brand dies and these need to purchased separately

#8 Mop horn Fabric Cutting Machine

71P3vn0%2BfWL. AC SL1500

This industrial fabric cutting machine is a beast—it features a speed of 2850 RPM, an 8-inch blade for precise, flawless cutting and a cutting height of 6.3 inches. Add to this the portability, ease of use and great performance, and we have one of the best cutting machines in the market!

Safety Features:

The Mop horn Industrial Cutter features a non-slip handle for better grip and control of the cutter, as well as safe-to-use power outlets.

‘Single Oil Can’ Supply System:

What this means is that the supply of oil from a single can ensures that the machine is well lubricated, while also ensuring that it won’t expand due to heating. This, in turn, reduces any vibration. If you did n’y lubricate your machine that may Lead to heat raising. You must use a high quality brand of oil. That will help you Avoid any Risk that may happen to your machine.

Auto Sharpening System:

The auto sharpener ensures that the front steel blade is stable, wear resistant and efficient at all points, increasing the quality of your machine while reducing any potential for failure. the sharp cutting blade is needed for fabric cutting beside that : The blade is very sharp so we have to avoid holding it or even touch.

Smart Design:

This cutter features a thick bottom plate made of quality zinc alloy as well as an all-steel presser foot, both for durability. The machine also features fans for ventilation and to enable concentrate radiation, stable motor operations and saving of electric energy. The chance of any wires being cut by mistake is also greatly reduced by a unique power link. Lastly, the cutter features imported bearings that are smooth and durable for easy transport and handling. Fabric cutting machine must be smart in the appearance and in it’s constituents even if it is automatic machines or manual machines.


  • Extremely durable
  • Smart design; well constructed
  • Features an automatic sharpener to keep the blade at its sharpest
  • A powerful, efficient in-built motor
  • A great front steel blade that allows easy cutting through thick fabrics
  • Operates quietly


  • Fabric tends to get stuck on the blade
  • Can be hard to use for beginners

Fabric cutting machine – Criteria Used for Evaluation

There are a number of features that make for essential consideration while buying a fabric cutter. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the features we considered while picking out our top fabric cutters; it will also help you to keep these features in mind for the time when you want to pick out a fabric cutter on your own! You can choose the design options for the machine and accuquilt ready. It is preferable for the cutting machine that to be having the ability of fabric cutting of large numbers of layers even if the machines is manual machines.

Fabric cutter for quilting – The Speed

It’s only natural to want your fabric cutter to give you quick results that don’t compromise on the quality; their speed is one of the reasons that fabric cutters are so popular! Working with regular scissors or rotary cutters can take a lot longer than just using a fabric cutter, especially if you tend to work on a lot of projects or need to cut quite often. The speed of machine depends on the type of machine itself even if it is cutting machine or embossing machine or fabric cutting machine or sewing machine. Machine may be divided into 2 types : Automatic machine or Manual machine and this factor affects the speed efficiency.

Industrial fabric cutting machine – Cutting Capabilities

This includes considering the shape and size of the blade, as well as how much fabric the cutter can cut through. Octagonal blades make it easier to cut through fabrics and control the machine, whereas round blades are better for cutting out straight lines. Cutting capability depend on the type of machine. it consists of different layers of efficiency depend on the design options in the Machine, Even if it is automatic or manual machines, You can also use product library so that you know more about the machine design options, AccuQuilt Ready, Layers of Efficiency of Machine and also How the Machine works. Some machines can only cut small layers and some machines can cut large layers depend on the fabric cutter blade of the machine.

Fabric die cutting machine – The Safety to Users and Fabrics

Quite a few cutters are heavy-duty cutters; the knives are meant to cut through multiple layers of fabric and for this reason, they’re sharp, heavy-duty blades. However, if they can cut through layers of fabric like it’s no big deal, your hand is just as easy a deal. Therefore, the safety features in place are an essential factor to consider, such as hand guards. You have to be careful while sewing and avoid die cut. You should use the cutting pad and Texture plates in The right way. Some works may harm or cut your hands you should take care off Like: Sewing /paper crafts /fabric cutting /rotary cutter & rotary blade /embossing machine . You may use the embossing folders for the embossing. You may study the learning curve to get more information about the safety to be in Safe with the automatic and manual machines. You have to avoid touching the blades to avoid die cutting.

Safety isn’t limited to just the users, though; the main point of a fabric cutter is the fabric, so a cutter that pulls on materials or doesn’t have any measures in place to check the wastage of fabrics is a little bit of a contradiction!

Fabric die cutter – User Friendliness

Considering that so much of a product’s existence depends upon users, it only makes sense that a product should be as user friendly as possible. Some cutters are just “press and go” while others are a little more complicated, with features such as crank handles for operation and so on. We considered products that would mostly be equally good for beginners and experts alike; this means that the products should be simple, easy to learn and have clear instructions, but also have sufficient features and efficiency to satisfy more advanced hobbyists/sewists/quilters

Additionally, it is essential that the user is comfortable while using the instrument, as this makes the process more enjoyable and increases the efficiency of work. It also makes long hours of working much easier on the user, reducing strain on the arms and hands.

Fabric cutters for quilters – Features

Of course, one of the most important things to consider is the features that are present in a cutter—this includes built-in software, safety features, the type of motor, how portable it is and what features make it portable and Bluetooth and network connectivity, to name a few. If you want a basic cutter, there are a dime a dozen, but if you want an advanced cutter with in-built software, you’ll probably have to shell out more and also consider the efficiency of the software. Having software, Bluetooth and network connectivity in your cutter makes it easier to design and cut patterns, as well as access a repository of patterns. You can also work from anywhere, at any time!

Another thing to consider is the features in place to enhance portability; this could be something as major as the machine itself being lightweight and compact, or something smaller, such as having an easy-lift handle. If you’re going to travel a lot with your cutter, consider the portability factor, but if you’re going to be working on big projects and with heavy fabrics, don’t compromise on the size of the cutter for portability.

Fabric cutting machines – Budget

With the number of cutters available in the market, don’t settle on products that tear apart your budget; you just need to look enough to find a quality product that fits your budget and more importantly, your requirements. Sure, you may have to forego on a few features here and there, but consider if you really want those features in your cutter. If you do, you can consider paying the price on the tag! Additionally, a larger cutter will cost you more, so consider the size you want as well. The cutters we considered span across a range of budgets.

Other quilt cutter factors

Apart from these, factors such as versatility, power, durability, warranty deals and compatibility with software and hardware (for example, AccuQuilt, though a superb cutter, is compatible only with AccuQuilt dies) also influence the efficiency of a cutter.

Fabric cutter machine – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some general and specific FAQs when it comes to fabric-cutting machines:

What is a fabric cutter?

Fabric cutter is a machine used in fabric cutting and die cutting in specific way with different shapes and size. fabric cutting and die cutting are usually done by specific machine that is used in fabric cutting. some people uses the traditional ways of fabric cutting by using scissors. but now most people uses fabric cutting by machine that has sharp fabric cutter blade. die cutting and fabric cutting is preferred to be done by fabric cutting machine that has has high ability to be used in fabric cutting.

Why is a fabric cutting machine necessary?

Fabric cutting machine and die cutting machine provide the big shot money after some time of growing his business. Some People use fabric cutting machine as entertainment machine but not for work. some people must realize that using this die cutting and fabric cutting machines doesn’t need much time, Beside that it’s a way for designing the fabric and selling it for a good price. It doesn’t need too much experience from you.. It is just need some patience.

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What is the best fabric cutting machine?

This question is almost asked by all the people who wants to build a business or even buy a fabric cutting machines. Cutting machines have various types related to the speed, Motor’s efficiency, Fabric cutter blade, Die cutting efficiency. To answer this question it is depend on the machine buyer. fabric cutting machines vary. You have to buy the machine that lowest in consuming the power, the machine that has sharpest die cutting and fabric cutting blade.

What is the embossing machine and The embossing folders?

Embossing machine is a machine used in Printing some paints, logos, shapes on the fabric using the embossing folder. Embossing folders is like a 2 plastic sheet that paper or the fabric is put between them, Then the embossing folders is placed between the pads of the embossing machine. Embossing machine is easy to use but some big shot uses it in a wrong way. They just need to read the manual for the embossing machine and used the embossing machine carefully, So that they don’t put themselves under risk. Embossing machine isn’t very expensive. Embossing machine only needs experts for using it !

Are all big shot been like that from using fabric cutting machine?

Not all big shot been like that from using fabric cutting machine, But the only succeeded big shot who worked on that fabric cutting machine for some times and gained little experience and continued in the fabric cutting. Big shot not like the other people who work on fabric cutting for like just 2 or 3 days then give up, As we said fabric cutting just need patience and some time. Big shot are those who succeeded in their field and didn’t give up.

What is the silhouette cameo?

The Silhouette cameo is an electronic cutting machine for personal use. Like a home printer, Silhouette cameo plugs into your PC or Mac with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing Silhouette cameo uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more up to 12″ wide and 10 feet long. Silhouette cameo is very simple in it’s usage.

Who can use a fabric-cutting machine?

If you’re someone who works with crafts and sewing, then a fabric cutting machines will be of great help to you! Therefore, quilters, artists and crafters can all use fabric cutting machines for a range of purposes, from making decor as home décor to quilts to signs to cards to jewelry to clothes to montage art. You can use the machines for making custom vinyl stickers, personalized home décor, custom-designed apparel, your own greeting cards.

What size machine do I need?

This depends on what kind of projects you work with. If you’re a quilter or work with big projects, you may consider a large cutter and vice versa. If you are cutting A small part, You can use the scissors instead. Additionally, you may want to consider that sometimes, the bigger the cutter, the more the features it has. And don’t forget, if you’re going to be traveling with your cutter a lot or carrying it around, a large cutter isn’t exactly going to be ideal! You can choose the suitable brand and the suitable machine for your needs !

Should i start fabric cutting ?

As we mentioned before, The fabric cutting need some patience from you to be an expert in the field like The big shot. I don’t advice you to start Fabric cutting if you don’t Wanna be big shot or even if you won’t continue in it. because fabric cutting machine isn’t like as you expect, Fabric cutting machine is simple for usage but being a big shot isn’t simple. You must train your hand to be expert like big shot in fabric cutting machines, And that as we mention just need some time from you. You can choose between two types of fabric cutting machines. Let’s review them: The first type is Digital (automatic) fabric cutting machines and the Second type is Manual fabric cutting machines. Big shot always use Automatic fabric cutting machines to save their time, and some people use manual fabric cutting machines But they aren’t big shot. Each cutting machine must be fast and has high efficiency for working to be easy to be used by the people and the big shot working in fabric cutting machine.


  • Cutting machine isn’t SAFE

Fabric cutting machines have very sharp blades. You should avoid blades in the cutting machine. Any fabric cutting machine contain that blades So be careful when using this cutting machine! The cutting machine or the fabric cutting machine MUST be placed in a place far from children to avoid INJURIES High speed of the cutting machine causes high risk of damage.

Lastly, consider the amount of space you have dedicated to your fabric cutter. Taking these 4 factors into consideration will help you decide on what size cutter to buy.

  •  Cricut Maker’s Adaptive Tool System vs Smart Cut technology

Yes, it is. The Adaptive Tool System moves the mat in and out of the cutter and the carriage from side to side, and also ensures that the drive-housing gears interlock with it to lift up the blade and turn it. This ensures that the blade is controlled intelligently and the pressure matches the material that is loaded, setting the stage for the rotary blade and knife blade to efficiently do their jobs.

The Smart technology only moves the mat in and out and the carriage to either side, making the fine-point blade drag through materials to cut them.

How does the Cricut Maker identify the blade that is loaded?

The Cricut Maker moves the carriage in the cutter to the right in a process called “homing”. After this, it scans the blade and analyzes the scan to determine which blade is loaded or installed.

What is the difference between round blades and octagonal ones?

An octagonal blade is easier to operate and cut out curves while a round blade is better for cutting straight lines. A round knife or blade could not cut through all the plies at the same point at once and hence, is not recommended for cutting out curves. You must be careful during arm strain and get away from the cutting pad because you may be at Risk. The fully automatic set eliminated hand and arm strain and other issues. No matter your age !

Can the pressure on the AccuQuilt Go! Big Electric Fabric Cutter be adjusted for embossing?

No, you can’t adjust the pressure on the machine itself, but you can add more cutting mats; this keeps the tension on the embossing folder. choice for those who are looking a cutting and embossing machine all in one. Pros Have many die compatibility Has to resist a machine named . This die cutting and embossing machine is made by one of the best-known names in the cartridges Cricut Cuttlebug

Where do I find patterns?

You can find a ton of free patterns online; if your cutter is network connectivity and/or Bluetooth enabled, you can feed in patterns from the net to be cut out by the machine. Cutting machines can be also provided by usb port for some Electronic usage. Some brands, such as Cricut, offer users a library of patterns on subscription. AccuQuilt offers a ton of detailed and beautiful free patterns.

One of the best spots to look, though, is in your imagination! Get creative and start working on your own designs. Unleash your creativity and explore, especially with a great fabric cutter backing you up !

Why is my rotary blade skipping threads?

This could be because of a blunt blade or incorrect cutting technique. Ensure the blade is fresh on your rotary cutter and apply equal and firm pressure, downwards, to cut all the way through. Also, ensure that your mat is in good condition.

What are the different types of fabric cutters available?

There are a range of different fabric cutters available, namely manual, rotary and fabric strip cutters.

Manual fabric cutters are die-cutting machines. These are operated using crank handles and are great for smaller shapes and quilting squares. However, these are restricted by the number of compatible cutting dies available. Newer cutters also let you cut patterns found online but the cutting size is limited.

Rotary cutters are great for straight cuts; these features circle/round blades along with a fabric mat or steel ruler. Fabric strip cutters, on the other hand, are electronic cutters that cut out fabric strips; these are great for quilting.

Fabric cutters for quilting – Conclusion:

A great fabric cutter can make your job 10 times easier, with precise, flawless, high-quality cuts that also enhance the overall quality of your Plans. It may seem overwhelming to pick out a fabric cutter considering the range of things on offer; however, don’t let that scare you! Keep in mind the criteria we’ve discussed and you’ll be bringing home a high-quality cutter that’s perfect for you in no time at all!

If you don’t want to shop on your own, just take your pick from the machines we’ve recommended; all the fabric-cutting machines that made it to our list give you excellent results and span a range of features and price tags. They may be far from perfect but they’re all efficient! Whatever your budget, proficiency level, needs, and preference, you’ll find an option on our list to match!

So pick out your favorite from our list or buy one with the knowledge we’ve imparted on picking out a great fabric-cutting machine and you can get snipping in no time!

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