Monogram Machine – Best Embroidery For Sewing Letters (2020)

Monogramming Machines

Clothes designing is a huge industry where numerous types of machines are used. Each machine has a different function and importance in the industry. Some machines work on bigger designs, while others on smaller ones. One of these machines is a monogramming machine. The functioning of a machine for monogramming is similar to an embroidery … Read more

Best for Sale Upholstery Sewing Machine: Our 7 Reviews

Detail of upholstery sewing machine

Sure, you can get away with the occasional, small, slowly-stitch, heavy duty, upholstery project on your heavy duty sewing machine or maybe even an extremely efficient regular machine. Still, if you’re aiming to sew more than that, you may want to consider investing in something different than your used upholstery sewing machine! Trying to stitch … Read more

Best Coverstitch Sewing Machine Reviews (2020)

Coverstitch Sewing Machine

If you do a lot of sewing, then you know that regular sewing can only get you so far. A regular sewing machine can save you a lot of time, but there are some stitches that can really become troublesome without a specialized machine. Take hems, for example, particularly for knit fabrics. If you want … Read more