Best Coverstitch Sewing Machine Reviews (updated 2021)

If you do a lot of sewing, then you know that regular sewing can only get you so far. A regular sewing machine can save you a lot of time, but some stitches can really become troublesome without a specialized machine. Take hems, for example, particularly for knit fabrics. If you want professional-looking stitches, then a cover stitch sewing machine is what you are looking for.

It can be an asset that can be added if you do a lot of cover stitch on your works. It will save you a lot of time and effort compared to a serger or other similar machine. This article will be looking at some of the best ones that you can find in the market today.

Our Picks:

To create this guide, we have researched the various ones currently available. We have considered sewing speed, free arm, presser foot availability, and warranty information, among others. We have also considered ease of use and the actual stitches made on the fabric as, of course, that’s what really counts in the user’s eyes.

We’ve come up with our comprehensive cover stitch sewing machine buying guide and product review by looking into these conditions. Read on if you want to create the perfect coverstitch and save tons of time on your sewing.

#1. Brother 2340CV  – The ideal Coverstitch Machine w/ Serger

Coverstitch Sewing Machine-Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch – Best Overall Coverstitch Machine w/ Serger


  • Needles: 4
  • Speed: 1,100 per minute
  • W/ Serger?: Yes
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Dimensions: 13 in. x 15 in. x 13.4 in.
  • Rating: 9.8 out of 10
  • Extra Features: Dials allow for adjustment of stitch length and width for more control over your coverstitch.

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

The Brother 2340V Cover Stitch is a coverstitch sewing machine as well as an advanced serger. The machine has multiple features that make sewing that much easier. Making stitches on the fabric can also be done in multiple ways due to the many settings available within the product. Add to that the easy to follow color threading system, and you have got a versatile product that is easy to use and set up.

The Brother 2340V has adjustable dials that can control the flow of material in the machine, which would allow for a customized cover stitch or chain stitch lengths. Wide and narrow stitches can also be done, as well as tri cover stitching. The machine allows you to use two or three needles when doing your coverstitch, so you can choose which style you prefer or are most familiar with.

The Brother 2340V is a sewing machine with multiple optional accessories that would provide more versatility and ease of use. An additional presser foot, for example, maybe purchased for more specialized stitching. However, these are not required and would depend on your needs. This coverstitch sewing machine also comes with a 25-year limited warranty as well as free phone support, so you can be sure that this product is built to last and that you can get assistance whenever needed.


  • Color-coded threading system offers ease of use.
  • Multiple setting and accessories available for more customized stitches
  • Both a serger and coverstitch machine


  • Using the machine as a serger can be a bit awkward for some

#2. Singer Professional 5 14T968DC – For Professionals

Coverstitch Sewing Machine-Singer Professional 5 14T968DC – Best Coverstitch Machine for Professionals


  • Needles: 5
  • Speed: 1,300 per minute
  • W/ Serger?: Yes
  • Warranty: 90 days – 25 years (depending on the component)
  • Dimensions: 13.5 in. x 10.3 in. x 11 in.
  • Rating: 9.2 out of 10
  • Extra Features: Has self-adjusting tension at a twist of a dial that makes stitching balanced and effortless

Overall Rating: 9.9 out of 10

The Singer Professional 5 14T968DC is a combination of coverstitch and serger sewing machine. Despite having a higher price tag than other combination machines, the Singer Professional 5 more than makes up for it by its versatility, whether in the types of fabric that it can hem or in the types of stitches it can do.

Users may choose two needles or three needles in creating their coverstitch. In fact, the machine has five needles, which allow for the utmost flexibility in stitch options. Like most coverstitch sewing machines, the Singer Professional 5 comprises bells and whistles that make sewing easier and more convenient. These include a self-adjusting tension system, four built-in rolled hems, as well as an all-purpose presser foot. Other accessories also include a fabric catcher to keep the workspace clean.

The Singer Professional 5 14T968DC is, as the name implies, one of those machines that are geared towards the more professional user. However, the steep learning curve is well worth it as this provides one of the best coverstitch patterns that you will see. Being able to do overlocks, chain stitch patterns, decorative hems, rolled hems, and another type of stitches on any fabric type is very much possible with this machine.


  • Creating rolled hems is very easy.
  • An automatic tension system saves a lot of time.
  • Comes with a cutter for faster sewing of hems


  • Not beginner-friendly

#3. Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine – For Quick Sewing

Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine – Best Coverstitch Machine for Quick Sewing


  • Needles: 3
  • Speed: 1,350 per minute
  • W/ Serger?: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Dimensions: 15.5 in. x 14 in. x 13.5 in.
  • Rating: 9.6 out of 10
  • Extra Features: Pressure foot allows for automatic cutting of fabric as well as loading the material into the machine

Overall Rating: 9.8 out of 10

One of the fastest coverstitch instruments that we have on this list is the Juki MCS-1500. Not only does this machine have a speedy sewing rate of 1,350 stitches per minute, but several features also make using the Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine a breeze. This makes the Juki MCS-1500 a must-have investment for those who have heavy-duty sewing jobs that a regular sewing machine or any other device cannot satisfy.

Among the highlights of the Juki MCS-1500 is that the looper thread can easily be loaded into the machine as it can be easily lowered and threaded. The presser foot also does both the feeding and the cutting, while differential feeds can let you control the length of your coverstitch or chain stitch. This makes the product a great tool if you work with stretchy fabric types and would still like to have a tough stitch that can stand extreme movement and tension.

The Juki MCS-1500 is one of our favorite coverstitch sewing machine ins as it really cuts back on the time when it comes to sewing and prepping the machine for its next task. The lack of a free arm and a binding foot are downers, sure, but these shortcomings are not enough to overshadow the benefits of getting this coverstitch machine.


  • Great for different types of stretchy fabric
  • Breakneck stitching speed
  • Loading the looper thread is very easy


  • Has only three needles

#4. Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro – Coverstitch Only Machine

Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro – Best Coverstitch Only Machine


  • Needles: 3
  • Speed: 1,000 per minute
  • W/ Serger?: No
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Dimensions: 19.2 in. x 16.3 in. x 15.1 in.
  • Rating: 9.6 out of 10
  • Extra Features: Has a free arm, which allows for easier hemming and overall operation

Overall Rating: 9.7 out of 10

The Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro is a product that claims to be a hybrid of industrial and home coverstitch machines. As such, the 1000CPX can provide heavy-duty use while still having a price tag that, although a bit high, a housewife or homemaker can afford. Fabric such as denim is no trouble for this tough machine, although it is still more than capable of handling thinner materials without damaging the cloth.

Three needles will allow you to create a chain stitch, coverstitch, or overstitch. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much it. What this coverstitch machine does, however, it does pretty well. Creating the best coverstitch is very much possible, even for beginners. You can also be assured of smooth and consistent stitches with the Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro’s trademark Seam Tightening System.

What makes the Janome 1000CPX stand out is its free arm and large harp space. This makes hemming pants, legs, and sleeves. For those who are looking for a serger functionality, though, this machine is not for you. On the other hand, if you want coverstitch machines that are guaranteed to get the job done fast and easily, then the Janome 1000CPX is definitely worth looking at.


  • Works like a normal sewing machine
  • Can easily do tight coverstitch on all types of fabric
  • Can be adapted to sew thin fabrics up to denim


  • Has limited functionality

#5. Bernette b42 Funlock Coverstitch Machine – For Beginners

Bernette b42 Funlock Coverstitch Machine – Best for Beginners


  • Needles: 3
  • Speed: 1,300 per minute
  • W/ Serger?: No
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Dimensions: 14.2 in. x 14.1 in. x 13.4 in.
  • Rating: 9.4 out of 10
  • Extra Features: Looper cover can carry the machine’s most commonly used accessories for better organization

Overall Rating: 9.6 out of 10

The Bernette b42 Funlock Coverstitch Machine is considered one of the top tier coverstitch machines you can find, especially if you factor in its price. It would help if you didn’t get intimidated by this, though, as using the Bernette b42 is actually quite simple. The machine uses three needles and four threads to create three different kinds of coverstitch. Setting up is also very easy due to the machine’s smart design, especially in the color-coded needle and looper thread mechanisms.

The Bernette b42 Funlock can be considered medium-sized, but the workspace is adequate, even for larger jobs. The looper cover also serves as an additional storage space where you can keep additional needles, thread, and other accessories. For better sewing conditions, the machine comes with a bright LED light. When it comes to stitches, this coverstitch machine can match up with the best of them. You can create a cover stitch from as narrow as 2.8mm to as wide as 5.6mm. The presser foot lets you control the sewing speed, reaching as high as 1,300 stitches per minute.

The Bernette b42 Funlock Coverstitch Machine can make quick work of hems, edges, and cuffs. It is also versatile enough to work with different types of cloth with minimal adjustments needed. This machine is not multi-purpose, but it still is a great gadget that complements your sewing machine. If you want to create the best coverstitch, nothing else, and if you have the money to spare, you should definitely try out the Bernette 42 Funlock.


  • Large work area
  • Comes with an LED light
  • Threading is simple and easy


  • A bit pricey for its capabilities

Buying Guide

The coverstitch machine that you would like to buy would depend on your specific requirements. It should be able to complement your sewing machine and make the process of sewing hems easier. You should definitely not compromise productivity by getting a serger or coverstitch machines cumbersome to use or create an unsightly cover stitch just because you want to own such a machine.

Here you can read more interesting information about sewing machines. Here is what you would need to know when looking for the best machines to make sewing hems more productive and fun.

Benefits of a Good Coverstitch

A good coverstitch sewing machine can create the best coverstitch at half the time, especially regular sewing. You can also do so much more, especially if the machine has multiple functions such as differential feeds or the ability to use two or three needles as needed. Creating hems and edges for different fabric types will be much easier, and the stitches will be more uniform and strong, preventing unraveling and tears for better overall work.

What to Look for in a Coverstitch Machine?

The items listed below are what you should be looking for when it comes to coverstitch machines. Look for these factors when shopping around, and you will be able to find the product that will tick most, if not all, of your checkboxes. Hey, stop and check this guide for finding the best embroidery machines!

Number of Needles

The basic cover stitch will utilize two needles. However, some models of coverstitch machines will have as many as five needles. This will allow you to create different kinds of stitches, depending on your needs and preferences. The number of threads used will also depend on the needles available in the machine, which would also mean a stronger seam.


Your coverstitch machine should not be that large, especially if you have a sewing machine that is already taking up a lot of space in your workplace. The space where you feed the fabric must be large enough to be comfortable, and having a free arm on your machine is also a big plus. A presser foot or two that can free up your hands will also be a big help.


A coverstitch machine, at times, is not just for making a coverstitch. Others can also function as a serger, while others can also perform a chain stitch. These, along with the changes in the stitches’ length or width, can be done through dials, levels, or use of the presser foot. Of course, there would be some downtime for setting up if you would like to change modes, so think first before buying an all-purpose coverstitch machine if you already have a serger or other equipment that you don’t want to dispose of or replace.

Also, we have this article that will help you choose a sewing machine wisely. Other features may include LED lights and additional or optional accessories, but you should focus more on what your machines can do rather than all the other shiny bells and whistles that you can do without.


The warranty period and coverage are significant for machines, and the coverstitch machine is no exception. Machines like these usually have long warranties, with 25 years being the norm. For other components, the warranty period can be anywhere from 90 days up to 5 years.

Look for coverstitch machines with warranties that you can be comfortable with, and choose a brand that can provide you with top-notch customer support to ensure that your machines will run as satisfactorily and as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a coverstitch machine do?

A coverstitch sewing machine, as the name implies, is a type of machine that is specialized in creating professional-level coverstitches. On the other hand, a hem has at least two rows of stitches on the front of the fabric and one on the back. However, different types of coverstitch exist depending on the machines and the number of needles used. A coverstitch is clean and tight, and it allows for better stretchability, especially for flexible types of cloth. Coverstitch machines can do this much faster and more effectively than a regular sewing machine or another piece of equipment.

What is the difference between a coverstitch machine and a serger?

The main difference between a coverstitch machine and a serger is that a serger usually comes with a cutter as it automatically cuts the fabric as it is sewn. This speeds up the task and makes the hem much neater. A coverstitch machine also often utilizes one looper, while a serger often uses two. As far as needles are concerned, coverstitch machines typically have more needles than a serger.

Both machines, however, are capable of creating professional level hems that normal sewing cannot do. It would just depend on the type of stitches that you want and the type of strength that you want from the hem.

Can Overlocker do Coverstitch?

An overlocker, or serger, cannot do a coverstitch simply because cover stitches do not cut the excess cloth. These machines also sometimes do not have the required number of needles to make the best coverstitch.

However, some models of serger that you can find can do coverstitch. Conversely, you can also find a coverstitch machine that can act as a serger as well. Some setting up must be done, though, and the process can be a bit cumbersome. For that reason, some prefer to have a separate serger and coverstitch sewing machine in addition to their sewing machine so that each would have separate and specialized tasks.

What is the best serger with Coverstitch?

On our reviews, we have found the Brother 2340C Coverstitch Serger to be among the best serger with coverstitch. It has three needles and has one of the best fabric controls that we have experienced. It’s also easier to go from making serge to a cover stitch as compared to other machines. This makes the Brother 2340C a great companion to any sewing machine if you want a serger and coverstitch combo for your sewing needs.


If you are on the lookout for a good coverstitch sewing machine, you should know what these machines can do and how it can cover for the things that your sewing machine cannot do effectively. The sewing speed is critical, but so are other factors such as price and sewing range. You should also factor in how easy these machines are to use and set up, as these would greatly affect your sewing time.

Our bet for the best overall product is the Brother 2340CV as it can serve as both a serger and coverstitch sewing machine. While the machine takes some getting used to, the Brother 2340CV can make sewing hems, edges, and necklines a breeze. There’s a lot of variety that you can do as well, and working with different fabric types will never be a hassle.

We were also impressed with the Juki MCS-1500 as it is straightforward to use out of the best. It also has a breakneck sewing speed compared to other machines and can accommodate various tasks regardless of the fabric. For those who want a pure coverstitch sewing machine, on the other hand, the Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro is the machine to beat. It is very ergonomically sound, and sewing a cover stitch would feel like second nature if you do it with the Janome 1000CPX.

Regardless of the machine being used, sewing relies on skill and knowing your machine. With practice, you can definitely create expert and professional level seams and hems and have fun while doing it, too.