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Buy The Best Commercial Embroidery Machine-How much does it cost?(Updated 2020)

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If you intend to purchase a commercial embroidery machine for your business, you need the best commercial embroidery machine that can handle the work in the shortest time possible. It is not an easy task either, finding the best commercial embroidery machine since there are several factors you need to consider.

You cannot go for an embroidery machine that is meant for home use since it will not be able to deliver your needs properly. However, a commercial embroidery machine can bring out high-quality results just as your customers expected. A commercial embroidery machine will make a massive difference in your embroidery business since it is more powerful. It is best for professionals and DIYers.

Before you buy a commercial embroidery machine, you should look for several vital features. For instance, the industry embroidery machines durability, size, USB connectivity, the number of needles, speed and so much more. It will also depend on the number of embroidery projects you intend to use it for and even your budget.

Top 7 Best Commercial Embroidery Machine

We know that searching for the best commercial embroidery machine is an overwhelming process. To simplify the work for you, we reviewed several embroidery machines in the market. We spent days reviewing and analyzing some commercial embroidery machine brands from the most popular companies like Brother and Janome. The process also involved checking on other customers’ reviews and ratings.

We also confirmed with a team of experts that have tested these industry embroidery machines. Finally, we selected only 7 of the best commercial embroidery machines and reviewed them individually. You can find out more about these machines below with their detailed reviews. There is also a comprehensive buying guide with all the key features to consider before purchasing a commercial embroidery machine.

#1. Best Overall Commercial Embroidery Machine: CAMFive EMB HT1501

61r TTZPIAL. AC SL1000


  • Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Needles: 12
  • Connectivity Options: USB
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Embroidery Field Area: 22×14 inches
  • Extra Features: Memory storage of 100 million stitches, High Definition LCD touch screen, Design preview

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

The CAMFive EMB HT1501 can be everything you have been looking for in a professional embroidery machine. We found it to be versatile and ideal for customization processes as it works on multiple materials like caps, blankets, t-shirts, jackets, towels and more. It has an 8 inches HD LCD touch screen. With it, you can customize embroidery designs, select the patterns you want to use, and control the embroidery machine.

You can also preview, import, and edit designs via the touch screen. I loved the design preview as it allowed me to see a design in action on the screen before stitching it on my garment. Therefore, you can say goodbye to the chances of ruining your materials with uneven or unwanted designs. The preview, in addition, ensures that the design is placed in the right position.

Another eye-catching feature about the CAMFive EMB HT1501 is the large memory that can store up to 100 million stitches. One of my best features is the sash frame that allows flat embroidery. Furthermore, it can operate at a high speed of 1200 SPM ensuring that you meet your customers’ deadlines in time.

The model is equipped with 15 needles including a punch needle for embroidering numbers, letters, or words. You can as well make multiple repetitions of the design without stopping. This means the machine can continue stitching the pattern as you attend to other tasks on your business.

This is the ideal machine for those who work 24 hours a day in their embroidery business. We loved the fact that we can use it to embroider caps and t-shirts for promotions. However, it is complex machinery and newbies might find it difficult to operate, but most professionals praise it for its many useful features and outstanding results.


  • Has a large storage capacity
  • Packed with lots of excellent features
  • Allows design preview for selected designs


  • Has a learning curve
  • Might be expensive for starters

#2. Best Value: Janome MB-4S

61Lyo5mXtVL. AC SL1000


  • Speed: 800 SPM
  • Needles: 4
  • Connectivity Options: USB
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty
  • Embroidery Field Area: 9.46 x 7.88 inches
  • Extra Features: 50 fonts, 1,500,000 stitches, automatic threader, 4 LED lights, four available hoops, Backlit LCD screen

Overall Rating: 9.9 out of 10

When it comes to picking the best commercial embroidery machines, you cannot afford to miss any of the Janome product lines on your list. They manufacture some of the best machines in the tailoring industry. This is evident from their Janome MB-4S, a machine we discovered was loved by many users. With 50 built-in designs and embroidery speed of 800 stitches per minute, you can put your creativity into good use within a limited time. The 10 formats and 2 and 3 monogramming letters will turn your embroidery into an enjoyable experience.

An unusual feature you will never find in a professional industrial embroidery machine is the automatic bobbin winding system. It winds up bobbins automatically even while the machine is still stitching. In addition, the automatic thread trimmer will cut threads in the middle of the letters. This saves you energy and time of cutting the thread manually.

The Janome MB-4S also encompasses a 3MB memory capacity to hold designs and stitches. The maximum stitches it can store are 1,500,000 and 100 designs. The Remote computer screen displays every detail about the machine. It is the center of editing and other setups like flipping patterns horizontally or vertically, rotating, clockwise or anticlockwise, etc. You can transfer your files from the USB stick and edit them from the screen. The time the design takes to be complete is also shown here.

An LED light on the needle area provides a clear vision of the garment you are working on. This will protect your eyes from straining or missing proper lines on your stitching. Several accessories are added in the box to help you with your projects. They include a sock hoop kit consisting of 2 sliders, 2 small hoops, and two large hoops, an extra M2 hoop, and a hoop holder. Choose a hoop to match your requirements. For example, a hat hoop for sewing or embroidering on hats.


  • 3MB of memory
  • Automatic threading system
  • Dedicated bobbin winding motor
  • Remote computer screen


  • It is expensive
  • A little bulky for small business

#3. Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine: Brother SE1900


  • Speed: 850 SPM
  • Needles: 1
  • Connectivity Options: USB
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty
  • Embroidery Field Area: 5×7 inches
  • Extra Features: LCD touchscreen display, auto-size buttonholes, drop-in bobbin, automatic needle threader

Overall Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Bring your embroidery business dreams to life with this Brother SE1900. This is one of the commercial embroidery machines rich in essentials, and it is extremely versatile as you can also use it as a sewing machine. It has 138 built-in designs, and 240 built sewing stitches to help you in both projects. There are also 11 embroidery fonts included, 7 are English, and 3 Japanese.

For sewing projects, there are an additional 10 auto-sized buttonholes for fitting in buttons easily. Users can also add other designs from their USB sticks through the USB port at the side of the machine.

Other features in the Brother SE1900 embroidery machine are 10 frames and 14 stitch patterns. Additionally, to make your sewing tasks easier area 7 sewing feet not excluding a plus one embroidery foot. The sewing feet include monogramming, zipper foot, blind stitch foot, button sewing foot, and an overcasting foot. On the front part is a 3.2 inches LCD screen, which you can use to change and edit designs or stitch patterns.

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You can also say Bye Bye to eye straining when adding thread to the needle since the Brother SE1900 comes with an automatic needle threader. To activate this, simply press the lever on the side, and the thread will go through the eye of the needle. This automatic threader is a helpful feature especially to those with shaky hands or poor visions.

The model also comes with a large 5×7 inches embroidery field big enough to provide sufficient space for larger designs. An LED light is included for proper lighting in the working embroidery area when working in low-light areas or when fixing designs in the embroidery hoop.

Other accessories in the box include a dust cover, 4 spool caps, embroidery arm, embroidery bobbin thread, a quick reference guide, knee lifter, and a power cord. The Brother SE1900 will certainly work well for those searching for a commercial embroidery machine that doubles as a sewing machine.


  • Easy to use
  • High embroidery speed
  • A large number of built-in designs


  •  Expensive for small businesses

#4. Best for Start-Up Businesses: Brother PE800


  • Designs: 138 built-in
  • Needles: 1
  • Connectivity Options: USB
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty
  • Embroidery Field Area: 5×7 inches
  • Extra Features: LCD screen, automatic thread cutter, built-in LED light, can also act as a sewing machine

Overall Rating: 9.7 out of 10

The Brother PE800 is a perfect choice for those who are starting their embroidery business. It comes with multiple useful features to help you get flawless results. This commercial embroidery machine comes with 138 built-in designs, which includes a variety of patterns from kids’ designs to beautiful floral.

The designs are also inclusive of 14 stitch patterns and 10 frame shapes. You can change the industry embroidery fonts using the 11 built-in scripts like san serif fonts. These fonts are categorized into three, 1Cyrillic, 7 English, and 3 Japanese.

A design editing feature is included if you want to edit certain options like mirror imaging or rotation. Additionally, you are not limited to the 138 designs as you can upload your preferred designs by connecting a USB to the USB port. There is a built-in LED light to provide a bright embroidery area, especially when working on dark areas.

The Brother PE800 comes with a 5×7 inches embroidery hoop and an embroidery foot, which offers plenty of space for larger products or lettering purposes. You can preview your embroidery designs or sewing stitches from 3.2 inches LCD touch screen located at the front control panel. Moreover, the needle threader will save your time and effort by pushing the thread to the eye of the needle.

Other than the industry embroidery machine, the package includes other accessories as large, medium, small and mini spool caps, manual, cleaning brush, 4 bobbins, needle set, a 5” by 7” embroidery foot, and hoop, bobbin cover, and a dust cover to protect your machine when not in use.


  • Large embroidery area
  • User-friendly software
  • USB connectivity


  • Not portable

#5. Best Memory Capacity: Janome MB-4S

61Lyo5mXtVL. AC SL1000


  • Speed: 800 SPM
  • Needles: 4
  • Connectivity Options: USB
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty
  • Embroidery Field Area: 9.4 x  7.9 inches
  • Extra Features: Lettering and hat hoops, 4 LED lights, 3MB memory capacity, bobbin-winding motor, 65,536 editing colors, single four head needle

Overall Rating: 9.6 out of 10

The Janome MB-4S is my best embroidery industrial machine due to a couple of reasons. First, it is a single head 4- needle machine. It is meant for professional use, but that does not mean starters cannot find their way through the machine. It comes with 50 built-in designs, which are few as compared to other products.

However, you can connect a USB stick to the USB port and transfer your designs into the embroidery machine. Besides, it has a memory capacity of 3 MB that can hold up to 100 designs and 1.5 million stitches. PC connectivity option is also available.

The MB-4S is compatible with four Janome hoops including Janome No. 9 lettering hoop, Janome MB-4S hat hoop, and Janome No. 7 lettering hoop. You can adjust the positions of these hoops at any time. The four LED lights in the needle area will make your dark fabric embroidery projects easier and provide proper lighting for outstanding embroidering results.

Another feature, I loved about this machine is the programmable thread cutter. It can cut the thread even in between letters, thus saving you time and energy. Moreover, there is an automatic bobbin winding motor, which winds new bobbins while the machine is working. Something you can only meet in professional machines. The speed in this embroidery machine is exceptional with its maximum speed being 800 Stitches Per Minute, low speed ranging 400 SPM, and a bobbin winding speed of 2,000 RPM.

The remote computer screen (RCS) gives the user total control over the machine. You can edit designs with and control your embroidery from this screen. Other accessories that come with the Janome MB-4S include extra needle set, hoop supporter, offset screwdriver, oiler, instructional CD and book, and a needle threader.


  • Large memory capacity
  • High embroidery speed


  • Has a learning curve
  • Expensive for start-up embroidery home business

#6. Best Remote Computer Screen: Janome MB-7



  • Speed: 800 SPM
  • Needles: 7
  • Connectivity Options: USB
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty
  • Embroidery Field Area: 9.4 x  7.9 inches
  • Extra Features: 6 LED lights, 50 built-in designs, 5.7 inches remote screen

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Whether it is a home business or a professional embroidery studio, the MB-7 can turn your creativity into reality. It comes with a 5.7” remote computer screen that is attachable on the side of the machine. This screen shows the 50 built-in designs along with monogramming fonts. The RCS also displays the thread colors, number of stitches, and the time it takes to complete your chosen design.

The control options are set right below the screen, which you can use to activate certain features like the thread trimmer. Users can also do embroidery design editings like rotating, resizing, flipping embroideries, or editing.

The MB-7 operates at a maximum speed of 800 stitches per minute so you can finish your embroidering tasks quickly. There is also a speed control option just in case it’s too fast. What is more lovable about this commercial embroidery machine for sale is it works with 7 needles, unlike the Janome MB-4 that can only old 4 needles.  The manufacturer added some embroidery formats like .dst, .jef+, and .jef, which are common among the industry professionals. Most users recommended using this model for denim, linen, cotton, canvas, and more materials.

Another great feature in this Janome MB-7 is the 6 white LED lamps. They brighten up the working space giving you a brighter view of the designs you are working on. If you wish to add designs, insert a USB stick through the USB port, and upload them to the model. The thread can be cut automatically even while in the middle of embroidering designs using the programmable thread-trimming feature.

The embroidery work area measures 9.4 inches by 7.9 inches. This is big enough to handle all your materials. Moreover, the hoop is adjustable, though the package only comes with three of them in large, medium size of 5”x4.3” and a smaller one in 2”x2”. Other accessories include a seam ripper, an instructional DVD, USB cable, an open metal bobbin, spool pads, and a manual.

#7. Best for Professionals: Double-Lin Compact Embroidery Machine

618WJ9HctoL. AC SL1500


  • Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Needles: 15
  • Connectivity Options: USB
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
  • Embroidery Field Area: 20×14 inches
  • Extra Features: Build-in lettering software, USB port, supports DSB, DSZ and DST files, touch screen

Overall Rating: 9.4 out of 10

The new Double-Lin single head compact embroidery machine can be the right choice for your business. It is a bit bulky with the dimensions of 22x22x22 inches so you will need to set a bigger space to set it up and also leave some for movements. Some of the things you can embroider on this Double-lin model are shoes, T-shirts, golf bags, caps, flat materials or ones with cylindrical shapes.

This new model is upgraded with new parts to improve your embroidering process. Most professionals can embrace this commercial embroidery machine, due to its exceptional features. One lovable feature is the memory capacity that can hold up to 100 million stitches. You can also upload new designs into the machine from your USB. The best part is that it supports all kinds of file formats including DST, DSZ, and DSB.

Moreover, it comes with 15 needles all located in a single head.  Fifteen threads of different colors are included that can change automatically during the embroidering process. The Doublelin DLCF-150 is one of the machines we reviewed with a large embroidery area measuring 20”x14” making it suitable for your embroidery business.

This commercial machine has a maximum speed of 1,000 RPM and holds over 22,000 embroidery designs. On top of this, the user can connect the machine to a WI-FI network. The touch screen gives you access to the build-in lettering software, designs, and other additional options to give you excellent results.

However, some users, mostly beginners, found this model to be hard to operate. Its manual is also a little bit complex for those who are just starting embroidering business. It might be a good idea to stay away from this if you are a start-up and go for a machine like Brother PE800, which is user-friendly.


  • Its memory can hold up to 100 million stitches
  • Over 22,000 embroidery designs
  • USB connectivity


  • Has a learning curve
  • Not suitable for startup commercial embroidery business

Commercial Embroidery Machine Buying Guide

If you are looking forward to purchasing the best commercial embroidery machine for your business, then consider a few things. For instance, what purpose will the embroidery machine serve and what is your budget? It is important to understand the basics of these machines as well before going for one. A good commercial embroidery machine should come with exceptional features, which will boost your work performance.

If you are going to upgrade the one you have, then make sure that the next one has more and better options. We will discuss everything you need to know about the best commercial embroidery machine before investing in one.

The Powers of a Commercial Embroidery Machine

Comparing a commercial embroidery machine with a home embroidery machine is like comparing apples and oranges. Firstly, the best commercial embroidery machine performs better and faster that is why it is perfect for your embroidery business. They are designed specifically for heavy and a large volume of projects. These machines are capable of doing so much more in less time but also with proper precision. Additionally, the designs can come out perfectly even while you are away.

Factors to Consider on a Commercial Embroidery Machine

The best commercial embroidery machine should be able to fulfill not only yours but also your customers’ desires. For that to be possible, then there are a few features to point out before you purchase an embroidery machine.  This includes the type of needles, number of needles, needle threaders, good memory capability, editing capability, touch screen, high speed of stitches per minute, etc. In this section, we will discuss the most essential factors you should look for in your new commercial embroidery machine.

1. Best commercial embroidery machine – Size

This is the number one factor to consider before going for a commercial embroidery machine. Go for an embroidery machine that will match the size of your home business and the work you receive. For example, if your business is big, it means you get tons of customers; hence, you will need a bigger embroidery machine. If you are just starting up the business, then choose a smaller machine and upgrade to a larger one later on. Some products like Double-Lin compact measures 22 x22 x 22 inches.

2. What is the best commercial embroidery machine internal memory to buy? 

Find an embroidery machine with a big memory storage capacity where you can store all your designs. Most machines can hold up to 1,600 designs and 16,000,000 stitches. Consider a machine like Janome MB-4S with memory storage of 3MB and can hold up to 1, 500, 00 stitches. A model like CAMFive EMB HT1501 can store over 100 million stitches.

3. Professional embroidery machine – Number of Needles

There is a lot to look for when it comes to needles, not just the number. Consider the type of work you are going to do. If it is heavy-duty projects, then you need several needles built with strong materials like titanium. Additionally, check on the size of the needles, larger needles are ideal in heavy-duty materials like canvas and small ones are good for lighter materials.

Having an embroidering business means, you are always busy trying to meet your clients’ deadlines. The only way you can do so is if you are embroidering at a high speed. However, you do not want a faster speed that can result in missing stitches or thread breakage. To avoid this, consider a commercial embroidery machine with at least 600 stitches per minute (SPM).

 Note that your new machine should have a higher speed than the one for home use. An example of an embroidery machine with a maximum speed of 800 stitches per minute is Janome MB-4S.  Furthermore, check if there is an option for speed control.

4. Commercial embroidery machines – Connectivity Options

Can the commercial embroidery shop machine connect to design software? Some machines come with connectivity features that you can connect directly to a computer and upload designs. Others will allow you to edit the designs as well from your computer. Some commercial embroidery machines have a USB port where you can insert a USB stick and import designs into the machine. If you own a machine that still uses a floppy disk, then it might be time to upgrade to a new one with better connectivity options since recent computers do not support them.

5. Professional embroidery machiness – Warranty

Check on the warranty of the commercial embroidery machine. How many years does it cover? A warranty is an assurance that the manufacturer can replace or repair the machine under certain specifications. Make sure to confirm the terms and conditions of the embroidery machine before you purchase one for your business. Some models offer 25 years limited warranty, which is a guarantee of a long-term asset for your embroidery business. For those looking for a machine with a long warranty can consider Brother or Janome product line. Most of their machines have a warranty of 25 years.

6. Commercial monogram machine – Embroidery Space

Is the embroidery area big enough to fit all your embroidery products? This is another question to consider before choosing an embroidery machine. Get a model that has a large embroidery area to fit all your products. The best commercial embroidery machines have an embroidery area of 4×4 and above. The size varies from one model to the other. Look at the Double-Lin Compact embroidery machine, which has a large embroidery space of 20×14 inches.

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7. Commercial embroidery machine reviews – Accessories

To ensure your embroidery experience is exceptional, most manufacturers add some accessories. Some of our top seven commercial embroidery machines come with sewing accessories like hoops, bobbins, extra needles, needle threaders, etc. Confirm whether the model you want to purchase for the business is inclusive of such items to assist you to complete your embroidering business projects. Some machines include optional accessories that can be purchased on the side. Confirm with the seller whether the accessories mentioned are in the total price or not.

8. Best multi needle embroidery machine weight

Due to their nature of work, commercial embroidery machines tend to be heavier than the one for home use. Some of them are larger and bulky and cannot be moved from one place to another. Before you spend your money on a business embroidery machine, note if you want a portable model or not. If it is a heavy-duty machine, know that you can fix it only in one place in your embroidery shops and avoid moving it around. A good example of a bulky machine is Double-Lin Compact.

9. Commercial embroidery machine prices

Home use embroidery machines are cheaper as compared to commercial embroidery machines. The latter are expensive since they come with lots of features and are meant for heavier tasks. If you have a budget, then go for a machine that ranges that specific amount. Moreover, most people associate price with quality. However, this does not necessarily mean you will not get a quality embroidery machine worth your budget. An embroidery commercial machine that is a little bit cheaper is Brother PE800.

10.  Embroidery machine commercial – Dimensions

Most embroidery commercial machines are not only heavy but are large. This means that before you settle for a machine, you must consider the size of your business, whether home-based or at a business center. You do not want to purchase a commercial embroidery machine for your small business only for it to end is larger than the room. Make sure to measure your room first and leave a little bit of space for your movement. Additionally, you will also need room for putting your designs and other accessories.

11. Commercial Embroidery Software and Format

Check if the manufacturer has mentioned compatible software. Confirm also the supported formats on the machine. A model like Janome MB-7 supports formats all kinds and mostly used by embroidery professionals like.dst, .jef+, and .jef.

12. Embroidery machine brands – Number of Designs

If you are just putting up an embroidery business, you certainly want to attract as many clients as possible. The only way you can get customers knocking on your embroidery shop door is having many unique designs. Most commercial embroidery machines have several built-in designs. If you want the best machine, then consider one that supports connectivity options like USB, WI-FI, or PC so that you can upload your best designs. Moreover, check on the memory capacity of designs as others can store up to 22,000 patterns. A product with such capability is Double-Lin Compact.

Commercial embroidery machine brands – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a commercial embroidery machine cost?

The price of a commercial embroidery machine is slightly higher than the one for home use. This is because they are more powerful, versatile, and perform complex embroidery projects. Some cost as high as $5,000. However, the cost will also depend on the kind of product you want. Most models are priced regarding their embroidery options such as USB support, whether it is computerized or not, the number of in-built designs and stitches, and needles among others.

Computerized machines cost higher than the manual.  The cheapest industrial embroidery machines are around $500 to $1000. These machines might miss some features but they contain the basics. They are best for those starting up an embroidery business. The most expensive ones cost above $10,000. These highly-priced machines are often equipped with more embroidery designs, needles, stitching types some going up to 100 million and most importantly, have a high speed ranging from 800 to 1200 SPM.

What is the best commercial embroidery machine to buy?

It is hard to rate one model as the best since different professionals have different needs. Besides, the tailoring industry is packed with lots of manufacturers each delivering top-notch products. You can list such machines as best due to some reasons like a remote computer screen, connectivity options, price, etc. Even so, we chose CAMFive EMB HT1501 as the best since it comes with a plethora of features that both experts and novices will embrace. It has a high speed of 1200 SPM, an embroidery area of 22 by 14 inches, a 100 million stitches memory capacity, and can embroider designs on multiple garments like jackets and caps.

What is the best embroidery machine to start a business?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to embroidery machine industrial for your new home business. First, if you are a beginner in embroidery, then you will need a small and easy to use the machine.  It will also depend on the size of your new business, business, and clients. It is better to start with a small and cheaper commercial embroidery machine than a large and expensive one.

The best commercial embroidery machine to start up a business can be Brother PE800. It is a little bit cheaper as compared to other products and is easy to use. It includes 138 built-in designs, USB support, LED lights, and an automatic thread cutter. Remember that whichever model you choose for the business must be able to meet your desires and should be user-friendly.

Which embroidery machine has the largest hoop size?

The hoop size determines the size of designs you can stitch on an item. Most commercial embroidery machines come with one or more hoops. Some might even have optional hoop sizes you can purchase separately from the original product. This means you can buy a hoop system individually depending on your needs. One of the embroidery machines for sale with a large hoop size is Janome MB-7 measuring 9.4 x  7.9 inches.

Embroidery machines commercial – Conclusion

Choosing the best commercial embroidery machine to start up your business or for upgrading your recent one, is no easy task. There is a lot of features and factors you need to look at before settling for a machine.

It is essential to choose a product that is not only of high quality, but it should meet your requirements and budget. Our overall best is CAMFive EMB HT1501. It is the fastest, has big memory storage, and a couple of great features to give you the best embroidery results.

If you are looking for a model that is worthy of your money, then go for Janome MB-4S. Though it is a bit pricey, it is loaded with accessories and useful features to simplify your designing projects.

Lastly, Brother SE1900 is the ideal choice for those who are searching for a model that can double as a sewing machine and a commercial embroidery machine.

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