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10 Inexpensive Sewing Machines on the Market Today

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Budget is one of the vital things to consider when you decide to buy a sewing machine. A cheap sewing machine can come in handy especially if it is for domestic use. Even though you might want an affordable sewing machine, you still want it to meet your needlework needs. It could also be an ideal choice if you are a beginner and want to learn how to use the machine. Besides, several popular manufacturers are making just the right machines that will not cost you a fortune.

However, with a store full of machine varieties, it can be hard to find the perfect choice.  We looked at various affordable sewing machines and picked the best ones in the market. On top of our results list is the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 machine, an exceptional sewing machine with plenty of features. Read on to find out which are the best inexpensive sewing machines in the store.

Top 10 Low-Price Sewing Machines Review

We understand that it is overwhelming to search for affordable and quality sewing machines especially in a market crammed with thousands of options. To help you make the right choice, we spent days reviewing the best sewing machine with the lowest price. We looked at a variety of sewing machines and their features. The process also involved checking the ratings and reviews of the machine from users and professionals. We finally selected the top 10 low-priced sewing machines and analyzed each of these results comprehensively. You will meet an in-depth review of specific sewing machines and a buying guide and FAQ section at the end. Let’s have a look at the best 10 economical sewing machines results.

#1. SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 – Best Overall Sewing Machine


  • Speed: 850 SPM
  • Needles: 600
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Extra Features: Has five fonts for customized sewing, extension table, a lifted presser foot, LCD screen, and 13 inbuilt buttonhole settings.

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

SINGER sewing machines undoubtedly dominates the market.  The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 comes with plenty of features that make it stand out from the rest. Due to its user-friendly design, both professionals and beginners can use the machine without difficulty. This is my best choice when it comes to price, home décor and fashion.

This machine also includes 600 stitches to turn your creative thinking to life. The most commonly used stitches are conveniently set at the front. There is also a touch-screen panel on the front where you can easily select the type of stitch you want to use. With a speed of 860 stitches per minute, you can complete your needlework quickly.

The sewing machine singer comes with an electronic twin needle setting is included to reduce the stitch width. Threading is easy as the threader can help you put in the thread thus preventing eye-straining. At the end of sewing, simply press on the thread trimmer button to cut the thread. Additionally, the sewing machine is constructed with heavy-duty metal that holds all mechanisms into position and enhances its durability.

This singer machine comes with 18-presser feet including a button sewing foot, open toe foot, overacting foot, blind hem foot, straight stitch foot, and much more. The price also consists of an extra-wide extension table, bobbins, a pack of needles, a seam ripper, and a spool pin felt.


  • High Speed
  • Plenty of built-in stitches
  • Sturdy construction
  • Powerful motor


  • May be hard to operate for starters

#2. Sew Mighty Mini Sew Machine – Best Affordable Sewing Machine for Beginners and Travelers


  • Speed:  Manual 2 speed motor
  • Needles: 2
  • Touch Screen: No
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Extra Features: Built-in thread cutter, bobbin rewinder, bobbin spindle, and 100-volt power adapter.

Overall Rating: 9.9 out of 10

The Sew mighty mini machine has a minimum price and a compact size that makes it easy to carry. This makes it a suitable choice for any skill level be it kids, beginners, and those who love traveling. You can find this machine useful for smaller sewing projects at home like minor repairs, making doll clothing, throw pillows, little purses, and so much more. If you desire to introduce your little girl to the world of sewing, crafting, or design, then this machine could make a perfect start.

It has a cute design that most people confuse it for a toy reason why its best for a baby care home. To operate the machine while away from a power source, you can use four AA batteries. However, it also comes with a 110-volt power adapter. This sewing machine is packed with lots of handy tools and simple accessories like a built-in light, a cuff notch for sleeve repairs, a large bobbin spindle, and a foot pedal.

This is my personal best lightweight and portable sewing machine especially since I am always on the move.  I got it as a wedding present for a friend only to turn up to use it at the event. A secret only you and I know. My husband tore his trouser accidentally, so I had to take up the gift before it got to the bride. I made a few stitches, saved my husband and me from embarrassment, and wrapped up the machine. She never knew but the machine was a lifesaver.

The machine’s price offers few stitches including a straight stitch and other vital parts like one needle threader, 4 bobbins, and an automatic winding system. The machine is manual, which means that its powerful motor is controllable by hand and through a foot pedal. The whole package price inclusive of a 60-inch tape measure, 3 metal bobbins with thread, two empty bobbins, an instruction manual, and a 110V AC adapter.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for any learning curve


  • Only two needles

#3. Brother Lightweight Sewing Machine XM2701 – Best Low-priced Lightweight Sewing Machine


  • Speed:  Control speed by the foot pedal
  • Stitches: 27
  • Touch Screen: No
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Extra Features: Built-in threader, Six adjustable feet, built-in free arm, and automatic bobbin winding system.

Overall Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Another lightweight and portable sewing machine fit for beginners. It includes several user-friendly features such as led light, 27 in-built stitches, and many more to expand your creativity. The LED light brightens up the sewing area so that you can have a brighter view of your sewing.

The 27 stitches included in the sewing machine are stretch stitches, zigzag, blind-hem, and a decorative stitch. Switch from one stitch to another using the sewing machines select dial placed on the front. This sewing machine also has an automatic needle threader that pushes the thread to the needle. You only need to tap on the lever on the side to do so.

Another unique feature is the top drop-in bobbin, which makes sure that the bobbin stays put. For those who want to customize their buttonholes, you can do so using the built-in buttonholer.

What I love about the XM2701 sewing machine, are the instructional DVD and the free always-available customer service. Instead of spending countless hours reading the manual, you can simply watch the video and learn how to use the machine from real tutorials. If you have any questions regarding the sewing machine, contact customer support online.


  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • User-friendly


  • No Extension table

#4. APlus+ Mini Sewing Machine – Best Cheap Sewing Machine for Small Projects


  • Speed:  2 speeds (High and low)
  • Stitches: 1
  • Light: Yes
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Extra Features: Extension table, power adapter, and a foot pedal

Overall Rating: 9.7 out of 10

With a nice design, this is an upgraded sewing machine of a previous version, but with a lower price. It has better user-friendly features, which kids and beginners could benefit from. One feature that I love is the extension table. Unlike other mini sewing machines, this one has a bigger table to make your sewing convenient.

The machine has a light bulb to give you a clear view of your every move. Additionally, you do not need scissors to cut the thread. Simply use the thread cutter at the end of your task. There are only two adjustable speeds, low and high. You can use the low speed for work that needs accuracy.

The sewing machine is suitable for certain materials like denim, silk, drapes, wool, etc. It works well with light sewing projects like small touchups or repairs. There is a double thread addition, which can produce quality results if used with the automatic winding system.

To power up the gadget, you can use either the AC adapter or 4 AA batteries. Moreover, the package price includes a push-button switch, an English manual, and a pedal switch.


  • A large extension table
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty sewing

#5. Brother CS7000i Computerized Sewing Machine – Best User-Friendly Inexpensive Machine


  • Speed:  Adjustable speed
  • Stitches: 70
  • LCD Screen:  Yes
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Extra Features: 10 sewing feet, LCD, wide table, and drop-in top bobbin

Overall Rating: 9.6 out of 10

The brother CS7000i machine is rich in features to turn your sewing into a fun experience, unlike brother cs6000i. It comes fitted with 70 stitches including 7 buttonholes, quilting, heirloom, straight, and many more stitches. These stitches are drawn in small diagrams to assist you to pick the correct one.  Select any of these options from the appropriate buttons and view the stitch on the LCD. You can easily put the thread into the needle by touching the lever on the side of the machine to activate the automatic needle threader.

A feature that we found useful is the speed control, which allows the user to manage the working pace. You can adjust the speed to slow during complicated and precise sewing tasks or fast when you want to meet deadlines or for simpler tasks.

There are lots of other convenient features in the machine such as the reverse button for a reversal stitch, a start and stop button, and a needle up or down option. The CS7000i also includes an extension table to use for bigger sewing projects and offers extra space for movement. A hard case is included to protect the machine from dust when you are not using it and for easier portability.

Another vital accessory is the 10-presser feet including overcasting, quilting, zigzag, and zipper feet. You can confirm the proper use and maintenance of the sewing machine from the English or Spanish manual. In case of any issues, a free phone or technical customer service is available. This machine can be best for beginners and intermediate users. It works best in sewing skinny jeans, cuffs, sleeves, and other light materials. A power cord is included too in the price.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Better upgrades than brother cs6000i


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty sewing

#6. Brother RLX3817A – Best Versatile Sewing Machine


  • Speed:  Adjustable speed
  • Stitches: 17
  • LCD Screen:  No
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Extra Features: 4 sewing feet, free arm, and an instructional audio series CD

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Turn your DIY crafting experience into an exciting one using this easy to use Brother RLX3817A sewing machine. It has 17 in-built stitches with the common ones like zigzag, a blind hem stitch, couching, and four one-step buttonholes. You can easily change the preferable option from the dial at the front.

Adjust the thread from the upper thread dial to avoid the threads from puckering, or creating too tight or too loose stitches on the clothing. The sewing machine also comes with 4 feet including a buttonhole foot, zipper foot, zigzag foot, and a button foot.

Another amazing feature is the jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin to simplify your task. An instructional CD is included in case you want to confirm how certain parts operate. Additionally, the sewing machine comes with a protective case to prevent it from dust.

If you are a DIYer or taking sewing classes, then the Brother RLX3817A sewing machine could be a good starting point for better results.


  • Versatile in function
  • Low price
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Few feet as compared to other products

#7. SINGER Start 1304 – Best Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine


  • Speed:  350-400 SPM
  • Stitches: 6
  • LED Light:  Yes
  • Warranty: 25 years limited

Overall Rating: 9.4 out of 10

The SINGER starts 1304 machine is a basic and simple-to-use sewing machine. It is an ideal choice for starters thanks to its user-friendly features. It is one of the machines at a low price. This singer sewing machine has 6 built-in stitches including straight, scallop, satin, zigzag, blind hem, or decorative stitch. These stitches allow you to create amazing decorations from basic to fixing hems.  Use the dial set on the front panel to select the type of stitch you want to use. The threading diagrams also simplify the set-up.

The four-step buttonhole can help fix buttons in almost everything from children’s clothes to dresses. A free arm is also included for sewing curved garments or hemming sleeves. It is big enough to give you extra space for stitching fabric.

The sewing machines singer is constructed with heavy metal to serve you for the longest time possible.  The machine’s frame also holds all the mechanisms together in the perfect position. You can use the removable extension table for large sewing projects. What I like about this singer model is the twin needle feature, which is possible because of the two spool pins at the top. This could be the best choice for final decoration or hemming.

You can easily preset the stitch width and stitch length to avoid any further adjustments. Additionally, there are three presser feet – buttonhole foot for buttonholes ad ribbons, Zipper foot for fixing zippers, and lastly an all-purpose foot for all your sewing tasks.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Portable
  • Light in weight


  • Might be a little bit hard for beginners

#8. Galadim Electric 12 Stitches Sewing Machine – Best Electric Affordable Sewing Machine


  • Speed:  Double speed
  • Stitches: 12
  • LED Light:  Yes
  • Extra Features: Reverse stitching, thread cutter, adjustable needle spacing, bobbin winging system, Replaceable foot, and double thread.

Overall Rating: 9.3 out of 10

Galadim Electric is a simple machine for your sewing needs. It has 12 built-in stitch patterns with their diagrams set at the front. The patterns are numbered and the only thing you need to do is to adjust the number on the selector.

It has an LED light to brighten up your sewing. Moreover, there is a built-in thread cutter on the side for cutting the thread so no need for scissors.  The reverse sewing option allows you to pin down the material back and forth without leaving loose ends. You can choose to power the appliance through four 1.5V AA batteries or using the adapter. The batteries are not inclusive in the price.

This machine has two speeds, low and high. You can use high speed when you want to finish the sewing quickly or for softer materials. Use low for work that needs more accuracy.  There is a replaceable presser foot, but unfortunately, the variations such as zippers are not included in the purchase price.

A hidden mini storage area is attached at the side of the sewing machine, which is big enough to hold needles, thread, or bobbins. Other accessories within the price range include a power adapter to charge the gadget, 4 thread spool, one spare needle, and a user manual.


  • Portable and efficient
  • Adjustable needle spacing for customizing stitches


  • Only one presser foot

#9. Brother Project Runway CS505PRW – Best for Value


  • Speed:  850 stitches per minute
  • Stitches: 50
  • LED Light:  Yes
  • Warranty: 25 years limited
  • Extra Features:  Free arm, 6 special presser feet, 5 one-step buttonholes, and drop-in bobbin

Overall Rating: 9.2 out of 10

This is another affordable sewing machine from Brother. It is one of my best for customizing sewing projects since it comes with a wide variety of stitch functions, with my personal favorites, the decorative and heirloom stitch functions. Others include garment construction and quilting functions. In total, there are50 sewing stitches and 87 stitch functions. All the stitches are printed at the front for easier selection. Your selection is displayed on the LCD screen, which is just above the chart.

The 5 one-step buttonholes will make you look professional once you fix your personalized and neat buttons. Another lovable feature is the LED light that makes your low light or dark workspace super bright.

The CS505PRW also comes with a vertical spool pin, which is mostly found on pricey sewing machines. It ensures constant feeding for special threads like the metallic ones. You not only get a variety of stitches but also sewing feet to bring out the true designer in you. They include a zipper and overcasting feet among others. These can go hand in hand with the specific stitches.

Another great benefit of the machine is the twin needle that you can use to sew two parallel but neat rows. Other accessories included in the price are powerful presser feet, a pouch with three bobbins, a needle set, a screwdriver, a cleaning brush, and an extra spool. There is also a Spanish or English manual.


  • Plenty of stitch functions
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Portable


  • Not suitable for countries that do not support 120v AC

#10.  KPCB Mini Sewing Machines – Best Inexpensive Eco-Friendly Sewing Machine


  • Speed:  2-speed option
  • Stitches: 1
  • Lamp:  Yes
  • Warranty: Unknown
  • Extra Features: Automatic bobbin rewinding, extension table, thread cutter

Overall Rating: 9.1 out of 10

Our reviewers not only loved the exquisite design that the KPCB sewing machine has, but also the eco-friendly construction material. Even though it comes with only one stitch, it has easy to use features that most beginners could embrace. It supports only small sewing for things like coin purses, pillows, aprons, shopping bags, or curtains.

The extension table simplifies sewing pants or sleeves. Furthermore, you can control the speed with the foot pedal for better results. The built-in winding spool helps in rewinding the bobbins.  There is also a thread cutter to cut the thread once your sewing is complete.

This is can be the perfect choice for a kid who loves sewing. It has a compact size, is lightweight, and very portable. Some of the materials you can use with these sewing machines include soft jeans, denim, wool, polyester, linen, and cotton.

It is easy to turn on the machine from any of the ON/OFF button, the foot pedal, battery, or through the power adapter. The applicable needle is 90/14 but it can still work with 75/11 or 10/16 needles. Last but not least, the price is inclusive of 4 bobbins, a needle threader, a UL adapter, a manual, and one needle.


  • Ideal for beginners and children
  • It has a beautiful design


  • Only one stitch

Buying Guide

Purchasing your first sewing machine or upgrading can seem like a daunting task especially with the multitude of options to choose from and many online store sites. It becomes even more complicated when you have a smaller budget. Yes, you want a budget-friendly one, but you also want it to fulfill your desires.  It is important to note what you intend to use it for, whether it is for commercial or home use so that you can pick the perfect one. To simplify your process, you will find everything you need to know before spending your hard-earned cash below.

Benefits of an Economical Sewing Machine

If you are a newbie to the sewing world, you do not need complicated or very expensive sewing machine brands to learn the basics.  Even a low-priced sewing machine can help you familiarize yourself with some of the most commonly used parts. Whether you want to sew your children’s clothes or your dresses, these cheap options can still get the work done without breaking the bank. Besides, inexpensive does not mean necessarily mean less quality.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing Affordable Sewing Machines

Below are the features that will guide you in purchasing the right machine in the range of your budget.

1. Stitches

Do not be tempted by how many stitches the sewing machines have but instead focus on the ones you need. Go for sewing machines that have the basic stitches such as

  • Straight stitch – Which you will use often
  • Zigzag stitch
  • Stretch stitches
  • Buttonhole stitch
  • Utility stitches
  • Blind hemstitch.

Some with high price sewing machines come with over 100 stitches, but if you are just starting then you can search for a sewing machine with few options.

2. Mechanical or Computerized?

Most computerized sewing machines are considered pricey. However, this is not true since you can still find cheap ones in the store. Most beginners prefer going for mechanical since they are easy to operate manually.  You only need to press the dials to select stitches. These sewing machines also require little maintenance, which works well with someone on a budget. These models will also serve you for a long time if regularly oiled and cleaned.

Computerized sewing machines, on the other hand, are a bit complex and come with several features. They have a programmable stitch sequence, a touch screen, and high-powered motors; perhaps that’s why most of them have a high price.

3. Special Features

To make your sewing experience fun and flexible, then consider looking at the model’s features. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many features that you are not familiar with. Instead, confirm the common ones such as:

  • Lighting for a better view while sewing
  • Adjustable speed control to manage fast and slow speeds for soft or difficult fabrics
  • Knee lifter
  • A needle threader
  • Free arm
  • Needle up and down
  • Automatic thread cutter

4. Warranty and Service for sewing machines

Ask for the warranty of the model and if you can have it serviced within the place you reside. A warranty is a guarantee of a quality sewing machine and an assurance that you can return or get a replacement in case of any accepted issues. It is also a good idea to check out what other customers are saying about the manufacturer’s services.  Moreover, inquire if certain parts come with their warranty.


1. What is the best and cheapest sewing machine?

With the multitude of sewing machines in the store, it won’t be fair to say that there is only one best. Instead, there is best budget-friendly for specific reasons like versatility, speed, several stitches. It depends on your needs. However, if I were to pick the best overall, then it would be SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960.

2. What is the best sewing machine for a beginner?

The best sewing machines at a low price for a beginner are KPCB Mini or the Brother CS7000i. They are not bombarded with lots of bells and whistles that can tire up a newbie.

3. How much does a sewing machine cost?

The lowest price can be around $20 to $300. The pricey ones can go all the way to $4000.


Purchasing the most affordable yet quality sewing machine is a tiring task since there are so many features you don’t want to leave out.

We chose SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 as our best overall since it has a low price, is packed with useful features and has 600 built-in stitches for versatility.

If you are looking for an easy to operate and budget-friendly sewing machine, then the Sew Mighty Mini Sew Machine could be the right pick. Remember that the type of cheap sewing machine you end choosing should not only meet your set price but also, your needs.

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