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Best For Sale Chain Stich Sewing and Embroidery Machine Reviews (2020)

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Do you hate struggling with home décor and chain stitching at home?

Doing home décor has come a long way given the technology used nowadays.

Technology has made it possible to get the best results for embroidery designs with efficiency compared to earlier times without sewing machines.

If you prefer to do your home décor, technology has brought about better and faster sewing machines that are still user friendly. These sewing machines will guarantee you the best finish on your projects that include chain stitching designs.

Selecting the best chain stitch machine can be a daunting task because of the many brands of sewing machines on the market.

This article brings you the three best chain stitch embroidery machines currently available that will make your embroidery and sewing work unique and a pleasure as well as giving you the best results.

The cumbersome process will be a thing of the past with the right chain stitch machine.

Read on to make an informed choice by selecting the leading chain stitch embroidery machine on the market.

What is the best chain stitch machine?

#1. Editor’s Choice: Juki MCS- 1500 Cover and Chain Stitch Machine




  • Its differential feed is adjustable
  • Has a simple looper threading
  • Product warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

The Juki MCS- 1500 sewing machine comes with a differential feed that is adjustable for neat finishes on your sewing work and décor that also applies to stretch fabrics.

This 3 needle chain stitch machine has been made with user-friendly attributes as threading loopers is now easy by merely pressing a button.

To aid your sewing and give you a pleasurable experience, the extension plate of the Juki MCS -1500 embroidery machine comes engraved with guiding lines for the best chain seams.

You can now work on any type of fabric, thanks to the ability to adjust the pressure of the presser foot on this chain sewing machine.

Also, the presser foot comes with a guide that is a standard accessory fitted on the left and right-hand side.

You no longer need to worry about cutting exterior thread on your fabric; this sewing machine comes with a thread cutter mounted on the exterior.

The Juki MCS – 1500 sewing machine uses three needles that allow you to do either four or three cover stitch designs, making the finishing on your fabric neat.

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With the differential feed on the Juki MCS -1500 machine, you no longer need to wave in knits.

Additionally, this chain stitch machine has an impressive sewing speed that allows you to stitch quickly, 1,350 stitches in 60 seconds.


  • Light and easy machine to carry around
  • Comes with optional accessories
  • Options for sewing mats
  • Good chain stitch options
  • Adjustable press foot


  • Stitch length could be better than current 1-4 mm

#2. Honorary mention: Brother 2340CV Cover and Chain Stitch Machine





  • Multiple stitch configurations
  • Chain stitch ability
  • Decorative stitch capable
  • The machine comes with a limited product warranty of 25 years

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5

Sewing work has now been made easier with the Brother 2340CV sewing machine that allows you to create multiple cover stitch designs.

Because of its advanced technology, this Brother sewing machine allows you to chain stitch with ease on a variety of fabrics regardless of the weight and type and still get the best results.

With this machine, you can easily do decorative stitch designs on your fabric by creating special effects through the use of different thread colors with the lower loop.

If you would love to create a wide cover stitch, this is the ideal sewing machine for you since it allows for up to 6mm with two needles perfect for hems, decorative effects, and topstitch applications.

This is one of the machines that allows you to work effortlessly on sportswear with the tri-cover stitch option using three needles and four threads for hems, decorations, and create elastic and durable seams.

With this machine, you’ll enjoy working on delicate fabrics with the cover stitch that is 3mm narrow that can be used for hems and topstitch designs without damaging the fabric.

Incorporate creativity in your sewing with the advanced technology in this sewing machine that comes with threading guides, adjustments for dials, and a presser foot.

The sewing machine comes with a set of needles, a net of threads, a spooling mat, tweezers, a brush for cleaning, a wrench, and an accessory bag, among others. One of the best accessory packs available!


  • Works on any type of fabric
  • Easy to do looper threading
  • Easy to lay in threads
  • Easy machine to carry around
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  • No extension covers for a threading guide

#3. Reliable 4900SC Single Needle Double Chain Stitch Machine




  • One-year product warranty on the machine
  • Has a stitch lever that is condensed
  • Regulator for stitch dial: yes
  • Stitch regulator: yes

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

Transform your sewing into a smooth and quiet experience thanks to the powerful 4900SC drive motor that is inbuilt in the machine and makes use of the latest technology.

I would buy the machine if I wanted to have a better view of the threading for my looper.

One of the best features is that you can now easily remove your fabric from the machine after sewing courtesy of a release mechanism that is inbuilt in the 4900SC sewing machine.

It is now easy to work on your fabric since visibility has been enhanced and glare reduced, courtesy of the LEDs that are inbuilt in the sewing machine.

When you buy the sewing machine, it comes with the best table/stand, made of plywood and steel for durability, which is not common with many sewing machines.

You no longer need to worry about the functioning condition of the oil pump in the machine since it has a window above its head for monitoring.


  • Automatic lubrication
  • A stand/table is a standard package
  • Fast chain stitch sewing speed of 5000 RPM, hence efficient


  • Not ideal for heavy fabric
  • The machine is not easy to carry around

Chain stitch sewing machine – Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy chain stitch sewing machines, there are several vital factors to keep in mind before you select the machine for you, to ensure you get a value-for-money purchase.

Benefits of a chainstitch sewing machine for sale

A chain stitch machine is ideal for home and commercial use for décor and other fabric related works requiring chain stitch designs.

The machine allows you to be efficient, work on different types of fabrics, and blends in creativity and professional chain stitch work.

chainstitch machine – Features to look out for

The features of a chain stitch machine will guide you in your ideal selection to match your needs. You need to look out for the following in the machine you want:

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Chain stitch and embroidery speed

If you are looking for a chain stitch machine for commercial use, go for one of the chain stitch sewing machines that has a high speed for efficiency in your work. The machine needs to be reliable and robust.

Chain stitch sewing machine for sale – Product warranty

Consider purchasing one of the chain stitch sewing machines that have an extended warranty over other machines with a shorter period. The machine warranty will cushion you from any repair costs arising within the warranty period.

Sewing machine chain stitch – Number of inbuilt needles

Embroidery and chain stitch work will call for a machine that has several inbuilt needles to carry out decorative chain stitch designs with ease.

You will need different needles that are suitable for different types of fabric, ranging from fine to hard. Make sure the machine you are looking at can deal with the type of project you want to do.

Chain stitch embroidery machine – Frequently Asked Questions

How does a chain stitch machine work?

The machine works by rotating its motor to be in sync with the movement of the needle, which pulls thread into a piece of fabric in loops to create a chain stitch.

What is a single needle chain stitch machine?

The machine is for sewing and doing chain stitch designs that use one needle to create looped stitches, forming a pattern of a chain.

What is the difference between a lock stitch and chain stitch?

A lock stitch has two thread sets (needle and bobbin thread), while a chain stitch has a single thread that interlaces and interlopes for binding.

Does a chain stitch stretch?

Yes, a chain stitch does stretch when it is appropriately secured, and the chain stitch still retains its robust quality.

Chainstitch sewing machine – Conclusion

Transforming your sewing and experience can be achieved using the three chain stitch machines.

Assess your needs and keenly follow the buyer’s guide to achieve value for money in your purchase of any of these sewing machines.

Currently, the Juki MCS- 1500 sewing machine is your best bet on the market as the machine offers a combination of speed and multiple needles, as well as an adjustable presser foot.

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