Can you use monofilament in sewing machine?

Can you use monofilament in sewing machine?

I generally use monofilament thread in the top of my sewing machine and regular thread in the bobbin. If you use monofilament in your bobbin, wind the bobbin slowly as the winding process will generate heat with this thread. For the same reason you should sew more slowly when using this thread.

Can I use monofilament thread in bobbin?

The bobbin thread can be almost anything from lightweight bobbin thread to a 50-wt. cotton thread. You may even use monofilament thread in the bobbin. If you do, wind the bobbin at a slow speed to keep it from stretching.

Can I use invisible thread in my bobbin?

You can use invisible thread both in your needle and bobbin or, more usually, it may be paired with conventional thread in your bobbin. Use the smallest needle you can. Because they are so fine and made from a single extruded fibre, monofilament threads don’t relax to fill the hole left by your needle.

Can you sew with fishing line?

You can use fishing line to sew curly lettuce hems or ruffles in your dresses. It’s really easy to do, and it works in a similar way as a wire in a bra. First off, you’ll need to shape your fishing line.

What is transparent monofilament thread?

Monofilament thread, also known as invisible nylon, is exactly what its name says - a thread that has a single filament. Monofilament thread is semi-translucent, and it is the first choice for sewing “invisible” stitches. The Monofilament Thread Buying Guide helps customers get the right thread for their needs.

Which invisible thread is best for quilting?

Sulky Premium Invisible Thread

A very fine 0.004 polyester monofilament thread perfect for machine quilting, invisible appliqué, and hemming.

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