Can you do a French seam on a curved seam?

Can you do a French seam on a curved seam?

Even curves. But, French seams don’t really work well with curves. They look great on the inside but are bunchy as heck when you turn the garment right side out. Enter the Faux-French seam!

What is a mock French seam?

A mock french seam has the appearance of a french seam but is a bit softer as it is hand-finished. There is less chance of it ravelling as the edges are not cut short. To make a mock french seam, place fabric right sides together and sew a 5/8" seam allowance.

Where would you use a French seam?

French seams are perfect for use on lightweight or sheer fabrics, encasing all of the fraying fabric edges inside a tiny seam allowance of 1/4″ (5mm). French seams can be fabulous to use if you haven’t got an overlocker (serger) and want to create a perfect finish to your garment.

What are the advantages of a French seam?

There are several advantages to using a French seam: It can make the edges of your garments seem more elegant and the fabric is less likely to fray, the longer you have and wear that garment.

What is a Hong Kong seam in sewing?

A Hong Kong seam is a type of seam finish which uses bias tape to enclose the raw edge of the fabric on the wrong side of a garment.

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