Brother XR9550PRW Machine Test (2020)

Sewing is a hobby that many crafting enthusiasts love. It is a useful talent to have, as you never know when you will need to mend a hole, sew a seam, or hem a dress. All of these tasks can be done by hand, but with a sewing machine, it makes things so much easier.

There are so many sewing machines available that picking one can be a daunting task. It is hard to know which one is the best out there for your sewing needs. We have created this detailed review of the Brother XR9550PRW Computerized sewing machine to help you determine if this particular Brother sewing machine is the right one for you.


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Among all the manufacturers of sewing machines, Brother is a brand that sewers have trusted for years! Brother, as a company, has a reputation for having a great customer service history. Brother values quality and has been around for quite some time, making Brother a company that is reliable and trustworthy.

The Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway Limited Edition computerized sewing machine is an affordable option for all your sewing needs. Our review will provide you with a full, in-depth evaluation of this Brother machine. We will take a look at all the features this Brother machine has to offer in our Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway Limited Edition detailed review. We will look at the value for money factor Brother offers, along with pricing, and how easy to use it is. General specifications will be provided, such as weight, size, stitch speed, and ease of use.

Read on to learn all about the Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway Limited Edition computerized sewing machine.


  • Very versatile sewing machine
  • Feature-rich
  • Stitch speed control slider
  • Produces amazing buttonholes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wide extension table
  • Great for beginners


  • Monogramming font is pre-set so you can not change it
  • Built-in light could be brighter
  • Parts of the machine are made of plastic, so they are subject to breaking easier
  • Not heavy-duty

Brother XR9550PRW Review

Manufactured by one of the leading brands of sewing machines, the Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway Limited Edition computerized sewing machine has much to offer a sewing enthusiast. Even if you are just starting to learn how to sew, this Brother machine can grow with you. Intermediate sewers will get much use out of this Brother computerized sewing machine and advanced sewers will find some of the features Brother have included being very appealing.

Professional and advanced sewers will most likely discover this Brother machine is handy to have as a secondary sewing machine. However, this Brother machine is not ideal for those sewers that use thick fabrics on a regular basis or those individuals that desire to make thick quilts. The Brother XR9550PRW Project Runway Limited Edition sewing machine comes with a good number of accessories. In fact, this Brother machine has many more than other machines manufactured by the Brother company.

Included in your purchase is the XR9550PRW sewing machine with a power cord and an optional foot controller, a hard case, 8 presser feet, and a detachable wide table. Brother also includes a comprehensive instructional DVD, operation manual, and an accessory pouch in the XR9550PRW package. The accessory pouch is filled with items that you will find handy while sewing and includes four bobbins, a needle set including a ballpoint needle and twin needle, three spool caps, an extra spool pin, a seam ripper, a cleaning brush, a screwdriver, and an eyelet punch.

Brother xr9550prw Features

As we tested the Brother XR9550PRW computerized sewing machine, we noticed how feature-rich this product is. These features include:

  • Reverse stitch option
  • Automatic needle up/down function
  • 110 built-in stitch options
  • 8 presser foot attachments
  • 8 styles of one-step buttonhole
  • Top drop-in bobbin system that is jam-resistant
  • Portable and lightweight
  • A large LCD screen (Horizontal 2.0″ x Vertical 0.7″)
  • Hard protective case
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Stitch speed control slider
  • An LED illuminated work area
  • Wide extension table

Brother xr9550prw – Ease of Use

We have found the Brother XR9550PRW computerized sewing machine an easy sewing machine to not only use but also to set up. Once you take the Brother sewing machine out of the box, there is very little to do. The Brother instruction manual is very comprehensive, providing great information that is useful to the consumer, such as how to troubleshoot your Brother sewing machine. If you are a person that learns best by reading, this manual will be sure to have your Brother sewing machine set up in no time. At the back of the Brother instructional manual, you will find a reference guide that shows which stitches work the best with various fabrics.

If you learn best by watching videos, you can watch the comprehensive Brother instructional DVD that is included with your purchase.

We have found that the top bobbin is very easy to change. As it has a clear cover, we were always able to see when our thread was running low. The bobbins can be wound right on the sewing machine with the bobbin winding system. In case you are uncertain how to wind the bobbins, a guide is printed right on the machine for your reference. Once you have done all this, you simply follow the instructions on the machine. You do not need to worry about drawing up the bobbin thread as the machine does this for you once you start sewing.

On the large, illuminated LCD screen it is simple to press the number of the stitch you need, which makes it harder to make mistakes when selecting the desired stitch format. We also appreciate the wide table that makes it easy to go from a small sewing project to a large sewing project.

We welcome the built-in error system that this Brother computerized sewing machine comes with. This system will guide you in figuring out why your sewing machine is not working as it should. An example of this is if you did not put the presser foot down before starting to sew, an error E1 will appear on the LCD screen.

Stitches, Buttonholes, and Speed

With a simple movement of the lever, the built-in auto needle threader on this Brother XR9550PRW computerized sewing machine pushes your thread right through the eye of the needle without any frustration. The inclusion of this needle threader feature by Brother makes it perfect for those individuals that are all thumbs or have eyesight issues.

Once you have threaded the needle, you can move on to picking the stitches you want to use via the LCD display screen. The stitches settings will be clearly displayed on the screen once you have determined which stitches you want. There are 110 built-in stitches that include not only decorative, but also utility, heirloom, zig-zag, straight, elastic, overcasting, alphabetical, and other stitches.

Since there are alphabetical stitches, this Brother model allows you to monogram various items such as hand towels, bath towels, or robes. If you want to stitch entire words, you can stitch continuously; the machine does not make you enter each letter individually. Buttonholes have never been easier to make. The XR9550PRW comes with eight styles for auto-sized perfect buttonholes that look professionally done. They are easily made by using the buttonhole presser foot.

The Brother XR9550PRW computerized sewing machine has a maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute. The speed controller will allow you to control how fast you sew. The speed controller on this Brother model has three speeds: slow, medium, and fast. The controller allows you to sew at a consistent speed. No matter how hard you press on the foot pedal, the sewing machine will keep pace with what the controller is set at. The purpose of the foot pedal is to start and stop the sewing project. As an alternative, this Brother model also includes a start/stop button for this. However, you should note this button will not work if the foot pedal is plugged in.

Sewing Various Fabrics

The Brother XR9550PRW has a decent sized motor that will allow you to sew various fabrics. This particular Brother model works perfectly for light materials, such as cotton, faux fur, or other easy to sew fabrics.

We have found that this Brother machine is capable of sewing denim. It works wonders sewing denim purses, handbags, and much more.  This Brother machine can also handle corduroy materials.

The Brother machine also sews thicker fabrics, such as upholstery. We have found that if you use caution and make sure the needle is the correct size, there should be no problems. Making sure you pick the correct thread will also ensure that your stitches turn out great.  We would advise that this particular Brother machine should not be used all the time for thicker fabrics; however, from time to time the machine can handle them well.

We have found you can also quilt on the Brother XR9550PRW. The extender table which comes with this Brother model works like a charm to hold larger projects, such as a quilt. We estimate that you should be able to make quilts that are at least full-sized, if not queen-sized. Free-motion quilting can also be done on the Brother XR9550PRW sewing machine with the spring-action quilting foot.

Brother xr9550prw Durability

When purchasing a sewing machine, it is best to look for one that will be an investment. We have found that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to sewing machines.

We believe the Brother XR9550PRW fits this quality. It is an investment that will last a long time if properly cared for. The body of the machine is strong and durable. The Brother sewing machine is well made, by a company that prides itself on what it does.

Brother xr9550prw  Presser Feet

The eight presser feet that are included all perform a different task. These are very easy to change out. All feet are engraved with letters that need to be facing you when putting them on the machine.

  1. Zigzag Foot – This one is used for everyday work, which allows you to sew seams and more using either straight or zigzag stitches.
  2. Buttonhole Foot – This one measures the size of a button and produces an automatic buttonhole.
  3. Button Sewing Foot – This one sews on the button.
  4. Overcasting Foot– This one is used in addition to overcast stitches, to finish the edges of the material, and produce a seam at the same time.
  5. Zipper Foot –This thin presser foot will add a zipper to the project.
  6. Blind Stitch Foot – This one produces an almost invisible blind hem on a garment without having to hand sew.
  7. Spring Action Quilting Foot – This one comes in handy for free-motion quilting.
  8. Monogramming Foot – This one is used with the monogramming font to stitch letters, numbers, and symbols on creations.

Brother xr9550prw – Portability

Weighing just under 10 pounds, the Brother XR9550PRW is extremely portable. It is perfect for traveling or taking to sewing classes. If you are in charge of sewing your child’s class uniforms or costumes for performance, this Brother machine works wonderfully for that. This lightweight Brother sewing machine measures 11.45 inches high x 6.69 inches wide x 16.02 inches deep and comes with a protective outer case and a carrying handle. The hard, protective case will also keep the sewing machine safe from dust and dirt when not in use.

Brother xr9550prw – Warranty

Brother offers its sewing machines with a 25-year limited warranty. The body of the sewing machine is covered for 25 years while any parts, accessories, or labor will only be covered for one year. Any electrical components have a two-year warranty. Proof of purchase is required when using the warranty, so be sure to keep your receipt in a safe spot.

Brother xr9550prw – Price tag

The Brother XR9550PRW is an affordable sewing machine at less than $200. For the quality of the machine, all the features, and the accessories that are included, we find this particular Brother sewing machine to be great value for the money compared to may other sewing machines on offer today.

Brother xr9550prw – Conclusion

Overall, there are many positives in our Brother XR9550PRW sewing machine review with very few drawbacks. Minor drawbacks include this Brother machine not being able to sew thicker materials on a regular basis and only having one font for the monogram feature. Apart from these points, the Brother sewing machine-scored high in all other categories. Sewers of all abilities, from beginners to professionals, will appreciate the speed and consistency of stitches and the long list of features, as well as the fact that this Brother sewing machine is extremely easy to use. Those who purchase the Brother XR9550PRW sewing machine will quickly find out they have made a wise choice when it comes to computerized sewing machines.