Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine Reviews (2020): Best Lightweight Sewing Machine

Before buying a sewing machine, you have to ask yourself: what do you want to sew? Sewing machines are available with numerous capabilities, accessories, and add-ons. These things can increase the cost of a machine. For this reason, you have to shortlist your needs before buying a sewing machine. Brother Xm2701 Review will help you to purchase a perfect machine within your budget.

Singer and Janome dominate the sewing machine industry. Singer and Janome are known for advanced and expensive computerized sewing machines. On the other hand, Brother focuses on easy usability, functions, advanced technology, and affordability. If you need a versatile sewing machine within your budget, Brother Xm2701 can be a great choice.

This machine is perfect for regular sewing projects. With its user-friendly features and lightweight design, Brother Xm2701 can be suitable for both beginners and advanced sewers. No doubt, this sewing machine has numerous features that make it a perfect unit, but we want you to decide if it is right for you.


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It can be an easy choice for beginners to enhance their sewing experience. Read this review and find out if it is the right machine you are searching for.


  • Friendly and versatile for beginners
  • Easy threading
  • Lightweight machine
  • Auto-size buttonhole
  • Affordable and quiet
  • Suitable for home décor and DIY crafters


  • Lacks automatic needle up and down button
  • Lacks modifiable speed control
  • The LED light is not bright
  • The cover is not included

What makes a good Brother Xm2701 Review?

With plenty of user-friendly features and lightweight design, Brother Xm2701 can be a good sewing machine to learn to stitch. Being an advanced sewer, I was looking for portability and advanced features. It has everything that an advanced sewer may need.

As per Brother Xm2701 review, it features 6 feet, including narrow hem foot, zigzag foot, zipper foot, blind stitch foot, buttonhole foot, and button sewing foot. With this versatile machine, it can expand your creative potential.

Brother sewing machine xm2701 – 6 Sewing Feet

Brother Xm2701 sewing machine comes with six sewing feet that are quick to change without any screw. You will get a buttonhole foot, a button sewing foot, a zigzag foot, a blind stitch foot, a narrow hem foot, and a zipper foot.

With auto-size buttonholes, you can create custom-sized holes for buttons. It is a one-step buttonhole to fit buttons of different sizes. A button stitching foot enables you to attach buttons by machine. It is my favorite feature because I hate to stitch buttons manually. The foot can secure hold buttons in place and provide a clear view of the stitching area.

For straight to zigzag stitching, you can use a zigzag foot. It features a leveling button on a side to manage the hump while sewing on thick seams. Remember, this foot is also known as a general stitching foot or all-purpose foot.

Brother Xm2701 offers a blind stitch foot for blind hemming. It can tightly fit the fabric for accuracy and avoid unnecessary slipping. The needle thumps on the metal director create limp in the top tension to make stitches invisible. I really like the function of this foot for blind stitching.

Blind stitch is a crucial method to join two pieces of fabric while keeping the stitch threat invisible. This stitching technique can hide stitch under folded edges. For this reason, this foot is great for crafting a blind hem and join two edges together.

Another review of this sewing machine offers an additional impressive feature of a zipper foot. This versatile foot has indents for the needle to move on both sides of the foot. If you are sewing a standard zipper with this foot, there is no need to worry about the interference of zipper teeth.

A narrow hem foot is also known as a hemmer. It is useful to fold edges of fabric more than twice and stitch it flat, with straight stitches along with the inside fold.

Brother xm2701 sewing machine – Lightweight

Brother Xm2701 offers a perfect fusion of operations and easy setup. With the use of its functions, beginners can polish their sewing skills. It features easy threading because of the automatic needle and bobbin threading mechanism. Within 10 minutes, you are already able to start a new sewing project.

This sewing machine is extremely portable because it weighs only 12.6 pounds. For seasoned sewers, it can be a great choice. If you need a versatile replacement of your heavy-duty sewing machine, feel free to purchase Brother Xm2701. It can fit easily on any table. You will get the freedom to move it from one place to another.

XM2701: LED-Lit Working Area

For maximum comfort, it features an LED-lit work area. The LED light can brighten the work area; therefore, you can view your creation. If you have vision issues, you may find this light insufficient in the night. It can be a bit brighter. This LED light is perfect for working during the day. People who are used to burn the midnight oil similar to me might need extra light.

With an instructional DVD, you can start your first creative project immediately. Instructional DVD offers a step-by-step guide to work on different projects. Manual is available in Spanish and English. Moreover, you will receive free tech support from Brother for the entire life of your Brother Xm2701.

Brother xm2701 reviews: Built-in Stitches

This versatile sewing machine has 27-built-in stitches, such as quilting, blind hem, and decorative stitches. These stitches are perfect for several sewing projects. A chart is engraved on the machine over the stitch selector knob. Turn a stitch selector and select your favorite stitch from 27 integrated stitches.

You can see a lever at stitches that must be pulled for back-stitching or reverse stitching. Remember, back-stitching is an integral part of initiating and ending a seam. A combination of six sewing feet and stitches increases your convenience. Remember, you can buy more feet from the market at your convenience.

Signature Features of Brother Xm2701 Sewing Machine

Brother offers a drop-in, jam-resistant bobbin. It is a signature feature available in lots of machines. With a transparent case, it is easy to load this bobbin. It will help you to keep an eye on the thread during your project. With Brother Xm2701, your home décor project will be fun. You can recreate your favorite looks with built-in stitches. Feel free to get desired looks for throws, pillows, and many others.

Automatic bobbin winding is an impressive feature for beginners. If you want to avoid mess during a sewing project, avoid using bobbins from older models of Brother. Exclusive jam-resistance, quick-set bobbin ensures to fix bobbin at its place. As a result, you will enjoy even, reliable stitch quality for your every project.

An automatic needle threader is another impressive feature of Brother Xm2701. With its easy threading system, you can avoid a mess in your projects. A touch to the lever is enough to push the thread through its needle. The lever is located on the side of the machine. For me, needle threading is always a nightmare. The needle threader is great for everyone, especially for people with poor sight.

No doubt, Xm2701 outperforms Jx2517 of Brother because of this feature. It is quite relaxing to touch the lever, and the thread will automatically go through a needle. Unfortunately, this feature is not available even in modern sewing machines.

If you are working with Xm2701, there is no need to worry about hard to reach and sensitive areas. This machine has a free arm option to manage sleeves, collars, and cuffs. It is actually increasing the versatility of this sewing machine.

No doubt, Brother’s review about this sewing machine offers a lot of impressive features for beginners, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. It is great to manage small projects with different tricky parts. Initially, I was not happy with the placement of its presser foot lever. It is located under the arm, so it needs some gymnastics to reach this lever. Things can be difficult for right-handed people, but practice will make you perfect.

Brother xm2701 review: Affordable and Quiet Machine

Xm2701 is an affordable version of a sewing machine from Brother. It has numerous surprising features that are not available in low-end machines, such as bobbin winding and automatic threading. For this reason, this machine offers excellent value for your money.

Remember, every household needs this machine to manage its sewing projects. It will not disturb others because it is portable and quiet. Usually, sewing machines get loud, and it often becomes a huge issue for neighbors. You can conveniently use this sewing machine even if you are living in a small apartment.

Brother 2701 sewing machine – Limited Warranty 

With this affordable machine, you will get a 25-year limited warranty. Remember, this warranty is only for the machine and supplementary accessory items. These items are not limited to presser feet, foot controllers, and various tools.

This warranty will not cover physical damage to the sewing machine. The end-user is responsible for the packing cost, insurance, and cost of shipping. Make sure to keep original packing materials because you will need these in order to ship this machine in case of a warranty claim.

For labor, accompany accessory items and parts, its warranty period is one year. Printed circuit boards and electronic components are covered for almost five years from the date of the original purchase. You will get a warranty of 25 years for its chassis casting.

Universal Carrying Case

You will not get a carrying case with Brother Xm2701, but feel free to purchase a universal carrying case of Brother to protect your sewing machine. I have one universal carrying case form my sewing machine, and it is a valuable investment.

If Brother can include it in the machine, it would be a great addition. Still, these cases are not expenses so that anyone can buy one for the protection of his/her machine.

Material and Design

Maximum parts of the sewing machine are made of plastic. Even its zipper foot must be durable. In this price range, you can’t expect metal or any other durable material. I don’t have any problem with plastic because these parts are durable and work pretty well.

Brother offers an impressive warranty limit and free customer support for the entire life of their product. For this reason, you must protect your receipt. This portable machine may increase your trouble when sewing thick material. You will really like its performance on stretchy fabrics.

Unlike computerized sewing machines, it has a foot pedal to operate and manage the speed of this machine. As per Brother’s review, you may find it difficult to operate initially, but you will be able to learn to use it quickly.

Accessories Included

  • Screwdriver
  • Darning plate
  • Accessories and needle pack
  • Bobbins (3)
  • Twin needle
  • Additional spoon pin
  •  Instructional DVD
  •  Power cord
  •  Operation manual

Highlighted Features of Brother Xm2701 Sewing Machine

  • Jam-resistant, drop-in top bobbin
  •  Automatic needle threader
  • 27 built-in stitches (auto-size buttonhole, stretch stitches, zigzag, blind hem, decorative stitches)
  • LED brightly lit work area
  • Maximum speed: 800 stitches per minute

Brother xm2701 – Final Verdict

It is time to review the entire discussion about Brother Xm2701. We have shared an honest opinion with all the good and bad facts about this sewing machine. No doubt, this machine is not ideal for every project, but it offers the best value for your money. With its versatile features and great design, it justifies its price. This is ideal for newbies. If you want to learn to stitch, it could be your best choice. Moreover, Xm2701 is a suitable option to hone your stitching skills.

You can carry this portable and lightweight machine to another city or even to sewing classes. There is none in the market to beat the price of Xm2701. It is an affordable machine for every budget; therefore, it falls in the list of top-selling machines. You can use it for several years while polishing your sewing skills.

Its functions and features are sufficient to tackle different projects. For your DIY-curious child, it can be a great gift. As per Brother Xm2701 review, sewing will be easier than the old days. Beginners and advanced users can handle everyday crafting projects with their versatile free arm. Its instructional manual and DVD will make things easy for everyone. In short, this affordable machine can be a valuable purchase for both beginners and advanced sewers.