Brother XL 2600 Reviews – Buy YOUR LX Sewing Machine (2020)

One of the most satisfying things in life is selecting the best product for specific needs, and whether you want to sew garments, make stitches, create embroideries or repair your clothes, selecting a great machine will help you not only enjoy what you choose to do with it but also make you satisfied with deciding to invest your money on it. Brother XL 2600 I can help you to do a great job.

As much as excellent sewing skills play an essential role in making great garments, a trustworthy sewing machine goes the full length, and that is why the Brother XL2600I sewing machine is one of the best sewing machines you can purchase, and not only because of its stitches.


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Why? Asides the simplicity of handling and using the Brother XL2600I, which in no way limits the array of sophisticated, yet beautiful stitches (eg. buttonhole stitch) you can accomplish with it as a user, a lot more about this sewing machine makes it one of the versatile sewing machines available on the market.

Excluding its presser feet, there are a series of features that we will take a look at in this sewing machine review of the Brother XL2600I. We will consider if it is versatile enough for both beginners and experts, we will also consider its size, weight, general performance, stitches, and other statistics. We considered its presser feet not relevant for making a decision about the brother sewing. We preferred to focus on the easy to use features, its stitches, etc. Read on to know more about the Brother XL2600I sewing machine features and discover if this is the perfect machine for you.

Brother xl 2600 review – SPECIFICATIONS

We have seen many reviews that do not include the specifics of the products they mention. Thus we decided to highlight them. The machine comes with the following characteristics:

  • Dimensions 12.3×7.7×9.6 inches.
  • Free arm Yes
  • Weight 11 pounds
  • Batteries Required No
  • Portable Yes
  • Needle threader Automatic, with included thread cutter
  • Speed Up to 800 stitches a minute
  • Buttonhole Style Automatic size in one step with control for stitch balance
  • Built-in Stitches Yes, 25
  • LED work area Present
  • Voltage 110V operable by a foot pedal
  • Warranty 25 years limited parts, 1-year labor

Brother xl 2600 – PRODUCT REVIEW

Brother lx 2600 – Ease of Use

The very first thing our sewing machine review highlighted the Brother XL 2600 I sewing machine is the ease of using the machine. For a lot of individuals who are new to sewing, the Brother XL 2600 I sewing machine has a lot to offer, and it is an excellent conduit to foster the skills of beginners and growing sewing enthusiasts. For beginners, this simplicity will provide them the confidence, which will eventually make them achieve an expert nature at sewing.

The Brother XL 2600 I comes with a dial for changing the stitching pattern to whatever the user chooses. Asides from catering to new beginners, the sewing machine also has a range of accessories that experts in sewing can experiment with; an automatic needle threader (with twin needle), which saves a lot of time, is one of the advantageous features for sewing.

The portability and versatility of this sewing machine make it good to have a sewing machine for both beginners and experts.

Brother xl2600 – Overall Performance

Before getting into the specifics of our sewing machine review of the Brother XL 2600 I, we will address one of the major concerns users have about its longevity. My primary worry was whether my Brother XL 2600 I would last for years, a 25-year limited warranty was enough to put my mind at ease, and I have used the machine for quite some months now, it is still a high performing and durable machine. Other reviews also mention that this product comes with extended durability.

The lightweight, compact style machine is built to be durable as well as versatile. The sewing machine comes with an instruction manual, and that makes it a perfect machine for beginners. The instruction manual comes with step-by-step and well-laid details that can be understood by anybody; it doesn’t matter if they had any previous encounter with sewing or a sewing machine before the purchase. Other reviews also mention the easiness which comes with this machine, a fact which confirmes our observations.

It is a great sewing machine for personal use designed for home sewing, and it is capable of handling a wide variety of home-based projects such as altering clothes. There are also the options of quilting, designing, or making something that can be used to decorate the house with this machine.

The Brother XL 2600I is designed for easy use, it is designed such that by simply turning the dial, you get to select any stitching pattern of your choice, and it offers an easy threading system with an automatic needle threader, a jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin, a one-step, auto-sized buttonholes and many other features intended for the comfort of its users.

Brother 2600 – Price

While it is no surprise that sewing machines can be expensive, a few are quite cheap. The problem is not only finding a price that fits your budget but a sewing machine that is worth the money spent on it, the Brother XL2600i is a budget sewing machine of high quality. We have also had a look at more extensive reviews, covering several machines sold in the industry. Even reviews analyzing more than ten products still mention the budget relief which comes with acquiring a brother machine such as this one.

Brother xl2600i review – Noise Level

While we do not know about your noise preferences, facts have revealed that most beginners would like to learn in quiet as opposed to alerting the whole house or neighborhood of the fact that they are sewing, the same holds for most experts at sewing too.

The noise level of Brother sewing is not on the high side even though it is quite noisy. It is loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to be a source of noise irritation in the house or neighborhood.

The Brother XL2600I noise is similar to that of the modern-day vacuum cleaners. The noise isn’t too loud but can be quite annoying if you are someone who prefers complete quiet while working.

Brother 2600 sewing machine – Free Arm

The Brother Xl2600I is not exempted from having a free arm feature, for individuals who may be new to sewing, a free arm is technically a part of the sewing machine that is practically a free-standing part of the machine, which can be of aid when you want to sew a variety of things such as the legs of trousers, sleeves, limbs of clothing and many more.

Reviews of brother xl 2600i – Lighting

You may already know that sewing is an activity that requires detailed attention, and that is why we have added the feature of lighting to this sewing machine review. The Brother XL2600I sewing machine comes with a lighting feature, which makes sewing all that more comfortable with fewer hindrances. The lighting makes it possible to sew in conditions of poor illumination.

Brother xl 2600 sewing machine – SOME OTHER COOL FEATURES

Thee are other attractive features that make this machine a good buy, irrespective of what level in sewing you might find yourself. These features can be used by beginners and experts alike.

•Stitch Selector

Think about your music speakers and think about increasing the volume of it when your favorite song comes on. That is exactly how easy it is to select your preferred stitch on this machine. The only thing you have to do with this stitch selector is to concern yourself with the understanding of the science behind each stitch and why it is applied where it is.


It keeps getting better and better. The brother XL2600I makes threading effortless as possible. All that is required from you is to follow the step by step diagram printed on the machine. Threading is already taken care of. The automatic built-in threader does the rest.

We were particularly pleased with the automatic built-in function.

•No more jams

The only jam you are buying along with this machine is the one you can put in your sandwiches. Jam resistance is one of the lovable features of this product.

•Automatically sized buttonholes

There are so many stories about how this feature has been a blessing. If you are new to sewing or anything related to it, then you might not be able to relate to the stories yet, but for those who can, there’s a touch of professional finish such features provide users.

What these features do is that they make it easy to create, as you deem fit, your preference of button size. You can be creative with the button size with this great feature on the Brother XL2600i sewing machine.

You could have varying sizes of buttons holes. Big, small, big. Small, big, small. A plethora of options to explore.

•Cuffs and no cuffs

The built-in free arm is designed for the sewing of arms, legs, and other similar designs in garments. I will share a quick story as to why this feature is much more than you might realize.

I had my fair share of tailors ruining my clothes, especially when I needed them adjusted. I once got a pair of trousers that were a bit too big for me because they were the only size available, but more importantly, I liked them. I drove down to the tailor’s and handed him the pair of trousers and asked him to adjust them a bit to my size.

When I got my trousers back a couple of days later, they didn’t look like mine anymore. When you have the Brother XL2600I with features that put you on par with expert tailors, you cannot help but be happy as the fear of ruining trousers and other garments is no longer a thing.

  • Built-in Stitches

It is refreshing to know that the sewing machine you will probably be purchasing will be coming in a wide range of stitching patterns. These stitch patterns are pre-programmed to allow you to switch to various stitching patterns and styles while sewing. This brings a thrill to the mundane, repetitive stitching patterns.

With a wide array of 25 stitching patterns to choose from, the Brother XL2600I brings a variety to sewing.

  • Accessories

A few accessories come with the XL2600I model, listed below include; Buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, a narrow hemmer foot, a blind stitch foot, screwdriver, bobbins (eg. drop-in bobbin), needle pack, twin needle, an extra spool pin, and a darning plate.

In terms of stitching, the following are available to employ as you deem fit; Garment construction, decorative stitches, heirloom stitches, and quilting stitches.

Brother sewing machine xl 2600 – PROS AND CONS


•Ideal for beginners. It is a good fit for those interested in sewing

•Very affordable

•Auto size buttonhole

•Easy to use interface

•Jam-free bobbin with a simple bobbin automatic winding

•Speed control system

•Lightweight and easily portable

•Consistency across an array of stitching offered


•Made of plastic so very fragile. Might not be comfortable for some individuals.

•Not is suitable for heavy fabrics or clothing with varying layers.

•Lacks a pressure foot adjustment and has only one set.

•Not universal, but there have been complaints about users finding it hard to understand the manual.

•There have been complaints of breakages.

•Prone to malfunctioning.

•No display screen.

•Has to be run at lower speeds to avoid needle breakages, despite automatic needle threader and thread cutter.

•May be not ideal for more advanced sewers or expert tailors.

•The thread spindle can only handle small spools.

Brother xl2600i reviews – Conclusion

The Brother XL2600I sewing machine is ideal across all levels of expertise. The minor drawback of this machine is that it is made of plastic and it’s not suitable for hard fabric, but these drawbacks are not enough to deter the Brother XL2600I from being a major top pick.

A 25 built-in stitch variation makes it far more interesting with more stitch patterns to play with (eg. buttonhole stitch), asides the minor issues and the added feature of the 25 built-in stitch variations, the brother Xl2600I is ideal for all sewers of all ability. It offers relatively fast swing speeds with many other features that are fun to discover.

These sewing machines are perfect and ideal for lasting long over the years. With its 25-year warranty, the Brother XL2600I boasts of lasting long enough to be extremely durable for years to come. The lighting, free arm, jam-free bobbin with a simple bobbin automatic winding, speed control system, and many other hidden features make the Brother XL2600i the perfect gift for any sewing enthusiast.