Brother SQ9185 Sewing And Quilting Machine Reviews (2021)

The satisfaction and joy you receive from creating something with your imagination and hands is a thrill worth experiencing. Read our Brother SQ9185 Review if you enjoy seamstress work like quilting. You will understand the importance of having a good machine for sewing.

Learning to sew is a rewarding experience, and if you’re a beginner, your machine plays a significant role in your progress with becoming proficient in the art of sewing. It offers you everything you need in a sewing and quilting machine.



It is an automatic sewing machine. Through this review, you will know that it is the ideal choice for both beginners and intermediate sewists that are looking for the right balance of functionality and affordability in their equipment to stitch their clothes. It covers the needs of any beginner to stitch while offering excellent performance for any advanced or intermediate seamstress as well.

In the Brother SQ9185 review, we’ll take a closer look at this machine to help you make an informed purchase decision.


  • Plenty of versatility
  • Excellent performance with professional stitching
  • User-friendly operation with manual and instructional DVD
  • Larger working area with an attachable table
  • Portable, compact, and lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Small ¼” monograms
  • Only one font
  • No presser foot-pressure adjustment
  • Plastic parts

Brother sq9185 reviews

In this section, we’ll look at the features and functionality of this machine. We’ll measure this machine against qualifying criteria to give you an overall understanding of its operation and utility. We’ll discuss the feed dogs, needle threading, stitch length, sewing foot, threading system, free motion, etc. which makes this machine unique from other sewing machines in the market.

Sq9185 brother – Ease of Use

The Brother SQ9185 is the ideal choice for beginners who are looking for an affordable sewing machine that’s easy to use. While the Brother SQ91875 is lightweight, it won’t jump around on you during operation as other sewing machines do. The sturdy platform and feet keep it stable, even at high operating speeds.

Considering the size and the power it offers, it runs quietly compared to many other similar sewing machines. The motor is strong enough to perform the toughest quilting, penetrating multiple layers with ease. It pushes out a maximum of 850 stitches per minute, with auto-adjustment to fabric thickness.

You get a variety of built-in-stitches to the machine, with smooth threading action, and superior stitch quality. You receive a decent accessory package, with a walking foot included in the box. We like the additional table for added space when working on large quilts.

With a 7-point feed system, you obtain excellent stitch quality from better feeding while you work. Overall, it is a top-class sewing machine suitable for any level of proficiency.

Brother sewing machine sq9185 – ​Build Quality

The overall build quality of the Brother SQ9185 is good. The machine is lightweight. However, that’s due to the inclusion of plastic parts in the design and manufacture. The plastic parts give it a flimsy appearance, and we’re glad to see that this didn’t affect the operation of the unit.

The machine feels solid during operation, and it doesn’t move around, even though it’s lightweight. Still, bumping this machine off of the table might result in cracking or severe damage to its body.

SQ9185 – Computerized Operation

This unique machine features a computerized operation for an additional user-friendly operation. The computerized sewing action puts control and variety in your hands, making it a straightforward sewing machine that’s easy to master.

Brothers sq9185 – Manual Tension Adjustment

Yet it is a computerized model, you’ll need to adjust the tension manually.

Adjust the tension to the material you’re working with, and you’ll find that you get the perfect threading for your project. When applying the right tension on the machine, you should have no issues with using invisible thread.

Brother 130-stitch sewing and quilting machine, sq9185

As it comes packed with plenty of features as compared to other sewing machines. You get to choose from 130 built-in stitches, including options like decorative, utility, quilting, and heirloom stitches.

Each of the built-in stitches has a unique finish suited for specific applications, providing you with loads of utility when quilting or repairing clothes. The Brother SQ9185 offers a maximum stitch-width of 7-mm, with a maximum stitch length of 5-mm.

Apart from built-in stitches the Brother SQ9185 also features eight one-step, auto-sizing buttonhole stitches. You get every core function you would expect on a traditional sewing machine, along with some additional features that make it stand out from the competition.

Brother 130-stitch sewing and quilting machine, sq9185 – Speed Control

Any seamstress can tell you about the importance of controlling the speed of the machine during operation. The Brother SQ9185 comes with variable speed control using a slider and the stop/start button, as well as through a foot pedal. You get superior speed control to suit any materials you’re working with on your project. The speed control button features three positions and a maximum stitch capacity of 850-stitches per minute. However, most sewists choose to work with a foot pedal to give them the true hands-free operation of the machine.

Fortunately, you get excellent speed control over your work, but the buttons might come in handy with heavier materials if you need to control them over the table. They’re also useful if you’re working with the machine on the floor, where a foot pedal is not practical for use.

The machine also features a reverse stitch function as well. The reverse switch allows you to reinforce stitches with additional stitches at the beginning and end of the seam. As a result, you secure the seam without having to remove it from the machine.

Brothers sq9185 sewing machine – Needle Position Button 

We enjoyed the needle-position button when using the machine. This feature allows you to select the position of the needle after you stop sewing. It’s an incredibly handy feature when pivoting or removing the fabric from the sewing table.  The 7-point feed dogs also provide you with smooth fabric feeding. These feed dogs also allow you to do freehand work, such as free-motion quilting. You also get a drop-feed option to enhance your freehand quilting experience as well.

SQ9185 sewing machine: ​Easy-Needle Threading System 

Threading is one of the biggest pains with starting a project on a sewing machine. If the needle threading system is not good in a sewing machine then you can not work properly. Fortunately, the Brother SQ9185 comes with an auto-threading feature that’s easy to use. The easy needle threading component of the Brother SQ9185 allows you to thread your needles in seconds, without any hassle or frustration.

Brother sq9185 review – Top Drop-in Bobbin

The bobbin on the Brother SQ9185 features a winding system with a top drop-in functionality that’s both quick and practical to use. The sewing machine comes with a free-arm to help you handle collars, sleeves, and cuffs on shirts and blouses. Moreover, it is best for sewing and free motion quilting.

SQ9185 brother sewing machine – ​Monogramming

Express your creativity in your sewing with this unique feature of the Brother SQ9185. Most sewing machines don’t have a monogramming feature, and if you want it, you’ll end up paying big bucks for your unit.  The Brother SQ9185 offers you ​​​55-alphanumeric stitches, as well as a built-in font for monogramming. The variety of monogramming options allow you to experiment with all of the options to find which one best suits your project.  However, there is only one font size available, and it’s relatively small. Still, it’s a nice feature, and we’re sure you’ll find plenty of utility for it in your quilting and seamstress projects.

SQ9185 review – LCD Display

On the front panel of the Brother SQ9185, you’ll find a backlit LCD that allows for easy reading of your settings in dim lighting conditions.

The display shows you the number of your selected stitch, as well as the stitch settings, including stitch length and stitch width. The display also shows you your recommended presser feet settings for optimal performance so that you can stitch better and the stitches look like professional sewing.

​​​Brother sewing machine sq9185 reviews – LED Working Area

If you’re working in a dimly lit room, or on overcast days where natural lighting is low, then you’ll benefit from using the LED lighting feature of the Brother SQ9185. The LED lighting is somewhat weak, but it’s enough to light up your sewing area for nice stitches and help you stay in control of your stitching.

Brother sewing machines sq9185 – Accessories

The Brother SQ9185 comes with an excellent selection of pressure feet. Inside the box, you’ll find the following sewing foot.

  • Button sewing and buttonhole foot
  • Blindstitch foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Monogramming foot
  • Quarter-inch quilting foot with quilt guide
  • Walking foot
  • Zig-zag foot
  • Zipper foot

Your accessory storage comes built-into the machine for easy access when working. Inside the storage unit, you’ll find the following accessories.

  • Needle set
  • Ballpoint needle
  • Twin needle
  • Seam-ripper
  • Eyelet punch
  • Extra spool pin
  • 4-bobbins
  • Bobbin clip
  • Cleaning brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Instructional DVD and Operating manual

Brother sq9185 customer reviews – Attachable Wide Working Table

The Brother SQ9185 comes with an attaching working table that clips into the machine. It’s the ideal accessory for providing you with an extended working surface for larger projects, such as quilts. On the side, you’ll find a manual thread-cutter within easy reach.

Brother sq9185 sewing and quilting machine – Light Weight

The Brother SQ9185 is lightweight, weighing 18.45-lbs. It is 11.48-inches wide, 6.69-inches deep, and 16.02-inches in height. Due to its compact and lightweight design, it’s easy to store and carry it around. Take it to your next sewing class, or over to a friend’s house to help them in their project.

Despite the lightweight design of the Brother SQ9185, it still manages to provide you with a stable sewing surface that doesn’t jump around during operation.

The plastic casing it responsible for the weight reduction in this machine. However, you’ll need to be careful when transporting the Brother SQ9185, as the plastic body will crack if you drop it on the floor.

The Brother SQ9185 is not overtly noisy during operation, and you won’t have to deal with noise permeating throughout your home while operating it.

Brother sq9185 sewing machine reviews – Instructional DVD and Operating Manual

Brother includes an instructional DVD and operator’s manual inside the box. The DVD contains instructions on how to use the machine properly. You also get details on all the accessories provided with the SQ9185.

The manual is in English, and it’s easy to read and understand. We think that the instructional DVD is fantastic, and it helps you get the most out of your first sewing and quilting machine project with the SQ9185.

Brother sewing sq9185: 25-Year Limited Warranty

The Brother SQ9185 comes with a 25-year limited warranty, featuring free technical support for the product’s lifetime. Customer service from Brother is excellent, and they’ll attend to any queries you have with the product.

Brother sq9185 sewing machine – Optional Carry Case

Protect your Brother SQ9185 sewing and quilting machine while you transport it between venues. As mentioned, the plastic body is prone to damage if you drop it on the floor or a hard surface.

Mitigate the risk involved with transporting your SQ9185 by buying an optional carry case for your machine. Brother offers an original carry case designed specifically for the SQ9185, which is the ideal way of protecting your unit during transport.

Brother sq9185 – Conclusion

The Brother SQ9185 is the ideal choice for beginners and advanced sewists looking for a quality sewing machine at an affordable price point. The Brother sewing and quilting machine SQ9185 is comparable to more expensive units, with plenty of user-functionality and benefits that suit the beginner to an intermediate sewist to stitch their clothes.

If you’re a hobbyist quilter or seamstress, then you can’t go wrong with the Brother SQ9185. It’s an excellent machine for beginners, and it has plenty of features that you can learn to use as your skills develop. The stitches look professional.

However, if you’re looking to do custom embroidery or monogramming, then you’ll need to find a different machine that caters to this option. The monogramming feature of the Brother SQ9185 is only suitable for occasional use due to its limitations on font size.

The lack of pressure adjustment on the foot presser is somewhat annoying if you’re an experienced seamstress looking for this type of functionality. However, the easy threading system included with the SQ9185 is a convenient feature for beginners.

You also get a walking foot included with the machine, something that’s often not included with others as a standard accessory.

Overall, the Brother SQ9185 is both a versatile and reliable sewing machine with excellent performance that suits both beginners and advanced sewists. Create professional stitches in seconds, and bring more creativity to your projects with the additional features of the machine.

The Brother SQ9185 is the ideal option for an all-purpose home sewing machine, suitable for use on projects like quilting, clothing repairs, crafting projects and alterations.