Brother 1034d Review – Top Branded Coverstitch Sergers (2020)

Do you need a professional touch on your homemade dress? Do you want to make the best possible clothing for yourself and make others wonder, where did you get this dress from? By saving yourself a lot of money you can get the best sewing machine for yourself with the help of this review. It can also be very rewarding when people figure out that you are wearing something you made at home with your professional serger. Brother 1034d review will help you.


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Are you familiar with how to sew? Are you new to sewing? Are you an expert serger? To clarify, Brother 1034d Sergers fulfills all the requirements of every level of every serger user. However, for new sewers, we recommend that you choose the best for yourself but don’t go for too expensive sergers. Especially when you are not sure that you’ll stick to this hobby.

Consider choosing the Brother 1034d serger as it meets all the basic and advanced needs of a sewer, and it’s easy to use. However, we also don’t recommend you to choose the cheapest machine for yourself. We have compiled all the information in this review about this incredible sewing machine named Brother 1034d.

In this article, we’ll give you a review of Brother 1034d. With this information, you can compare your needs that fit for a serger machine.

Why not make an effort to give yourself a treat? That not just helps you in looking good but also increases your power to do something that speaks about your passion and the beauty of what you wear. A serger can be the greatest choice for you, especially the Brother 1034d serger. So let us walk you through the functionality, features, and other specifications of it.

We know how important a sewing machine is to a sewer. A sewing machine is the friend of every girl if she is familiar with such working. A good sewing machine can work as a lifesaver for you. All you need is one sewing machine that’s easy to use, has excellent functionality, and is lower in price. But what if sewing machines come along with some perks? How does it sound? A machine that not only sews for you but also does embroidery on your fabric? All you need is to set your hands on it. Let’s get familiar with the features and functionalities of Brother 1034d review.

Brother 1034d Review Specifications:

  • Type: Serger
  • Speed:1300 spm
  • Threads:4-Mar
  • Built-in stitches:22
  • Change to Rolled Hem: Yes
  • Stitch length:0.8mm to 4.0mm
  • Stitch width:3.0mm to 7.0mm
  • Trim Catcher: Yes
  • Free arm: Included
  • USB connectivity:no
  • LED work area: yes
  • Dimensions:11” x 11.7 “x 13.2”
  • Weight:16lbs
  • Warranty:25 years of limited

Brother 1034d serger reviews

Brother 1034d is a 4 thread machine. This serger machine gives you 4 threads cones with 2 needles. These kinds of sewing machines are designed for finishing the edges and hems of your fabric. Along with all the stretchy fabrics and linen material, it sews multiple denim fabrics at a time. This Brother 1034d Serger can be the most valuable item in your house. With this beast, you can create perfect ruffles and decorate your edges on your formal wear nicely.

It’s very simple to learn. You can easily use the three out of four-thread serger features. It also offers you 22 built-in stitch functionality and interchangeable feet option. With this Brother 1034d review, you can achieve your goal of giving your best shot at stitching. It works neatly on thin and thick fabrics.

The sewing machines support all textures and fabrics. Being a real workhorse that does almost everything with speed and advanced features, Brother 1034d gives you the best stitch quality at affordable prices. Brother 1034d is very cost-effective because it is equipped with unique and easily changeable transitions to help you achieve your desired stitch.

No matter how many layers you need to get stitched, this machine works like wonders for you. This machine is heavy-duty enough to qualify for the best professional category of sewing machines. This machine is a perfect fit for amateur sewers with a low budget. We recommend this high-quality machine for you if you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a heavy-duty machine.

Brother 1034d coverstitch – Overall performance

The overall purpose of 1034D is to create perfect hems rapidly. These threading systems are making this sewing machine a giant in the sewing niche market. The capacity to make the stitches perfect and rapid stitching functionality is reasonable and decent. Hence it can be a gadget of choice for experienced as well as new sewers.

The overall performance of Brother 1034d welcomes you with some accessories such as cleaning burs to clean the sewing machines, a relevant needle pack, four spool nets, and a trim trap. Along with this, it also contains an institution book and a CD, that will guide you about the machine functionalities and its usefulness.

No matter what the material of the fabric is, this Brother 1034d serger will complete its task without any problems. Heavy-Duty sewing machines are the priority of a serger user. But Brother serger competes with other heavy-duty machines. Talking about the review of this machine, we know that not all heavy-duty sewing machines perform well on some fabric material. For different fabrics, you need sewing machines of different kinds and having different specifications along. Brother 1034d comes along with some necessary items for you. These are the items you must have when you are about to begin sewing.

Brother sergers reviews includes

  • Accessory feet (Standard Foot, Blind stitch Foot, Gathering Foot)
  •  Foot Control Pedal 
  • An Accessory bag
  • Softcover
  • Instructional DVD
  • English/Spanish User Guide
  • 25-year limited warranty card


Brother 1034d stitches – Accessories:

  • 4 spools of serger thread
  • 3 thread spool caps
  • Set of needles
  • 4 thread nets
  • Tweezers
  • Machine cleaning brush
  • Hexagonal driver
  • Trim trap

Brother serger 1034d reviews – Ease of use:

Sewing machines are a basic need of every house. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you need it in your life. This machine works like wonders. Brother 1034d is an expert when it comes to providing a means to sewing seams, doing neat stitches, decorative buttonholes, and even polishing the raw edges of the seam. This sewing machine performs its magic very accurately.

This serger is exclusively known for finishing the raw edges of seams. If you are confused with the question that whether you should buy Brother 1034d serger or not? The answer is yes. You should buy this machine that lefts a cleaner, neater look on your seams. Because the specifications for this one are a huge upgrade, this machine has made a clear demand in the market. We recommend you to choose Brother 1034d serger for the best professional cleaner and neater touch. It is easy to use and performs its functionality neatly.

Brother serger 1034d review – Easy Threading:

In terms of achievements, Brother serger got the lead in the market with its unique and remarkable features. Its easy threading functionality has made this machine a perfect choice to invest in. It fulfills all basic as well as many specific functionalities of a sewing machine. Simply read the instructions and follow the steps presenting how to install it and how to use the threader with the needle.

Important Note: Do not forget to use cones of threading every time you work with a serger. Avoid using Spools of threads on sergers because sergers consume more threads.

On the other hand, it also had a built-in guide that gives you the best instructions, exactly where to thread every one of 4 threads. It’s very user-friendly and easy to understand with the instructions provided. Normally sewing machines have only one thread option in it for sewing, but serger machines commonly have 3-4 threads.

This machine guarantees to give you a secure finishing touch. However, using extra threads epitomize the crude, frayed the edges better than a single thread stitch. Moreover, encapsulating more threads probably won’t work for you or fulfill all of your requirements, but we guarantee you won’t regret investing in the 1034D serger.

We believe that nobody wants to wear a dress that looks homemade. Keeping this in mind, we are stating this review because we desire to provide you with the best pieces of information to make sure you invest in the best choice. For instance, some fabrics are cut roughly and unravel after some time. But with this machine, you can see the difference in stitch. This machine securely closes off the raw edge of any thick fabric neatly. It will also stop the fabric from unraveling.

Brother homelock 1034d serger – Sewing speed:

In this digital era where everyone is in a hurry, all you need is a perfect sewing machine that speeds up your urgent sewing tasks. Typically regular sewing machines are not fast in speed at all, but this Brother serger 1034d has the versatile quality to 1300 stitches per minute. When you are all geared up with the functionality of this machine, you can have the ability to adjust the speed, whether you want it fast or slow. You can customize the sewing speed of your Brother serger according to the need of your fabric. There is an initiative dial option with this; you can easily change the settings without any hassle to have the best results.

Brother serger 1034d coverstitch – Differential Feed:

Aside from the entire essential features, this serger has got, there’s a differential feed. We’ll talk about this feature to give you a hassle-free experience while sewing. With differential fabric feed, you can have the option to adjust the kit according to the fabric. It will help the sewer to sew clothes without any issue. Dialers will help you achieve the wavy and rough stitching style with differential feed. The differential feed gives you better stitch quality. The Brother serger owns one differential fabric feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0.

All you have to do is to follow the manual, and you can knit any fabric you get your hands on with differential fabric feed. Whether you want to knit denim to the jersey on any other thick fabric, this sewing machine provides a means to knit any fabric quickly. All you need is to rotate the dial and get the stitch of your choice. You can also start threading one by one or all at once, depending on your choice.

Brother 1034d Serger Built-in Stitches/ Versatile Stitch Options:

The machine is made for both beginners and experienced sewers with the development of 4 cones thread, 4 thread overlock options, 2 needles, narrow hem option, 3 thread overlock as ribbon lock, 22 built-in stitches, and numerous different things make Brother 1034d the best decision.

Brother overlock 1034d feature is one feature that is helpful for all users. These built-in 22 stitches may not seem a lot when you compare it to regular 100 stitches. 22 built-in stitches are all your seam projects. The Brother serger program is designed to provide you a better-finished cloth with Brother 1034d overlocker. You can also perform some other features with this machine-like blind hemming, flatlock, and additional pin tucks.

Brother overlocker 1034d performs neat overlock on almost every fabric. You just need some practice. It has adjustable stitches 5mm to 7mm. There is one knob on the left side to adjust the length of the stitch. On the other hand, you can move the dial to the left side for a tighter stitch.

Along with that, you can move it to the right for a looser stitch. The knob will work fine for you at no.03 for almost every sewing project. This is designed to create a stitch capable of adjusting to any kind of fabric.

Brother 1034d review – Adjustable Foot Pressure:

An adjustable foot presser gives you access to apply a certain amount of pressure on different kinds of fabrics. Adjust the foot pressure according to the thickness and thinnest of a cloth. Depending on the texture of the fabric, you can have the ability to adjust the foot presser of your machine.

This is known to be one wonderful feature you surely need in a sewing machine. The adjustable foot presser performs high-quality stitching on both heavy and light fabrics. This feature manages to give you perfect sewing curves and prevent your fabric from puckering.

Brother 1034d serger reviews – Two-point thread tension control device:

This machine gives you 2 needles for threads. Two-point thread tension controls the device. These needles are used to create a perfect stitch by tightening and loosing the thread in every single stitch. Brother 1034d is modified to adjust the tension for every needle. This feature gives the sewer control over the tightness of each stitch. With this sewer, one can easily detect if there’s any problem with the stitch.

All of the tension dials are covered and coded with colors. You can adjust the thread settings and keep the thread in place by the tension dials. However, if you face any issue with the final stitch, you can easily undo it with the help of color coding details. You can determine which one you were using before and adjust one through the tension dial, respectively.

Brother 1034d coverstitch – Retractable knife blade:

Having the option to move the blade’s sharp edge keeps it out of the way. This retractable knife sews for you without coming in your way. It saves your work area and stays aside. There’s one little switch at the bottom of your machine. Adjust the position of the cutting knife. We suggest you flip it to the right. By flipping it to the right side, you don’t have to adjust it again and again.

The retractable knife blade has gathered the attention of many people interested in sewing. You wouldn’t need to stress over your bit of fabrics getting cut by this sharp edge. None of the shaper blades in any sewing machine can be superior to the retractable knife blade of the 1034D sewing experts!

Brother serger reviews – Removable Free arm: 

You can expel the parts of the arm to sew cylindrical items like sleeves and round collars. Regardless of the size of this machine, you can still perform heavy projects on this machine with the free arm. These machines come along with an easily removable free arm. This facility in sewing machines helps you to seam rolled hem. Using this you can handle your fabric while threading. This program is designed to provide you the flexibility while working on a sewing machine.

Brother sergers reviews – Brightly Lit work area:

No more extra lights! The brightly lit bulb area in the Brother serger brightens up your work area. With the help of light, you will feel less strain on your eyes when working at night or in a darker area. You can have your own little space that brightens up. This bulb is replaceable. You can easily get your spare bulb for your Brother serger.

Brother 1034d Stitches, Dimensions and weight:

The Brother 1034d can sew virtually any weight of the fabric. It has user-friendly rich features of a heavy-duty sewing machine. It requires less maintenance and works smoothly. The dimensions of the Brother 1034d are 11″ x 11.7 “x 13.2” and the machine weighs 16lbs. These qualities make this machine a very handy lightweight to provide a means to handle it easily. Usually, serger machines are heavier in weight, but this Brother serger stands in the crowd of sewing machines due to its lightweight, portability feature, and other excellent features.

Brother serger 1034d reviews: Built-in Storage:

The Brother 1034d gives you built-in storage in which you can keep clutter and other waste material of your fabric to keep your serging space neat and clean.

Brother serger 1034d review Price:

The Brother 1034d serger is sold for an affordable price. You can choose the best price for this product if you buy it online. We suggest you invest in the right product at the right time. However, if you are in need to buy a sewing machine right now, go online and order your Brother serger. It’s a wise decision to invest in a product having advanced features that are also user-friendly.

Brother homelock 1034d serger – Key features:

  • 22 built-in stitches including 4 thread overlock option, narrow hem option, and 3 thread overlock as ribbon lock.
  • Easy threading feature.
  • Adjustable foot presser.
  • 2-point thread tension control device.
  • Retractable knife blade.
  • Removable free arm.
  • 25-year warranty.
  • 1,300 stitches per minute maximum sewing speed.


  • Easy to thread with its 3/4 functionality.
  • Perfect for beginners and expert sewers.
  • Adjustable Foot Presser.
  • Cost-effective. Bunch of professional sewing features within an affordable price.
  • The fast switching speed of 1300 Spm helps you in finishing your projects timely.


  • Rolled Hem feature can only be applied to specific textures.
  • The instructional Video in the DVD has a low resolution.


Brother serger reviews – Conclusion:

The Brother 1034d serger has got some really good features that benefit every user. Whether you are new to sewing or an expert, choose a machine with professional touches. This product does have some drawbacks, but it is also equipped with professional and advanced features. It has features that are advanced enough for a professional. This cost-effective machine can give you all the perks of a professional sewing machine within your budget. We recommend you to read the manual guide, which comes along with this gadget.

Follow the step by step guides to design your professional finishing touch. If you want to know what can be done with this machine, then you need to know that beginners by learning its manual guide have been able to stitch curtains, baby blankets, roll edges, thread easily, and sew multiple layers of thick fabric, etc. It works properly if you keep it in proper check and balance by checking the oil and by treating it with proper care and maintenance. It can last for several years if cared properly.

Using the differential fabric feed, you can become an expert with your serger machine. Brother 1034d stands in the crowd with its speed stitching feature and smart design. This kind of sewing machine performs a differential fabric feed program rapidly. Its super-fast sewing speed has made it unique in the sewing market. It is a portable machine that you can move anywhere at any time.

This lightweight, compact design is easy to place anywhere. With the glowing light feature, you can work even in the darkest place. To grow your love for sewing or to switch from amateur to pro: “Congratulations!” you are going to make the right decision by buying this machine. This serger might be a good choice for those who want to give neat and smooth touches to their stitching. You can easily find the 1034D online.