Best Serger Tread For Overlocker Reviews (2021)

Thread makes a huge difference when it comes to sewing your fabrics.

Like Maxi Lock thread, serger thread makes all the difference in fabrics designed for professional wear and blends the seams of the fabric with the thread.

More importantly, serger thread loops several times in the loop of a serger sewing machine, and hence its nature allows it to avoid forming knots when sewing at high speeds.

Moreover, its tension and strength allow you to sew smoothly without puckering.

This is why we wrote this article to give you a review of some of the best serger threads on the market.

Note that the first thread we have experimented with and used; hence it is our editor’s choice.

We have also included a buying guide and answered some of your frequent questions to make your serger thread shopping easy.

Our Piks:

#1. Editor’s choice: Exquisite Snazzy Lok Serger Thread – A760501 White 1000M Spool


Editor’s choice: Exquisite Snazzy Lok Serger Thread - A760501 White 1000M Spool



  • 1000 meters
  • White thread color
  • 84% polyester

The Snazzy Lok Serger white thread is among the best polyester serger threads to use to add some pizzazz to your sewing.

The thread is available in 1000-meter cones of different colors that allow you to make your sewing fancy.

This innovative thread is made of poly-nylon with a touch of polyester serger thread to increase your sewing’s glamour.

This primarily polyester serger thread has a metallic appearance, which makes the thread provide decorative seams and edging.


  • 84% polyester quality serger thread
  • 1000 meters in length
  • Multiple uses for different fabrics like swimwear and woven material


  • Combined polyester and nylon. Not suitable for those who need nylon thread

#2. Honorary mention: Exquisite Snazzy Lok Serger Thread – A760502 Black 1000M Spool


Honorary mention: Exquisite Snazzy Lok Serger Thread - A760502 Black 1000M Spool



  • 1000 meters
  • Black in color
  • 84% polyester

This primarily polyester thread deserves an honorary mention from us since it provides glamour and pizzazz to any fabric.

New enthusiasts can enjoy this new quality serger thread in experimenting with different projects.

It is made of 84% polyester, which gives the thread a shiny metallic appearance to add glitz to the final product.

This polyester thread can also be used on any sewing machine with a serger and by users of any skill level. Additionally, the thread is wound on cones, which makes it easy to use and store.


  • 1000 meters long making it last for large projects
  • Used for decorative seams and lettuce edging for professional fabrics
  • Suitable for sewing sportswear, swimwear, and other fabrics
  • Conveniently boxed for proper storage


  • Does not contain pure nylon

#3. Exquisite Snazzy Lok Serger Thread – A760511 Lavender 1000M Spool


Exquisite Snazzy Lok Serger Thread - A760511 Lavender 1000M Spool



  • 1000 meters
  • Lavender in color
  • 84% nylon

The level of your skill in sewing does not matter when it comes to this Snazzy Lok Serger lavender thread.

It is a thread that allows you to experiment on all your projects while providing perfect final products for you.

With just 1000 meters, this thread can accommodate small and large projects without worrying about changing the spool every few minutes.

Also, its perfect combination of poly-nylon allows it to be used on a variety of fabrics.


  • Can be used on any serger brand sewing machine
  • Adds interest and variety to projects
  • Made of 84% nylon to use on different fabrics
  • 1000 meters long


  • Not suitable for fabrics that need a softer texture, like woolen fabrics

#4. Exquisite Snazzy Lok Serger Thread – A760503 Natural 1000M Spool


Exquisite Snazzy Lok Serger Thread - A760503 Natural 1000M Spool



  • 1000 meters
  • Natural color
  • 84% polyester

The Snazzy Lok Serger natural thread is a sewer’s best friend.

Made of 84% polyester and 16% nylon, the thread’s polyester core creates strong hems and edges for quality products.

The 1000-meter spool is wrapped on a cone and stored conveniently to avoid destruction.

Also, polyester is added to colored nylon to thread a metallic appearance, which makes it glamorous.

As a result, any sewer can use this thread at any level of skill on a variety of sewing machines for interesting creations.


  • Made of 84% polyester, hence strong for most fabrics
  • It can be used on any serger brand
  • The metallic appearance provide glitz and glamour to the final product


  • It cannot be used on soft textured fabrics

Buying Guide 

First, you need to understand that the best serger thread is different from the standard sewing thread.

The former is designed so that it is lightweight enough to be fed into sergers at high speeds.

Its texture makes it move smoothly without forming any knots on the serger sewing machine.

Moreover, while purchasing serger threads, you need to consider several factors to ensure that the threads you purchase are right for your project.

For that reason, we have highlighted some of the factors below to help in your consideration.


Material is a significant factor as it helps avoid clogging sergers.

While there are many materials used for threads, polyester thread is the most commonly used in servers because of its high resistance against abrasion and the prevention of bunching on seams.

The thread also has great strength, reduced puckering, and thus provides a matte finishing.

Nylon thread is good for fabric like sportswear and swimwear, as it is elasticized.


Colors are essential since they allow you to have a variety of colors for your fabric.

Additionally, ensure the colors of the threads you buy blend well with the colors of the fabric.

Length of thread 

Projects that are done using sergers normally need a lot of thread for seams. Therefore, check to make sure that any threads you buy for your serger machine are long enough.


In most cases, price determines the quality of the thread you buy.

As a result, to get quality thread and colors that provide you with quality final products, you must spend money to achieve it.

Also, a poor-quality thread may damage serger machines sooner or later, hence incurring more costs.

UV resistant/Lint-free 

It is crucial to check if the thread is lint-free to avoid trouble when sewing continuously.

Sewers should also check if the thread shrinks and if it is UV and mildew resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the optimal thread to use in a serger? 

The best thread to use in a serger runs smoothly even when sewing at high speeds.

The thread should not form knots during the process and hence clog up the serger and ruin seams.

What is the top thread for overlocking? 

The best thread for overlocking must be lint-free to ease the hassle while sewing continuously. Take a look at this review with the best coverstitch machine.

Besides, a good quality polyester overlocking thread will go a long way to ensuring you have fun while sewing and overlocking.

What is the difference between a serger thread and a regular thread?

Serger thread is different from the standard thread in that it is more lightweight compared to the latter.

It is finer compared to the standard thread to ensure that it goes through the serger’s needles and loops without forming knots.

As a result, the sewing machine with serger thread has more strength and tension than standard threads.

Can I use the regular thread on a serger?

Yes, you can use the regular thread on a serger.

However, two or more threads can be fed to a serger at once to complete a project.

Therefore, using a regular thread means you may run out of the thread before the project is finished.

It is also more costly compared to the serger thread.


Choosing a serger thread for your creations is a crucial step that you must get right.

It is important to understand factors like the material of the thread, thread color, mildew resistance, and the quality of the thread before making a purchase.

This article provides a review of some of the best serger threads on the market.

Among them, the Snazzy Lok Serger thread in white and black colors got the editor’s choice and honorary mention, respectively, in this article.

The Snazzy Lok serger lavender thread is also a great tool to take your sewing to another level.

These threads have the right quality of material and characteristics that increase the appeal and variety of colors of creating any person sewing using them.

To meet a good level of perfection in your sewing art, you need the right tools by your side.

This article is one of those tools; have fun with your sewing creations!