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Best Portable Charcoal Grills & Buyer’s Guide – Choose One!

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All of us love to spend some hours walking in a park or outdoor camping, you like to prepare our meals outdoors, with friends. Can you imagine cooking outside without a portable charcoal grill? I can not. We all love the great smoky taste of meat from a charcoal grill.

Best Portable Charcoal Grills List

The selection of rates, in addition to attributes, differs, which is why I’m higher than convinced that you will quickly discover the appropriate portable charcoal grill that will meet your assumptions. I have chosen the best ones.

1. Best Budget: Weber Smokey Joe Portable Charcoal Grills
2. Best Portable-Weber Go-Anywhere
3. Best Overall-Weber Jumbo Joe Portable Charcoal Grills
4. Lodge L410 Portable Charcoal Grills
5. Char-Griller E22424 Table Top Charcoal Grill
6. Quick Grill Medium: Original Folding Charcoal Grill Portable

Portable Charcoal Grills Reviews

1. Budget Pick – Weber Smokey Joe

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Smokey Joe is an exceptionally light-weight, versatile, long-lasting, and small portable charcoal grill. It is one of the most portable charcoal grills due to dimension and weight. It is convenient in all the crowded areas where size and weight are essential.

It is a fantastic option for coastlines, parks, camping locations, little terraces in the city or small courtyard areas.

  • The cooking place is 147 square inches.
  • It is pretty good for preparing food for 1-2 people.
  • It is built from aluminum

Weber Smokey Joe has a lid that permits heat control. At this cost as well as classification, it’s a very affordable feature.

It likewise has air ventilators that aid with reasonable warmth control.

  • If you wish to accomplish a high temperature, open the air vents right.
  • If you still consider that the temperature is as well reduced, take off the grill’s lid and develop an upper air circulation.

The benefits of  using Weber Smokey Joe

Undoubtedly, because of its dimension, this grill has lots of constraints. It will certainly function terrific for cooking tiny chunks of meat (poultry wings, hamburgers, sausages or steaks).

Another drawback is the reduced air vent, which commonly gets blocked with ash. However, with such a tiny structure of the grill, it is straightforward to understand. You must tidy the air vents from time to time.

The structure, similar to when it concerns full-sized charcoal grills, is high-level in regards to the condition. Such grill, when protected adequately, can last several years.


  • The amount
  • The weight and dimension


  • The lower air chimney gets obstructed with ash

2. Best Portable – Weber Go-Anywhere

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Weber Go-Anywhere is a practical light-weight grill. You can take it with one hand (it can be folded in a second). Great for travel, at home, or small places such as a terrace. Then there’s the actual cost, suitable to the excellent quality grill.

It is entirely enough for about two individuals. It will fit two steaks or 6 burgers. The grill supplies 160 square inches of preparing food cast-iron grates.

You can take the Portable Charcoal Grills anyplace you need it. I choose that grill for its usefulness as well as versatility.

  • It is well build and assembly. The collapsible legs twist around the grill and fold into the form of a rectangle-shaped toolbox.
  • It is built from porcelain-coated cast iron
  • The grill weighs 14  pounds, and it is one of the best and also most practical portable charcoal grills.


  • The weight
  • Amazingly easy to carry along
  • Simple to use and gather


  • Difficult temperature control
  • The small range of the hot charcoal from the grates

3. Best of the Best – Weber Jumbo Joe

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Weber Jumbo Joe is a fantastic portable charcoal grill for a reasonable cost. It’s the best opportunity in this group. Lightweight and with prominent cooking space, useful and very sturdily developed. Weber perfectly reveals how to produce great portable charcoal grills for reasonable rates.

This grill isn’t amongst the tiniest ones, but in spite of its glossy building and low weight, I still consider that it is lightweight and also accessible to move and carry.

  • It will serve excellent in many areas outside the residence, such as outdoor camping locations as coastlines or parks.
  • It is likewise an excellent solution for those with restricted space in the backyard or porch along.
  • The Weber Kettle – one of the most prominent and the best marketing grill; there’s additionally been a smaller sized portable version.

It has lots of enjoyable as well as essential functions that make it a hassle-free and also efficient mobile charcoal grill.

Regardless of its dimension, Weber Jumbo Joe offers top quality of cooking comparable to the full-sized Weber Performer. Great cooking space (240 square inches) enables us to accomplish excellent outcomes when food preparation. It is sufficiently reliable for a wider variety of individuals. It is made of Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron.

Under the grill’s shelter, you will undoubtedly find a lot of room for a portable charcoal grill. It indicates that it’s a grill that performs it feasible to prepare in several spaces.

Benefits of using Weber Jumbo Joe

  • It attains heats that are ideal for frying burgers or steaks.
  • One significant benefit is undoubtedly the ash catcher, it isn’t perfected, but it does its work.


  • The rate
  • The barbecuing area
  • Easy to carry and to assemble (15-30 minutes)
  • Performance of a full-sized grill


  • Vertically tight – can’t preparing an entire chicken or turkey.

The price is diminished as well as totally suitable for the quality of the grill.

4. Lodge L410


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Another recommendation is a mobile charcoal grill made entirely of cast-iron hibachi. It is unquestionably a grill for years ahead. The cast-iron building guarantees years of resilience. Lodge L410 has lots of benefits as well as downsides.

The cooking area has to do with 150 square inches. I assume it suffices for 2-3 individuals. But, concluding by the size of this grill, I have to extend its biggest drawback.

The central location of this portable charcoal grill is 150 square inches — the gross weights over 30 pounds, which is a lot for this dimension.

  • The reason is undoubtedly the element the grill was constructed from cast-iron.
  • The Cast-iron is excellent at keeping heat, which is why after you’ve performed the cooking, you need to wait a while till your grill cools.
  • That is a different little downside.

It requires a cover, which is what allows much better temperature level control. There is an improvement, in the two-level free range within the food as well as hot charcoal.

The cast-iron is corrosion immune. The proper maintenance will inevitably lead to corrosion, showing up externally of the cast-iron. That is why after each cooking the grill is cleaned and well preserved.


  • Flexible grate elevation
  • Sturdy


  • The weight
  • The payment

Lodge L410 is an alternative for those who expect to have an extremely sturdy and reliable grill for several years. The building is constructed from cast-iron, which indicates that with proper maintenance, this grill must serve you for years.

5. Char-Griller E22424 Table Top and Side Fire Box

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Firstly, the fascinating as well as sturdy, secure building evocative a full-sized timeless smoker. The complete charcoal grill weighs about 40 pounds. It is an excellent grill for a walk to the park, or outdoor camping, for yard or the veranda if you don’t have sufficient area for a full-sized grill.

This item has a cast-iron grate with the location of 250 square inches. You will provide a lot of food on this grill, adequate for 4-5 people. 

  • The grates are cast iron, needing repeated seasoning together with washing for a high and healthy and stable life.

It barbecues and also smokes well, aided by the positioning of the ventilators (one under the charcoal box as well as one on the other side). This method supplies excellent cross-ventilation, and the smoke is drawn across the food.

Benefits of using the Char-Griller E22424

There are many benefits and a few much less notable negative aspects. It requires a lid lock which is essential when assigning it. Second of all, because of the side, it is not the most comfortable to move.

One significant benefit is the capability to plug this grill to a full-sized grill as a side firebox. In this system, you obtain added 250 square inches of cookery location for the main grill. You can dismantle it any time to bring it along for a journey someplace, like when going outdoors.

The building is made in a manner that maintains heat and also smokes inside, which gives the food a terrific smoke taste. On the side, you’ll find air ventilators that you can utilize to regulate the warmth level inside the grill openly.


  • Detachable ash dish
  • Large cookery location
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent for searing meat


  • Big and heavy
  • No paintwork

Char-Griller Table Top is an excellent option. The open lid is fantastic at holding warmth as well as smoke inside the grill, providing food a very delicious particular smoke taste.

6. Quick Grill: Original Folding Charcoal Grill 

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If you want to pick up an unbelievably lightweight folding charcoal grill, this is the one for you. That’s why I suggest you this grill which weighs 4.75 pounds! I consider it’s an excellent option for those it’s an attractive option mainly if you have a small terrace or are going trekking.

You can carry it in the bag or take it in a devoted little suitcase. Allow me to advise here that lots of various other portable charcoal grills typically weights from 10+ to as lots of as 40 extra pounds.

This grill was produced, having in mind basic food someplace outside for a couple of individuals. You get enough space for a fish, 6+ hen wings, four burgers, two tools sized steaks, couple of hot dogs, or some veggies.

Benefits of using the Original Folding Charcoal Grill

  • It is excellent for camping, on the coastline, fishing, at the park, or taking place a trip.
  • Fitting grills with a cover weight far more, which suggests it is not always possible to carry them along if there is no car.
  • When it pertains to this grill, the trick is comfortable setting up as well as weight, which makes it reasonable to take it everywhere you want. Its importance, which is 4.75 pounds.


  • The weight
  • Unusually mobile
  • The arrangement


  • The cost

I have placed this grill on my checklist of the very best portable charcoal grills. The temperature level control may be useless without a lid.

How to Pick the Best Portable Charcoal Grill

You can find loads of various grills. It is a very tiresome work to choose and assess the best portable charcoal grills. I have some experience when it involves BARBEQUE. Still, I needed to dedicate lots of time to approach the topic in a genuinely specialist way. On the other hand, I analyzed lots of charcoal grills reviews.

What features are we looking for before buying the best portable charcoal grills?

When evaluating various grills, it was my objective to figure out what are the features of a perfect portable charcoal grill. There are different features, cooking area, weight, dimensions, and prices.

  • It should have sufficient grill area to cook for two
  • It needs to be relatively lightweight
  • Must be good at keeping warm.

I understand that everybody’s requirements are distinctive. A single person needs more cooking locations to support their close friends on a camping journey.

You require to recognize that a portable bbq grill works well for food preparation outside in many different areas such as a camping terrain, a park or a coastline along with doing points like angling, road trips or any various sorts of taking a tour.

A mobile charcoal bbq grill is the right option for people that seldom prepare food in a tiny yard. After you finish cooking, you can fold it and keep it in a kitchen.

It is most definitely an excellent selection for those that enjoy the great smoky taste of meat and also wish to experience it while you are far from home.

The last critical standard is the rate. I know just how essential it is just how much you settle for something.


If you like to prepare a lot of steaks together, charcoal is the way to go.

Tip: It’s ideal to utilize lump charcoal if you desire an all-natural, stronger smoke taste to your meat.

Many people that like bbq-use, choose a charcoal grill because they feel that the distinct decision and also taste that you receive from your barbecue on a charcoal grill, can never be obtained on a gas grill.

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Portable Charcoal Grills

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