Best Pinking Shears For Sewing Fabric – Professional Rated Review (Updated 2021)

As with any activity or hobby, having the best equipment and accessories must achieve the best results.

Cutting products and tools are fundamental for tailors and sewers to ensure precision when preparing fabrics for the best final result.

High-quality pinking shears are one of the most if not the essential tool in your toolbox; however, you don’t want just any scissors and particularly not a pair used daily for cutting paper, tape, string, or others.

For those who like to sew, the best product to buy is a pair of pinking shears specifically designed to cut fabric. This type of work will give you the best overall results in your sewing projects.

We’ve studied at length and tested numerous pairs of pinking shears on all types of fabrics and chosen our top choices for your consideration.

Let’s take a look at which pinking shears we’ve chosen and, above all, why we’ve chosen these particular pinking shears.

To Shear or Not to Shear

Even though sewing scissors and pinking shears belong to the same family, they are different in construction.

Sewing scissors and dressmaking scissors usually have blades that can measure up to six inches in length.

The finger holes and thumb holes are symmetrical by design.

In contrast, shears can have blades that measure much longer, and they are traditionally very sharp, similar to a knife-edge, to facilitate cutting through various types of fabrics.

The shears handle asymmetrical, characterized by a smaller hole for your thumb and a larger opening for more than one finger.

Shears are also often bent at an angle, allowing for cutting through several fabric layers that lay on a flat surface.

Shears are constructed to guarantee accuracy when cutting but without hand cramping or fatigue.

You can easily find the best pinking shears for your projects.

Various manufacturers produce high-quality pinking shears, such as Fiskars, Gingher, and Hui Tong.

Consult product images for more details and product availability online for your area.

Shear Types

A good pair of shears can be found in several versions, and product availability is good worldwide:

  • Left-handed
  • Pinking
  • Serrated
  • Straight

The left-handed shears are for lefties.

This version reverses the blades so that the top blade is on the left to assist left-handed sewists, so they are not battling with shears when attempting to slice through the fabric for a sewing project other craft projects.

Left-handed sewers shouldn’t have any problem with product availability even though this product is not as standard as right-handed stitchers.

They allow you to see where you are cutting while you’re slicing through your fabric. The shear handles are also more comfortable for lefthanded people.

Pinking shears or pinking scissors are easily recognizable with their serrated blades that appear to be saw-toothed.

These fabric scissors are best for cutting a zigzag edge and limiting any possible fraying of your fabric.

Serrated shears feature a blade with extra-fine teeth that will hold the slippery fabric and ensure cutting without damage.

Pinking scissors or shears are the best to have when working with either delicate or expensive material.

Straight blade shears are the best for cutting fabrics when making use of patterns and cutting bias tape, binding, laces, ribbons, or trims, among other items.

Top Picks

#1. Editor’s Choice: Gingher Pinking Shears, 7-1/2 inch


Best Pinking Shears-Editor's Choice: Gingher Pinking Shears, 7-1/2 inch



  • Large angled handle
  • Durable
  • 7 ½ inches in overall length
  • It cuts through to the end
  • Chrome finish 100% nickel plated

These Gingher Pinking Shears make a sewing edge that is genuinely ravel-resistant.

The shears boast two sawtooth blades to create a zigzag edge when cutting, also giving a decorative edge to projects.

The blades are hand-tuned when set to guarantee the best quality.

While the blades cannot be re-sharpened, cleaning the edges frequently of lint and stray fibers will help maintain them in the long term.


  • Comfortable handles
  • Easy to use
  • Good product availability
  • Forged metal for durability


  • Some difficulty in cutting delicate fabrics
  • Some difficulty in scoring more than one layer of material at a time
  • Cannot be re-sharpened

#2. Honorable Mention: Fiskars 8-inch Pinking Shears 12-94458697WJ


Best Pinking Shears-Honorable Mention: Fiskars 8-inch Pinking Shears 12-94458697WJ



  • High-grade stainless steel blades that are precision-ground
  • Cut through to the tip of the blades.
  • The lower blade is extended to assist in precise cutting.
  • The overall length is 8 inches.
  • Best Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

Fiskars was established as a company in 1649 in Finland.

The original ironworks has grown into an international supplier of home products, and product availability extends globally.

The precision blades on these 8-inch stainless steel pinking shears cut to the tip for meticulous cutting.

An ergonomically soft-grip handle permits you to work for hours in comfort while still guaranteeing the cut’s quality.


  • Stainless steel
  • Extended lower blade
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handles for comfort and control
  • Bent design of handle for cutting precision
  • Global product availability


  • Some stiffness in the hinge reported
  • Difficult to open and close

A Buyers Guide for Pinking Shears

Once you have established the correct type of shears for your needs, consider these aspects before making your final purchase choice.

The highest quality and best pinking shears will have specific features, such as:

  • Blade Assemblage – Blades will be connected with a screw. This type of assemblage allows you to adjust your blades and take them apart for cleaning purposes.
  • Blade construction – Most blades on dressmakers scissors are made of stainless steel that is durable and rust-resistant. However, some are made with high-carbon steel that will be harder and stronger. These blades are sharper and retain their cutting edge longer. Nonetheless, if they are not coated, these products will rust.
  • Handle – Ideally, you will want shears with ergonomic handles that are molded to be comfortable when gripped. If you prefer a softer grip, consider a product with plastic or rubber handles instead of metal handles.
  • The weight of the shears – Depending on your desire for comfort, you may prefer a lighter pair of shears. For those seeking more stability and more leverage, a heavier pair of scissors for dressmaking may be preferable.

Before ordering online, make sure that product availability is not a problem in your area or that shipping costs aren’t high.


What are pinking shears good for?

The best pinking shears are essential when cutting woven cloth as the cloth edges can fray easily.

The sawtooth blade design does not eliminate fraying, but it will limit the length of frayed threads once cut and thus limit any damage.

What are the ideal fabric shears?

Ideally, a useful sewing toolbox will have more than one type of shears to use depending on the type of fabric you choose to cut.

Both straight shears and pinking shears are considered necessary.

The serrated scissors dressmaking enthusiasts normally use for delicate or slippery fabrics.

With global product availability nowadays and keen pricing, there’s no reason why your sewing box shouldn’t have both types.

Are pinking shears necessary?

Pinking shears may not be considered mandatory or necessary when sewing, but they certainly are useful.

The best pinking shears will limit fabric fraying when cutting and add a distinctive decorative touch to your trimmed fabric.

Does using pinking shears stop fabric fraying?

No, the use of pinking shears will not eliminate fraying.

It will minimize fraying damage.

The Bottom Line

Let’s recap choosing the best pinking shears for your sewing tool kit.

If you have decided to purchase a pair of the best pinking shears to facilitate your sewing projects, consider the blade length, the blade material used in construction, and some nice sharp edges to cut cleanly through your fabric with little or no fraying. You’ll also need to check on product availability in your area.

You will want to consider the type of handle and guarantee comfort while working on your projects.

Our top pick of the 7-1/2-inch Gingher Pinking Shears offers you a renowned pair of shears forged to last and continue precision cutting with minimal maintenance.

Our second choice of product is the Fiskars 8-inch Pinking Shears that boasts a comfortable grip ergonomic handle for those who cut and sew for extended periods. Fiskars is so confident that you will appreciate their product that they offer a lifetime guarantee.

Both of our recommended products have global product availability and offer great value for money.

Whatever your product choices, pinking shears are an essential tool to have when sewing to minimize fraying and an excellent tool for those who enjoy a decorative touch for their seams.

Remember, once you have invested in a good pair of pinking shears, never use them for cutting non-fabric of any type, as this will dull the blades.

Keep your pinking shears well-hidden in your sewing box and protect them from prolonging the life of the shears and the enjoyment of using them for many years to come.