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Best Meat Slicers – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2020

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Best Meat Slicers will help you to satisfy in mouth-watering tasty eats. You must take care to include a flawlessly chopped meat for intensifying the tastes. You can cut your meat in your kitchen at home if you have the appropriate kitchen devices.

A meat slicer must be in the cooking area machine. It supplies you narrow slices of meat, hard cheese, or small veggies. You can pick the density of your meat-based on the recipe that you are preparing while making use of a slicer as well as clarifies your family routines.

We have examined the prominent meat slicers readily accessible in the stores and online. A proper meat slicer must offer you a slice of food again and again. You can destroy the presentation of the meat when you try to cut it with a blade. We think it is better to have your meat slicer.

You will find here an extensive review of the best slicers you can buy. Discover all the essential variables to think about before acquiring the best meat slicer for home use accessible in the market. The evaluation will conserve your time for research and will show our picks up for the best food slicers.

Best Meat Slicers/Best Food Slicer

1. Chef’sChoice 615A000 Tilted Food Carriage
2. Chef’sChoice 609A000 Electric Meat Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade
3. Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer
4. BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade
5. Continental Electric PS 77711 Pro Series Meat Slicer

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Meat Slicers for Home Use Reviews

1. Chef’sChoice 615A000 Tilted Food Carriage

The Best Overall

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The Chef’sChoice 615A000 is the best kitchen machine for those that need to cut their meat. You will discover performance as well as power, a styled and also crafted for the continuous mode in this tool. Everyone can use Chef’sChoice 615A000 to get pieces of bread, cheese, or meat.

The food slicer highlights a movable blade as well as is very easy to wash. You will find food pusher as well as a food carriage. Effective cutting is promised by the streamlined building that consists of a slanted food carriage. The transport is excellent as well as retreats fully for allowing slicing of big porks, turkeys, and roasts.


  • Excellent quality at an accessible cost
  • 7-inch blade made of stainless steel
  • Features easy to clean design
  • The power ranking of 120 watts
  • A select button secures for restricting entrance to the blade when not in use
  • Robust and handy slicer highlighting essential elements constructed of stainless steel and cast aluminum


  • Effective high torque electric motor
  • The blade is built from high-quality steel.
  • Removable component for simple cleansing (including the blade).
  • Cantilever method delivers sliced up food straight to your plate.
  • You can use it to cut meats, veggies, fruits, and pieces of bread.


  • The design is not aesthetically appealing.
  • Problems in thickness adjusting control kept in mind.

2. Chef’sChoice 609A000 Electric Meat Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade

Best Electric Meat Slicer

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If you choose this model from Chef’sChoice, you will find a stainless steel and aluminum body. It is an excellent option for your kitchen. You must know this meat slicer runs al best level due to its high torque motor. This product performs very well for many home purposes.

It is interesting to know that the food pusher, the deflector, the food carriage, the blade can be moved and very easily washed. At the base, there is a fuse button to protect you against electric shocks.


  • Slanted large-capacity food carriage and cantilever layout fit fast, dynamic slicing
  • Cast-aluminum and stainless steel slicer with a gear-drive cool-running high-torque motor
  • Recommended Blade Sharpener: Standard 601


  • High-torque motor and gear-driven slicer will help you to easy slicing
  • The food carriage is substantial
  • A higher value due to fuse button
  • 7-inch purpose stainless steel blade
  • Blade Sharpener – Model 601


  • It can be considered small by some customers

3. Elite PElite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer

Best for the Budget

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The Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Meat Slicer is considered the best meat slicer that helps you to cut a plate with meat, cheese, or sandwiches. You can appreciate spicy fresh cuts from your residence. The width can be rearranged from razor-thin cuts to 1/2 inch edgewise slices. You can customize the setups as per your needs with much simplicity.

The meat slicer includes an ultra-sharp stainless-steel blade of 7.5 inches. It is retractable as well as rustproof. This detachable cutting blade helps you slice any food. This high-quality slicer is robust, reliable, and also steady. It supplies a big slicing platform. There is a nonslip rubber foot for maximum protection and security. You can use it as a food slicer for cheese, beef and pork meat, salamis, veggies, bread, or turkey breast.


  • Simple to wash as the blade is detachable
  • Explicitly designed for the money
  • Adaptable thickness from razor-thin to ½ inch parts


  • Amicable price
  • Super durable and rustproof
  • Allows you to slice thick or thin slices as need
  • Nonslip construction ensures the slicer in its place
  • You can use it for slicing meat or can be used for slicing firm vegetables, sausages, and cheese as well


  • Not a heavy-duty slicer
  • It has cheap plastic built that may give away anytime.

4. BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade

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The Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade is a knife that has a chromium-plated carbon steel blade. As it is an electric blade, you require to exercise hand-operated work for reducing weights of pork, beef, or greens.

The slicer includes two sharpeners. Although the experts do not pick this item, it is merely excellent for residence cooking areas. It consists of a 240-watt motor.


  • No corrosion
  • FDA, NSF, ETL authorized
  • Premium chromium layered carbon steel blade
  • No need to adjust the edge constantly
  • Slices veggies, fruits, hams, cheese and also meat precisely
  • Power shock security because of dual lightened ON/OFF


  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy created.
  • It appears with top-mounted whetstones.
  • Easy to clean


  • Huge slice.

5. Continental Electric PS 77711 Pro Series Meat Slicer

The Best Hit For Your Money

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All of us require an expert tool. You can use this food slicer to make fantastic platters with cheeses, meat, bread, and herbs.

It completes the difficult job of cookery. You will discover a professional appearance and non-slip feet. For certain advantages, you need one of the very best food slicers on the market. The blade is hefty and even thick sufficient for developing, buffing, and specialist sharpening.

Continental PS77711 Professional Collection Deli Slicer is one of the best food slicers you can buy. It has a 7.5-inch blade. You can use it to cut cheese, meats, or bread. The device is a 150-watt motor, and also it is suitable for home as well as specialist use.


  • The blade is very sharp.
  • Quite cheap
  • The electric motor looks steady.
  • It is easy to clean up.


  • It cuts more moderate than others.
  • It is noisy when running.

Elements to Study Before Purchasing One of the Best Meat Slicers for Home Use

We have given the most effective alternatives offered in the market after examining all the critical aspects to find the top best meat slicer offered in the group.

We consider you must take into consideration these factors before acquiring a food slicer. It will certainly assist you in making a rational action as well as go with the best meat slicer according to your demands.

Several elements are accountable for making an excellent meat slicer.


The firstly is the blade type and size. We can find two sorts of blades typically provided with a meat slicer. You require to identify what you would be reducing or cutting with a meat slicer blade.

  • Smooth blades are ideal for more fibrous meats or veggies.
  • Serrated edge blades are optimal for reducing bread as well as denser meats.
  • For the blade size, pick a 7 to 9 inch. Never choose a shorter one.

You can take an extra blade so you can change it whenever wanted. This way, you would positively be geared up to slice all kinds of food pieces.


Another element to check into is the engine power. It is essential to approximate your slicer’s abilities. You do not need to choose slicer operating under 120 watt as reduced power engines fall out rather swiftly.

Engine transmission

You must next off check out engine transmission, which can be split into two components:

  • Provide more result
  • Are louder
  • Extra expensive to replace


  • Quieter
  • Less expensive
  • Simple to replace.
  • It is merely best for apartment kitchens.


You ought to additionally remember the security characteristics used by the best food slicer. You ought to remember that you would be taking care of a device with sharp edges.


All slicers come with thickness control. They have various performances. Take a look for a slicer that has a greater adjustability yielding variety.

Easy of Use

How simple is it to wash the slicer? Remark that a permanently built food carriage complicates cleaning. Can you find other parts of the slicer easy to remove, clean, and reassemble?

Sound Levels

Can you talk with the person next to you while the meat slicer? The majority of slicers have noise degrees varying from 60-70 lbs.

Final thought

We have presented a complete recommendation of the best meat slicer sets offered out there. We have reviewed five finest names accessible out there so that you can take your best choice after researching all of these.

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