Best Cricut Machine For Sale: Which Cricket Craft Should YOU buy? Comparison Reviews (2021)

If you are a hobby-crafter, obtaining a cutting machine should be a priority considering it will help you explore your passion, boost your confidence and productivity.

When talking about cutters, make sure you familiarize yourself with companies like Cricut, which have dominated the cutting machine industry before making a purchase.

It’s best to explore different options of Cricut machine available, considering no two or three models will look the same even when coming from the same manufacturer.

To help you find the best Cricut machine for your needs, we took the time to explore the available options and reviewed models that qualify among the best based on customer reviews and features.

Our Picks

In this section, we are going to review the best Cricut cutting machines.

The review will offer an insight into the pros and cons of each Cricut machine to help you choose the best one for your needs.

#1. Editor’s Choice: Cricut Maker Machine, Champagne

Best Cricut Machine-Editor’s Choice: Cricut Maker Machine, Champagne



  • Cuts 300+ materials, from the most delicate fabric and paper to matboard and leather
  • Rotary knife blade for cutting virtually any fabric without the backer
  • 500+ digital sewing patterns and quilt blocks available from Simplicity, Riley Blake™, and more (sold separately)
  • Compatible with Knife Blade for thicker materials up to 2.4 mm (sold separately)
  • Compatible with QuickSwap tools to quickly switch between scoring, engraving, debossing, and other decorative effects (sold separately)
  • Compatible with Washable Fabric Pen for marking pattern pieces (sold separately)
  • Adaptive Tool System for professional-level cutting performance and expandability
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Fast Mode for up to 2X faster cutting and writing
  • Design Space software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

If you’re looking to invest in a versatile, durable, and feature-rich Cricut machine should go for the Cricut Maker Machine Champagne.

This Cricut machine for beginners allows users to create anything based on their creativity.

It’s possible to come up with iron-on to paper crafts, execute sewing tasks, and create vinyl cardstock decals and leather crafts all in the comfort of your home.

The super-powerful scoring tool and blades even allow you to go ahead create balsa wood projects.

This Cricut design maker has a new rotary blade which allows users to cut through a variety of materials and fabric fast and accurately.

The blade cuts through everything you throw at it, including balsa wood models and vinyl cardstock easily.

If you want to simplify your quilting and sewing projects, you should go for this machine for beginners and enjoy the outstanding features.

For best results, you should choose their desired pattern from the hundreds of digital sewing patterns available, and the Cricut machine will mark and cut the pieces.

This Cricut model comes with a straight forward design app, meaning you do not have to be a pro to use it.

The Cricut Maker Machine Champagne is perfect for beginners or pros who want to use their creativity to come up with customized designs.

If you are wondering whether to get a Cricut Maker Machine or not, worry no more, as this amazing tool will best serve your needs.


  • Ideal for a variety of materials and fabrics
  • Super powerful blade, scoring tools, and pens
  • Has a docking slot for your phone or tablet
  • Users can upload their personal customized designs


  • Limited cutting and design space
  • The rotary blade is sold separately

#2. For Beginners: Cricut Explore Air 2, Rose

Best for Beginners: Cricut Explore Air 2, Rose



  • Cuts 100 materials – from cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on to a range of specialty materials
  • Fine-Point Blade for cutting a wide variety of popular craft materials
  • Fast Mode for up to 2X faster cutting and writing
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Compatible with Scoring Stylus and Deep-Point Blade (sold separately)
  • Double tool holder to keep blade and pen always at the ready

This DIY Cricut Explore Air machine is best known for its time-saving performance and classic simplicity.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 cuts and writes up to 2X faster compared to other Cricut machines.

This model cuts over 100 materials, including vinyl, iron-on, and special materials like cork and bonded fabrics quickly and beautifully.

With the Cricut Explore Air, it’s easy to realize your creative visions by creating custom home décor, t-shirts, and personalized gifts.

You can easily use designs from your laptop, iPad, and iPhone, meaning you can play with thousands of images, ready to make projects using fonts available online.

Apart from the already made designs, it’s also possible to make your designs from scratch based on your needs with the Cricut Explore Air.

Users only need to upload personal images or pick from Cricut’s wide library of pre-made designs and projects.

Another thing there is to like about the Cricut Explore Air 2 is the double tool holder for cutting, writing, or scoring while cutting at the same time.

If you love to take your creations with your everywhere you go, the Cricut design software has you covered.

The Cricut Explore Air is also ideal for individuals who want to make accurate cuts every time they are creating something new.

It works with over 100 materials, including specialty paper, board, faux leather, vinyl, and cardstock.


  • Precise, versatile and durable cutting
  • Smart dial for right pressure and depth
  • Embedded Bluetooth to allow wireless cutting


  • Louder compared to other models
  • Cutting blades are sold separately

#3. For Matless Cutting: Cricut Joy Machine

Best for Matless Cutting: Cricut Joy Machine



  • Cuts 50+ materials, including iron-on, cardstock, vinyl, paper, and Smart Materials™ – super-easy, super-long cuts without a cutting mat
  • Draws any shape and writes in a variety of styles
  • Cuts individual shapes up to 4 ft. long or makes repeated cuts up to 20 ft. long*
  • Fits in cubby and packs away easily and sets up instantly
  • The perfect companion to full-size Cricut smart cutting machines
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Design Space software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

The Cricut Joy is the cutest and most compact Cricut cutting machine available on the market.

However, the small design should not fool you into thinking that this cutting machine is less powerful.

The Cricut Joy works like a little workhorse as it’s loaded with various features.

It will surprise you with what it can do when working on creative projects.

It’s affordable and lightweight, meaning you can carry it around easily.

This Cricut model is best suited for beginners and passionate crafters.

Experts looking to try something new and still deliver the same results can also try it out.

It best suits matless cutting and simple card designs as it offers precise cuts.

The Cricut Joy is simple to use as it operated using downloadable applications you can use on your PC, phone, and tablets.

Users also enjoy wireless cutting, among other advanced features for best results.

Before buying the Cricut Joy, remember that this model is specially designed for basic and simple projects.

If you want to cut heavier materials, it would be best to look elsewhere to avoid disappointment.


  • Perfect for DIY crafters and beginners
  • The machine can draw, write and cut
  • Best when working on smart materials
  • Works with over 50 materials
  • Wireless cutting with the Bluetooth connectivity feature


  • Requires you to buy extra accessories to realize its full potential
  • Has limited capability for drawing and cutting and you cannot do both at the same time
  • Users also experience issues when updating the Design Space software

#4. Value With Pro-Level Performance: Cricut EasyPress 2, Raspberry

Best Value With Pro-Level Performance: Cricut EasyPress 2, Raspberry



  • 9″ x 9″ (22.5 cm x 22.5 cm) size ideal for basic T-shirts, tote bags, pillows, aprons, and more
  • Professional heat-transfer results without the guesswork
  • Advanced heat plate design with ceramic-coated surface
  • Compatible with all Infusible Ink™ products and most major brands of iron-on material
  • Precise temperature control up to 400℉ (205°C)
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to store

Another Cricut cutting machine worth investing your money is the Cricut EasyPress 2 Raspberry.

This machine is a worthy investment due to its home-friendly design and Pro-level performance combined.

The Cricut machine comes with a big handle, an auto-shutoff feature, and a safety base to offer users safety while working at home.

This Cricut workhorse is highly portable, lightweight, and easy to store.

The machine has been termed as an everyday iron-on essential due to its adjustable heat up of up to 205°C or 400°F.

The Cricut EasyPress 2 should be your first pick. It’s a no stress heat press.

Due to its heat press and iron convenience, this Cricut machine offers users fast and effortless results that last even after repeated washes.

Eliminate guesswork with this Cricut machine as the temperature setting has been tested on different materials.

All you require is to set the required temperature, and when the beep sounds, you are done.

Another feature there is to like about this Cricut machine is the safety feature, which includes an auto-shutoff feature and an insulated safety base.

If you’re looking for a perfect complement to Cricut machines, you should go for the Cricut EasyPress 2 for the best results.


  • Home-friendly design
  • Pro-level friendly
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Reference chart included
  • Portable and compact


  • Manual heat temperature and time setting
  • Inconsistent pressure and small cutting area

#5. Cricut Machine for Small Projects: Cricut EasyPress Mini Machine

Best Cricut Machine for Small Projects: Cricut EasyPress Mini Machine



  • Best to customize unusual projects like hats, shoes, or stuffed animals
  • Ceramic-coated heat plate for dry, even, edge-to-edge heat
  • 3 heat settings for every iron-on and Infusible Ink project
  • Insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to store
  • Effortlessly glides over uneven surfaces

The Cricut EasyPress Mini Machine is the latest model in the EasyPress Cricut line and a compact innovation you should buy.

This Cricut machine is stylish, compact, and cute and gets the job done easily.

We highly recommend this compact Cricut machine as it’s easy to use compared to a regular iron.

Despite its small size, this Cricut machine is as effective as any other large-sized press on our list.

If you’re looking for a safe, lightweight, and easy to store heat-press, you should look no further than the Cricut EasyPress Mini Machine.

This Cricut model features a timer and an auto shut-off to offer users safety.

The machine is ideal for both beginners and intermediate users, as it’s very easy to use.

Upon purchase, expect effective and quality prints on whichever project you will be working on.

In case you are wondering what you can do with this mini Cricut beast, here is a list of functions it can effectively handle: creating cuffs, hats, shoes, patches, mugs, and applique patches.

Common features to note about this Cricut machine include the ceramic coated heat plate, 3 heat settings, auto shut-off feature, and a rounded handle.

It also has an insulated safety base for best results.


  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to store and carry around
  • Ideal for small projects
  • User-friendly
  • Compatible with Infused Ink


  • Not suitable for larger projects

#6. Making Clothes: Circuit EasyPress 2, Raspberry – 6″ x 7″

Best for Making Clothes: Circuit EasyPress 2, Raspberry - 6" x 7"



  • 6″ x 7″ (15 cm x 17.5 cm) size ideal for smaller projects like baby clothes, accessories, hats, and more
  • Professional heat-transfer results without the guesswork
  • Advanced heat plate design with ceramic-coated surface
  • Compatible with all Infusible Ink™ products and most major brands of iron-on material
  • Precise temperature control up to 400℉ (205°C)
  • Easy to learn, simple to use
  • Insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature

If you’re looking for a perfectly petite Cricut model for print-size projects, you should look no further. The Cricut EasyPress 2 has you covered.

This is a no-stress heat press that is fast and convenient, like an iron offering fast and effortless results in real-time.

It’s time to eliminate the guesswork when using this rigorous time tested Cricut machine that will deliver you quality results.

The machine has an auto-shutoff feature and an insulated base for safety reasons.

Additionally, it’s easy to store and carry around if you love to work while on the move.

The Cricut EasyPress 2 is compatible with other brands of heat transfer, Infused Ink products, and vinyl.

It’s also a perfect complement to other Cricut cutting machines like the Cricut Explore Air models.


  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight
  • Excellent portability
  • User-friendly and provides precise temperature control


  • Expensive compared to other machines in the same category

#7. Cricut Machine to Make Shirts: Cricut EasyPress 2, Lilac – 12″ x 10″

Best Cricut Machine to Make Shirts: Cricut EasyPress 2, Lilac - 12" x 10"



  • 12″ x 10″ size (30 cm x 25 cm) ideal for larger T-shirts, sweatshirts, banners, blankets, and more
  • Professional heat-transfer results without the guesswork
  • Advanced heat plate design with ceramic-coated surface
  • Compatible with all Infusible Ink products and most major brands of iron-on material
  • Precise temperature control up to 400℉ (205°C)
  • Easy to learn, simple to use

The next Cricut machine worth looking at is the Cricut EasyPress 2, 12″ x 10″.

This is one of the best Cricut machines for large sweatshirts, banners, blankets, and t-shirts.

It also provides excellent iron-on results in 60 seconds or less depending on the temperature setting.

Similar to the previous Cricut machines, it comes with a ceramic coated surface and advanced heat plate design for safety purposes.

With this machine, users get precise temperature control of up to 205°C.

It’s easy to learn and use for long-lasting results that do not fade away after washing.

Don’t make your mind up yet before looking at the important pros and cons of this machine.


  • Ideal size for handling large crafts and projects
  • Advanced heat plate design and ceramic-coated surface
  • User friendly and offers precise temperature control


  • Costly

Buying Guide

Which Cricut machine you buy should be based on the project you want to complete.

Other things that should influence your buying decision include how often you intend to be using the machine and, of course, your budget.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Cricut Machine

Before making up your mind on which machine to buy, make sure you consider the following features:

Cutting Speed

Each Cricut machine cuts at a different speed.

The best Cricut high-end models can cut twice as fast as beginner models.

If you do crafting as a hobby, it would be best to choose one of the slower yet affordable Cricut machines.

However, if crafting is something you do every day, it would be best to go for the best Cricut model which is faster.

Pressure Adjustment and Automatic Depth

This is an important consideration bearing in mind different papers and materials demand different pressure adjustments and blade depths.

There are machines with automatic adjustment systems meaning they set the blade for you.

Adjusting the blade can be a nightmare, especially for beginners, and this is why you should opt for an automatic machine.


The next feature you should look at before buying the best Cricut machine is scoring, which is useful when creating depressions for decorative and folding purposes.

However, a Cricut machine with this ability costs more, but it’s worth spending as it takes your skills to the next level.

Scoring should be a major consideration if you fold your designs a lot.


Different machines, like the Cricut Explore Air, offer users different writing options. Some can only write while others can draw images or do both.

Machines like the Cricut Explore Air that can do both are the best to help you attain professional results.


Regarding connection, look at whether your desired machine has Bluetooth capability that allows you to share images you want to print.

Bluetooth allows you to make full use of models like the Cricut Explore Air and access various features such as Design Space without the need to use wires.

Other essential features you should look at include workable materials and accessories and Design Space software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Cricut Explore AIR 2 and the Cricut Maker?

The Cricut Maker cuts different materials compared to the Cricut Explore Air 2.

Most of the Cricut Maker models are Bluetooth enabled and come with a convenient double tool holder.

The Cricut Explore Air 2, on the other hand, is more effective than the Cricut Maker considering the extra features included.

The only disadvantage is that they make a lot of noise.

What is the difference between Cricut machines?

Some of the common differences in Cricut machines include cutting speed, workable materials, and scoring capability.

Is the Cricut Maker worth the extra money?

The Cricut Maker costs extra money, but it’s worth spending on it.

This machine has outstanding features and can be relied upon to deliver excellent results.


If you are looking forward to buying a Cricut machine, we hope our buying guide will help you choose the right model for your needs.

Before making a decision, look at the highlighted pros and cons of your desired machine to make the right pick.

If you are stuck on which is the best machine for you, the Cricut Maker Machine Champagne is the best overall.

This machine is known for its highly powerful and long-lasting results.

Alternatively, you can go for the second-best, the Cricut Explore Air 2 known for its high speed.

Finally, if you are on a budget, the Cricut Joy Machine is a cute and compact option you can work with.