Best Craft Light – Sewing Lamp Reviews (2021)

Quality lighting is vital for craft and sewing work of any nature if precision is to be achieved.

Have you wondered why manufacturers of craft lights still make good sales while people crafting and sewing can make use of the natural light?

During crafting work, even if done during the day, there comes a time when the natural light is not enough.

Some crafting machines come mounted with lights that offer some assistance, but in most cases, the illumination is not so good.

Crafting work needs you to see the fine details of your work, which can only be achieved by proper illumination, whether you use a desk lamp, floor lamp or one of the modern full spectrum LED options.

The market is currently flooded with many brands of craft lamps, making it hard to tell quality products from knock-offs.

Do you hate buying a light for crafting and replacing it after a short duration owing to its poor-quality illumination and lack of durability?

Worry no more, this article will make sure that you know about seven craft lights you can find on the market to help you in your work.

Poor room illumination and inferior quality craft lights will be a thing of the past after you read and discover more about the best craft lamp options.

Top Picks:

#1. Editor’s Choice: Mighty Bright Vusion Craft Light, Silver





  • Has magnification power
  • Comes with a detachable magnetic base

The craft lamp combines a magnifying glass with a lamp, which is vital for craftwork.

You not only need to see but also be precise with finer details which are achieved by magnification lamps.

With the Mighty Bright Vusion, you can adjust the level of magnification and illumination as per your needs.

Whether you are a rookie or an expert in crafting, the lamp is ideal and user-friendly notwithstanding your level of skills.

The craft lamp has been carefully designed to evenly illuminate your craft room worksurface, which gets rid of hot spots.

Its sturdy base comes with rubber stoppers that prevent the craft lamp from sliding during work.

You do not need to worry when moving around with your craftwork, simply fold the light’s gooseneck and put it in your bag.

This craft lamp is the best that you can get on the market as you aim to perfect your craftwork.


  • Highly portable due to its design
  • Super LED lights are long life
  • Sturdy build with magnet for attaching on surfaces
  • Can be used on different frames and hoops
  • Allows for versatility during use


  • Power by 3 AAA batteries could be better

#2. Honorary Mention: Mighty Bright XtraFlex 2 – LED Craft Light, Silver


brew MB60512




  • Comes with two LED lights
  • Non-glaring illumination
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • The lens is optical grade
  • Has a sensor switch

If you are looking for a craft lamp that is energy efficient and bright, this is the option for you.

With the touch of a button, you can switch between one and two LED lights to suit your needs as you craft, to adjust the intensity of illumination.

It is not only suitable for crafting but also for reading since its intensity can be adjusted.

Should the battery run low, you will not need to run to the shops for a replacement. Just plug it in a power socket and recharge it as you continue with your work.

With clipping and twisting, you can choose the perfect illumination angle to achieve the desired brightness; the gooseneck is simply obedient.

It does not end there, when you need to free your hands, all you to do is open the clip extra wide as per your needs.


  • Flexible gooseneck to suit your needs
  • Illumination intensity adjustment
  • Can fit on most hoops
  • Easily portable
  • Can be mounted on different surfaces


  • Intensity could have more than two options

#3. Daylight Naturalight Sewing Light – UN1180




  • Long flexible arm
  • Comes with two mounts
  • Non-magnetic
  • Has AC adapter for power
  • Produces ultra-bright illumination

Seeing your craftwork has never been made easier than when using the Daylight Naturalight sewing lamp.

You can easily click the light in and out of its mount, making it versatile during use.

The craft lamp has a focused LED with a seven-inch flexible arm that comes with mounts that are self-adhesive to fit on any surface or sewing machine.

The light has an AC adapter for power which eliminates the need for using and replacing the standard AAA batteries in most craft lamps.

With three cable clips and two mounts, the craft lamp allows you to use it in multiple locations without dismantling the entire set up.

The craft lamp does color matching accurately by providing high contrast with its LEDs.


  • Energy-saving
  • Eco-friendly mounts that are self-adhesive
  • Has a flexible arm for versatility
  • AC power does away with battery replacements
  • Easy to carry around


  • The maximum reach of the lamp could be enhanced

#4. Daylight Slimline 3 LED Table Lamp – U35108 




  • Comes with aluminum shade
  • Shadow control
  • Dimmable through brightness control
  • 50% brighter

Enjoy the great third-generation craft lamp that has additional features for customization based on your needs.

This daylight lamp has been designed with an aluminum shade for emitting brighter light and diffuses it similar to natural light, for better visibility of craftwork.

The brightness control on this lamp has also been enhanced to four-way, giving you a range of lighting options.

Do you hate obtrusive craft lights?

If yes, this day light lamp is the best for you as the clamp has been redesigned for a clear view by being less obtrusive.

Enhance the look of your working space with one of these daylight lamps as it comes in a sleek design of brushed steel and feels just lovely.

The light coverage has also been enhanced taking cognizance of large working surfaces when crafting and quilting.

There is more – the craft room lamp comes with an arm long enough to reach 35 ½ inches!

The strain on the eyes and glare has been taken care of by this lamp by facilitating effective color matching while retaining a healthy vision, mimicking natural daylight.


  • Light diffusion enabled
  • More options for brightness control
  • Less obtrusive with a sleek design
  • Wider illumination spread
  • Extended arm reach


  • Versatility with additional clamps would be better

#5. Daylight Quilta Longarm Quilting Lamp – U35080 





  • Source of light is LED
  • The color temperature of the light: 6000 K
  • Brightness levels: 3
  • Fully adjustable

If you have a quilting machine that struggles to give you enough light, then replace it with this product.

Longarm quilting machines are the beneficiaries of this lamp as it easily fits on most of them and is easy to install.

Renowned brands have tested and approved this lamp to be installed in their quilting machines with no need for additional tools; it is that simple.

No matter the size and shape of your handle on the quilting machine, the lamp still fits with attachment straps and fully adjustable clasps that lock securely.

The lamp comes with flexible and adjustable arms for focusing light where it is most needed allowing you to position the shade precisely.

The rotating shade and a flexible neck will allow you to direct light to any area of your quilt, taking advantage of large working areas.

Adjusting the brightness of the light is now in your control with three adjustment options to suit your quilting needs.

Should you be working during the day, the light is ideal for your quilting projects.

The light is spread evenly over your work surface and comes with an extra cord that is 19 feet long.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Flexible neck for versatility
  • Easy installation with no need for additional tools
  • Light and easily portable


  • Brightness adjustment levels could be increased

#6. Daylight Slimline 3 LED Floor Lamp – U35118




  • Guarantee of 2 years
  • Aluminum shade
  • Comes in brushed steel
  • Levels of brightness: 4
  • Diffuser installed

This floor lamp for the craft room comes with a newly improved shade made of aluminum to facilitate emission of light that is 50% brighter coupled with a full-length diffuser.

The floor lamp provides bright light and incorporates a sleek design with modern looks to complement your craft room or living room space.

With four different levels of brightness, you have options for selecting the level of brightness that works for you.

To position your light properly for practical use, the joints on the floor lamp have been made with flexibility in mind.

The additional features on the floor lamp are simply superb, with the sleek design ensuring that the light is not obtrusive.

The light has a table version, instead of using regular table lamps or a desk lamp. This makes it enjoyable to do quilting, sewing, and any needlework that needs quality lighting.

If you have a large working surface, this is one of the floor lamps that cater to your specific need by incorporating an arm that can reach up to 35 ½ inches from your work surface.

You no longer need to worry about eye strain and glare while working; the lamp allows you to color match while still retaining your healthy vision.

Choose your convenient working space, and the lamp goes with you; it comes with a cable that is 94.5 inches long.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Lamp head spreads light better over a wide area
  • Multiple brightness adjustment levels
  • Effective positioning with flexible joints
  • Less obtrusive
  • Height adjustable


  • Its weight works against portability
  • It is expensive

#7. Daylight Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp 27 Watt (UN1027) 




  • Comes with a floor stand
  • Has a flexible arm
  • Height: 51.2 inches

If you are working or reading on your sofa, do not worry about the quality of lighting, this is an ideal natural daylight lamp for you.

With a Naturalight tube of 27W, this is one of the floor lamps that rank high for saving energy, making it eco-friendly.

It is a powerful and full spectrum lamp that gives you the best bright light for your reading or craftwork room.

You have the option of directing the light to where you are courtesy of its flexible neck and enjoy working in your favorite room.

Many floor lamps last ten times longer compared to their equivalents on the market, saving you money on frequent purchases.

With a height of 51.2 inches, this makes it easy to work under the lamp as it spreads enough bright light on your preferred area or surface in the room.


  • Energy saving
  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible to use


  • Heavy and not easy to carry around
  • No brightness adjustment options

Buying Guide

Whether you are looking for the best lighting solution for home use or commercial purposes, it is vital to go for the best qualityof the best craft light.

Assess the needs of your home or work and compare them to products available, whether it’s a full spectrum desk lamp, LED desk light, magnifying desk lamp, floor-standing room lamp, white light LED, or other.

Go for lighting solutions that match your needs to achieve a value-for-money purchase.

Consider the below as you continue with your planned purchase of a lamp for your craft room or other lighting solutions.

Benefits of the best lighting for craft room

A good lamp will give you quality lighting even during the day when natural light is insufficient.

Besides, good illumination will avoid developing disorders and ailments associated with poor quality light and glare.

What to consider when buying crafting lights

Choosing good quality lights for crafting is not a straightforward task; several things must be considered before parting with your money.

You need to consider the following:

  1. Design quality and versatility: When choosing a light for crafting, go for a sturdy and sleek design that complements your environment, and saves you frequent purchases. Choose a model that is less obtrusive to your working space while granting you more visibility for your work.
  2. Flexibility and area of reach: Craft lights come in different heights and with extended arms. Choose a light that will be high enough to cover your working area while allowing for flexibility of the arm to direct light to all areas of your work surface.
  3. Light quality and environmental considerations: Go for a good quality light that consumes less energy and does not take away your health vision.

Choose lighting that can allow you to do color matching and avoid lighting that causes glare on your work surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lighting is ideal for a sewing room?

Go for something that is even and properly diffuses light in the room, which will reduce glare and strain on your eyes when sewing.

What type of light bulb gives off the most light?

LED bulbs give off more light compared to conventional bulbs.

What is the best Ott light?

The best Ott light is a two-in-one with an LED magnifying glass.


Quality lighting is essential for crafting, sewing, and quilting work.

With many untrusted brands creeping into the market, make sure to familiarize yourself with the best brands before parting with your money.

Not only will low-quality products suffer from shoddy quality work but they will also interfere with the quality of your vision.

Make sure to go for good quality lights, and thanks to this article, the Mighty Bright Vusion lamp should be your top selection.

The craft light will enable you to produce the best high-spec work due to its high-quality design and magnifying glass feature.

The Mighty Bright Vusion Craft Light Silver is indeed the best choice that works with any level of skill in your crafting work.