​​​​About Us

Beesights is one of the few platforms on the internet, which solves problems related to your daily life.

We offer you solutions related to swimming pools, hot tubs, sewing machines, embroidery machines, smokers, grill, and many more.

Our proficient teammates, provide you with the most effective, affordable, and easy to follow methods.

However, it is always a good decision, to go through the background of a platform before believing it.

That’s why we decided to introduce our team to you, which can help you understand why our solutions are the best.

This is also an approach to give you an insight into the level of content on your platform.

Our water expert – Joel Peters

Joel has been part of the team for a long time.

He has an in-depth knowledge of swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas.

Of course, his knowledge provides you with the most effective ways to clean or maintain them.

Let’s hear about Joel from himself!


You may be wondering how I got so much interested in this field and gained such knowledge.

Well, the complete credit goes to my environment from my childhood.

When I was about 10 years old, my family and I went to my grandparent’s home in Nevada, during the summer vacations.

They had a huge swimming pool in the backyard, in which we used to swim to beat the scorching heat.

During that time, I used to help and watch my grandfather clean and maintain the swimming pool.

I was lucky as my grandfather used to explain to me every process without even asking.

This was my first encounter with a swimming pool, and it also has been the most memorable one.

The experience was so good that I decided to opt for swimming as a sport during my whole academics.

After we returned to Florida, I kept reading and gaining knowledge from almost every source, among them was my ideal grandfather.

A few years after the vacation, I was able to convince my parent to install a small swimming pool in the yard.

Yes, I had to promise them that I will take the responsibility of maintaining it, but that was exactly what I wanted.

Of course, I was extremely excited to have a swimming pool in the yard.

During the first few days, the pool was extremely perfect, I even used to give the status to my grandfather.

However, just after a few weeks, the pool started to develop some problems.

In that period, I went through almost every possible source and met various people who owned swimming pools.

Yes, for a few weeks, it was extremely challenging, but finally, I was able to revive the swimming pool.

That incident taught me two important lessons.

First of all, you need to be ready for the worst, as you don’t know what may come in the future.

Secondly, knowledge is not limited, as I came to known about hot tubs and saunas during that research.

I continued with my studies and kept learning new things about pools, hot tubs, and saunas.

Later, I graduated and started working with an IT company, as it was my passion.

However, I never stopped gathering new information about pools and any other water body.

To be honest, I was solely focused on gathering knowledge to maintain my pool.

However, thanks to my neighbor, I decided to share this knowledge.

Well, how did my neighbor impacted me so much?

My neighbor also had a swimming pool.

One day I met him and observed some skin rashes, so naturally, I asked him about it, and he told me that it was due to the heat.

He was even taking some medicines to deal with those rashes.

However, due to my experience, I knew that the rashes could be due to the bad condition of the swimming pool.

I requested him to show me the pool in his backyard.

You would be surprised to know that the pool was in terrible condition.

Of course, my neighbor was doing everything as per his knowledge to maintain the pool, but it was completely ineffective.

We later have a chat and I told him about the real reason behind the rashes and helped him to revive the pool.

Within a few days, the pool was in perfect condition, and my neighbor was again healthy.

After that incident, I decided to share my knowledge with every pool, hot tub, or sauna owner around the world.

By being a part of the team of Beesight, I can do so without affecting my professional.

Moreover, I get to interact with so many proactive people, who are eager to learn.

Of course, by being on the platform I even get to increase my knowledge.

Our creative brain – Emma Hardman

There are limited people in the world, who are competent enough to manage time for their hobbies, with a busy schedule.

We feel proud to have Emma on our team, as she has proved that you can follow your interest, no matter the amount of time you have.

Let’s hear her story.


I am Emma, and I am highly experienced in the field of sewing, embroidery, and all types of crafty products.

Usually, you find that the experts in this field are practicing from their childhood.

However, my story is the opposite, which I feel proud to say.

The first time I held a needle for sewing was about 4 years ago.

Of course, since then, a lot has changed including the level of knowledge and sewing skills.

You surely may be interested in how I got attracted to sewing and other crafty products.

Since my childhood, I always loved to try new things, as they would introduce me to a whole new world.

At an early age, my mother used to send me for piano classes, which I surely loved for a while, but soon I wasn’t interested in it anymore.

Due to that, I tried various things like sports, singing, dancing, and various other activities.

However, none of them could attract me as a permanent hobby.

When I was around 8 or 9, I suddenly got interested in drawing and painting, as it helped me to bring out my creativity.

My interest in this field soon increased further, as I made painting as my first productive hobby.

I followed this hobby for a few years, but unfortunately, I had to leave it, as I was entering the cooperate world.

If you also work in cooperation, then you must be surely aware of the workload you have every day.

There were even instances, where I had to work on holidays.

Overall, the workload was so much, that for a few months I couldn’t even think about developing a hobby.

However, after a while, when I got comfortable with the cooperate world, I decided to give a thought on developing a productive hobby.

Of course, the first thing that came in my find was to start with painting again and I even did start with it.

For a few days, a felt extremely good, but I observed that painting as a hobby is surely time-consuming.

Due to this, I decided to look out for other options to maintain my creativity as a hobby.

I tried with various kinds of stuff like poetry, gardening, but none of them was meeting my expectations.

Finally, I came through stitching and embroidery.

The main thing that attracted me towards this field was connection painting.

While we paint something, we visualize the outcome and start painting.

Of course, we make a few changes to make it better, sometime, you even just start without any expectation.

Stitching allowed me to do the same thing, but with less time and more productive results.

Since that day, I have never stopped with stitching, embroidery, and other crafty products.

I started practicing daily and even started to learn and implement new methods on the cloth.

During that time, I was even able to learn about the instruments required for sewing and embroider.

The knowledge and skill kept improving with the practice and I soon observed that I made myself a brand new dress.

This has never stopped since that day until now.

Even now, I daily learn new things related to this field, as you may be aware that fashion and technology never ends.

This also means that there is no limit on the level of sewing and embroider.

Soon, I felt that I should share the things I have learned, and destiny made me a part of such a competent team.

Our food & home expert – Joe Barton

Joe is a family man, and he is deeply concerned about the people around him.

He has a deep knowledge related to barbeque, smoking, grilling, and other home products.

Let’s hear his story to know how he gained so much knowledge in this field.


Joe here!

If you don’t know about me, then I have a great depth of knowledge related to food like grilling and other home products.

Moreover, I am part of the Beesight team, which is like a family to me.

Alright, so you may be wondering how a working, family man developed such a great amount of knowledge in this field.

To be honest, I just reacted as per the situations around me.

Before we jump into the reason, let me tell you something about myself.

First of all, I am a family man, where both my wife and I work in reputed companies in the country.

We also have two kids in our small family.

My interest in this field started due to two main reasons.

First of all, the barbeque gatherings are one of the most memorable moments of my childhood.

However, I never took an initiative to learn the skill, as I assumed it to be easy to do.

Moreover, I was confident to grill a lump of meat by just following an online tutorial.

I soon realized that it was a mistake to not know about making a barbeque, as I almost ruined the barbeque in one of the gatherings of our family.

That gathering was around 8 years ago and it was even the day from which I started learning about this field.

Of course, it even required a lot of practice and some burnt meat, but after a few weeks, I found myself improving.

I followed various guides, books, recipes to completely understand the grilling, smoking, and barbeque.

However, I was looking for a practical way to learn and improve my skills.

That’s why I started with observing international chefs all around the world.

Due to that, I was able to understand the factors that make them a better cook as compared to the whole world.

By doing that, I was even able to understand the instruments used in each process.

All these points gathered together with the hours of practice, and soon I was able to cook a perfect piece of meat for family gatherings.

However, I felt that my journey has just begun, as numerous people don’t know the correct method to grill, smoke, or make a barbeque.

The practice continued, and the research, as well as learning, never stopped.

Soon, I became a part of the Beesight team and got a chance to share the correct methods to grill, smoke, or barbeque.

You may be wondering how I got into the field of maintaining home products.

Well, when you have kids, you surely want them to be safe from anything harmful like bacteria.

This was the main reason behind starting learning in this field.

However, I realized that gaining knowledge is not enough for effective solutions.

Therefore, I started implementing solutions for products in my home.

Guess what I found?

Numerous solutions are practically ineffective.

Thus, I increased the depth of my research and created my own most effective methods for home products.

Moreover, all the solutions provided by me are completely practical and some of them are also simple home remedies.

I am looking forward to helping you with these fields.