Best Juki Sewing Machine – Top Home Table Reviews (2021)

juki sewing machine reviews

Professional sewing for commercial purposes is now a reality for those keen on learning, thanks to advanced Juki sewing machines available on the market. Beginners in the sewing industry have the desire to go professional, which is primarily determined by proper tools of work, in this case, sewing machines. Manufacturers of sewing machines are in …

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Singer Kid Sewing Machine – Best Toy Reviews (2021)

girl learns to sew on a singer sewing machine

Sewing is one of the oldest practices in history. Since its discovery, it has been one of the most important skills for mankind. This has allowed mankind to produce clothes and do many more tasks. However, sewing has changed by a huge margin due to technology. In the present era, hand stitching has been replaced …

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Best Silhouette Cutting Machine – Comparison Review (2021)

Silhouette Machine

Humans have been on the planet for thousands of centuries. Since the beginning, the evolution of humans has been rapid. Evolution has been so fast that, at present, humans are the most intelligent species on the planet. In this evolution, we have invented various things. Some inventions have made our life easy, while others have …

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Best Sewing Kit For Travel Reviews (2021)

sewing kit

We are usually on the move. For some of us, more often than others. It could be business trips, family holidays, adventure weekends, or whatever kind of trip we embark on, we travel. Sometimes, we end up having a little or serious wardrobe issues that need our attention and the best travel sewing kit on …

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Best Craft Light – Sewing Lamp Reviews (2021)

craft light

Quality lighting is vital for craft and sewing work of any nature if precision is to be achieved. Have you wondered why manufacturers of craft lights still make good sales while people crafting and sewing can make use of the natural light? During crafting work, even if done during the day, there comes a time …

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Best Sewing Quilting Gloves Reviews in 2021

Quilters Glove set on display

Quilting gloves are necessary tools for both beginners and experts. Owning a pair protects hands and gives those working on machine quilting enough precision with the fabric for excellent work. If you have never used them before on a quilt project, you may be wondering why you need gloves at all. The first reason you …

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Best Serger Tread For Overlocker Reviews (2021)

Serger Thread

Thread makes a huge difference when it comes to sewing your fabrics. Like Maxi Lock thread, serger thread makes all the difference in fabrics designed for professional wear and blends the seams of the fabric with the thread. More importantly, serger thread loops several times in the loop of a serger sewing machine, and hence …

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Monogram Machine – Best Embroidery For Sewing Letters (2021)

Monogramming Machines

Clothes designing is a huge industry where numerous types of machines are used. Each machine has a different function and importance in the industry. Some machines work on bigger designs, while others on smaller ones. One of these machines is a monogram machine. The functioning of a machine for monogramming is similar to an embroidery …

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Brother XL 2600 Reviews – Buy YOUR LX Sewing Machine (2020)

Brother Xl 2600

One of the most satisfying things in life is selecting the best product for specific needs, and whether you want to sew garments, make stitches, create embroideries or repair your clothes, selecting a great machine will help you not only enjoy what you choose to do with it but also make you satisfied with deciding …

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Brother HC1850 Review: Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother Hc1850

Knowing how to sew is an amazing pastime. Let’s begin with the Brother HC1850 review which is our top pick. Not only are you doing something you enjoy, but you are also creating something for someone to cherish. Perhaps it is a baby blanket for your newborn niece, a blouse for your granddaughter, or a quilt …

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Brother XR9550PRW Machine Test (2020)


Sewing is a hobby that many crafting enthusiasts love. It is a useful talent to have, as you never know when you will need to mend a hole, sew a seam, or hem a dress. All of these tasks can be done by hand, but with a sewing machine, it makes things so much easier. There are …

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A Comprehensive Singer 4432 Review [Updated for 2020]

Singer 4432

Sewing has grown from a pastime activity to an income-generating skill that many people want to learn. All kinds of fabrics can be sewn from quilts to clothes and crafts, you can sew any material you lay your hands on. If you are contemplating generating an extra income or you just want a hobby to …

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Brother SQ9185 Sewing And Quilting Machine Reviews (2021)

Brother Sq9185

The satisfaction and joy you receive from creating something with your imagination and hands is a thrill worth experiencing. Read our Brother SQ9185 Review if you enjoy seamstress work like quilting. You will understand the importance of having a good machine for sewing. Learning to sew is a rewarding experience, and if you’re a beginner, …

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Singer 1304 Review – Best Start Sewing Machines (2020)

Singer 1304

Sewing can be a very intimidating hobby. Have you ever wanted to stitch your own coasters, place-mats, or even clothes, but could not seem to figure out where to start or what machine to buy? We might all have felt that at some point. Though intimidating, sewing is one of the most useful skills you …

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Singer 14CG754 Pro Finish Serger Reviews (2020)

Singer 14cg754

Here’s the thing: we all agree that having the right serger is everything. It’s one of the factors that define a sewist’s experience. When it comes to the craft, nothing beats speed and quality. Good news, the search may be over. Singer’s ProFinish™ 14CG754 is a commercial-grade serger that produces professional results. It’s no secret …

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Eversewn Sparrow 30 Reviews – Is It A Good Brand for Embroidery? 2020

Eversewn Sparrow 30

Whether you are interested in just sewing your basic outfits, or you are more into intricate and beautiful stitching and embroidery, The EverSewn Sparrow 30 is a machine built to meet those needs and more. The latest in the series, it is an A1 machine. It is a state-of-the-art computer-controlled sewing machine. It combines the innovation of …

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A Comprehensive Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Review (2020)

Janome 2212

Most people consider sewing as a creative hobby, while for some it might be a part of their profession. Sewing is an extremely useful and creative skill that one can ever learn. You can easily give shape to your imaginations by designing and sewing stunning outfits by yourself. Apart from clothes, one can even create …

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Best Mini Sewing Machine – Small Compact Reviews (2021)

Best Mini Sewing Machine

You might love sewing unique pillow covers, curtains, and table cloths in your free time for home décor, but then have to think twice before purchasing a full-size sewing machine. Regular size sewing machines are bulky in size and cost a hefty amount, not to mention that you need to have technical knowledge when sewing …

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Best Serger Reviews 2021

serger reviews scaled 1

A perfect companion for versatile sewing If you hold a strong and irrefutable passion for giving shape to your imagination by transforming any piece of fabric into a gorgeous art piece with the help of sewing, then a serger sewing machine would be your perfect companion to channel your inner artist. Most machines, especially sergers, …

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Best for Sale Upholstery Sewing Machine: Our 7 Reviews in 2021

Detail of upholstery sewing machine

Sure, you can get away with the occasional, small, slowly-stitch, heavy duty, upholstery project on your heavy duty sewing machine or maybe even an extremely efficient regular machine. Still, if you’re aiming to sew more than that, you may want to consider investing in something different than your used upholstery sewing machine! Trying to stitch …

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Best Fabric Scissors For Sewing and Quilting-Shears Review (2021)

Best Sewing Scissors

If you have an undisputed zeal and passion within yourself to transform any piece of fabric into a nice piece of art with sewing, then sewing scissors are something on which you cannot miss out. Give desired shapes and designs to your artwork through it! You can efficiently utilize your expertise in making stunning creative …

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Sewing Machine Light Strip – Best Led Light Reviews (2021)

Best Sewing Machine Light

Sewing, either by hand or using a machine, demands a lot of skill and precision to create beautiful seams. This makes sewing machine lights extremely important, especially when working with darker materials and threads or working on a complex design. Getting the right amount of light when sewing by hand is simple, but things change …

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Best Fabric Cutting Table For Commercial Sewing and Quilting (2021)

best fabric cutting tables

Having a quality fabric cutting table is essential if you intend to take your sewing skills to the next level. While it may not appear like it, cutting fabric can be a difficult task, especially when you’re working with thicker materials. These tables are specially designed to make cutting any type of fabric faster and …

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Best Fabric Cutting Machine For Quilting – Cutter Reviews (2021)

Fabric Cutting Machines

It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that we’ve got a machine covering almost every primary and not-so-basic and totally-not-basic human need. From DNA-altering technology to an instrument that feeds you tomatoes (yep, tomatoes, just tomatoes), there is a machine for everything, except maybe an obscure tool that smokes for you—oh wait! They’ve got that covered too. …

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A Comprehensive Janome HD1000 Review [Updated for 2020]

Janome Hd1000

Are you looking for a sturdy sewing machine which can work on a wide variety of fabrics? Well, in that case, the Janome HD1000 sewing machine is the right option for you. Here’s the Janome Hd1000 review and Information. This is not one of your computerized units. It is meant for heavy-duty use and is quite easy …

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Best Quilting Machine and Embroidery Sewing Machines Review (2021)

Sewing Machine For Quilting Reviews

Sewing quilts manually is considered one of the most excruciating tasks, not to mention that you also have to strain your eyes. It would be a good idea if you purchased the best sewing machine for quilting so that you can finish your sewing tasks with perfection and quickly too. With the best sewing quilting …

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Best Coverstitch Sewing Machine Reviews (updated 2021)

Coverstitch Sewing Machine

If you do a lot of sewing, then you know that regular sewing can only get you so far. A regular sewing machine can save you a lot of time, but some stitches can really become troublesome without a specialized machine. Take hems, for example, particularly for knit fabrics. If you want professional-looking stitches, then …

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Best For Sale Chain Stich Sewing and Embroidery Machine Reviews (2021)

Chain Stitch Embroidery

Do you hate struggling with home décor and chain stitching at home? Doing home décor has come a long way, given the technology used nowadays. Technology has made it possible to get the best results for embroidery designs with efficiency compared to earlier times without sewing machines. If you prefer to do your home décor, …

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Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing – 9 Brand Reviews (2021)

best iron for quilting

Quilting can be one of the most fulfilling and productive hobbies to learn. Quilting is the process of sewing two or more fabric layers together to make a thicker padded material, usually to create a quilt. It is done with three layers: the top fabric or quilt top, batting, insulating material, and backing material. You …

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11 Best Mechanical Sewing Machines Reviews 2021

best Mechanical Sewing Machine

A mechanical sewing machine can make for a perfect present for somebody interested in stitching and tailoring. It is useful for various stitching projects, such as home decoration, your children’s holiday homework, styling your clothes, creating Halloween costumes, and more! Even if you are not a sewing expert, with a mechanical sewing machine, the learning …

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Best Kids Sewing Machine – Teenager and Childen Reviews (Updated 2021)

Kids Sewing Machine

Most people derive pleasure in Sewing. You need to get the passion for a particular thing before you engage in it. Some modern tools and toys catch children’s attention nowadays. What you need is a highly sophisticated sewing machine, one kid’s sewing machine. You can achieve that with today’s range of quality children’s sewing machines. …

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Best Sewing Machine Reviews-Buy Professional Brands Top Rated for Quilting and Embroidery in 2021

Sewing Machine list

One of the oldest tools known to humanity, sewing machines have been around seemingly forever, enabling the various trends and fashionable clothes throughout history. However, sewing isn’t just these trends evolving with time; sewing machines have seen their fair share of developments and innovation! Today’s sewing machines are sophisticated, advanced, and extremely convenient; they make …

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